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This post is a collaboration with TV Licensing (a trademark of the BBC), but all thoughts and experiences are my own.

Watching TV has always been a happy time for me. A few hours to sit down and chill out with my favourite shows and characters. My earliest memory is of Top of the Pops as a small child, singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The Christmas Day episode was always a highlight and the must-watch program of the day for my niece and me. We danced around the living room to Wham, Sister Sledge and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

TV programs have a way of connecting friends and family. This is why I am taking part in the BBC TV Licensing Moments that Connect Us campaign. It is one of the first things you talk about over a coffee at work on a Monday morning or that you go to X (Twitter) to rant about. Whether that be live sport on TV, the latest reality show or something unexpected that has happened in the news. I will often do a live watch along with my best friend of our favourite TV programs and films on live TV (always Bridesmaids the film).

These are my standout memories.

The Women’s Football Euros

This felt like a game-changer in the world of sports for women. The whole country slowly united as the group stages passed and the euphoria built as we won the games in the quarter-final, semi-final and then the final. It felt like the whole country was watching that final, all of us there having a Euro’s party with our friends and family. And then we won! Our women’s team is the champion of Europe, something that our men’s team has never achieved (come on 1966 was SO long ago). It was a special moment to share with my three boys, all avid football players, and fans to see an incredible team of lionesses become champions.

The Traitors

A recent memory here of a show still in its infancy, but what a show. I watched it live on TV every night and couldn’t wait for it to be aired on live. I watched it alongside my best friend, and we discussed every character and strategy in detail.

Every meeting I joined with business partners would start with a discussion about the Traitors, it captured the imagination of everyone. I even started doing my eyeliner like Claudia.

I’m so glad this show was released night by night to build up the anticipation and the discussions around the show.

Line Of Duty

I came to this show late, which meant I had three series to binge on. I loved it so much and took to social media to share my love of this newfound program. And everyone agreed. The storylines are so perfectly constructed, the acting is incredible, and there are moments of shock, ‘I can’t believe that happened’. It is the most perfect drama.

Big Brother – The Original S1

It was the new millennium, I was 23, and along came this brand-new format of TV. A psychological experiment it was called. Eleven housemates plunged together for weeks on end with tasks, cameras everywhere, chickens and Davina McCall. Eviction night was a must-watch, and everyone voted. We all had a collective dislike of Nasty Nick and were shocked by his ‘cheating’. There was occasional nudity, a lot of alcohol and it captured the nation yet again. We were all in love with Craig the winner. Where is he now???!!

Princess Diana’s Funeral

A sad moment, so so sad, but it felt like a collective moment where the entire world stopped, and we sat watching a funeral on our TVs. It was 1997 and I was about to start the third year of my degree. It wasn’t an event that I sat down and watched with my family or friends, but I knew everyone was watching.

TV brings you together for moments of happiness, celebration, and sadness. And there is nothing like watching something live and experiencing it at the same time as everyone else.

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