The Reverse Advent Calendar – Giving to your local Food Bank

This is the sixth year running that the UK Money Blogger Community has worked together on mass to give back to charity. Again we work together to promote and share the Reverse Advent Calendar and encourage our readers to take part as well.

Many of the finance blogger community have taken part in the past and 2022 with the Cost-of-Living crisis is going to be the biggest year ever. We can make a huge difference with our combined audiences giving to our local food banks. We know it works and have decided to run the same campaign again this year.

Here is my 2022 #Foodbandadvent so far

What is the reverse advent calendar?

Rather than the traditional opening of a door every day and taking a chocolate or beauty item, the reverse calendar adds a food item to a basket/bag every day for a whole month. I like to create a big food hamper packed with essential groceries plus a few treats. You are giving a month’s worth of items rather than consuming them yourself.

Reverse Advent Calendar
The start of my 2021 Hamper

Now is a great time to start

Food banks obviously need food all the time, but it’s going to be more helpful to them to get the food to them in early December. This gives them plenty of time to organise their Christmas food bundles.

What Should I include in my Reverse Advent Calendar?

Every food bank has different requirements for food so why not drop them a line to ask what food they might be short of? These food items are always welcome. Grocery products with a longer shelf life, so tins of soup, beans, vegetables, spaghetti. Packet pasta and noodles are a great option as many people only have a kettle and no hob cooking equipment. Packets of nuts and dried fruit are a good idea. Don’t put too many festive chocolate items as it is the essentials and nutritious food that is needed.

Toiletries are always very much needed, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, toothbrushes, tampons, sanitary towels, toilet rolls, nappies, and baby wipes. Maybe if you do buy one get one free pop the freebie into the food bank donation.

Don’t forget pet food as well, often an item that food banks are short of. Dog food, cat food, pet treats, cat litter, and bird food, are all needed.

Cleaning products are also a good item to add, washing up liquid, anti-bacterial spray, toilet cleaner, and cleaning cloths.

Maybe add in a cooking book, I have added the Tin Can Cook book from Jack Monroe this year and maybe a few copies of my own book The Money Guide to Transform Your Life😉

Find your local food bank and ask them what they are short of, this often changes every week.

2020 Heinz beans, they will be Aldi now!

Start as soon as possible

I have started my food parcel already and will be sharing our progress throughout the month of November. I would love to see as many of you getting involved as possible. Please do share pictures on Twitter, Instagram and in my private Facebook Group. Tag me to let me know how you are doing and use the #foodbankadvent and tag me @mrsmummypennyuk. I can’t wait to see all of your pictures.

When you have collected your items drop them off at the Food Bank Collection Point/Food Bank in early December

There are food bank collection points in most shops, churches, and schools. Or contact your local food bank and ask them the best place to drop off your bundle of donations.


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  1. A wonderful thing to do, especially as this year, more than ever, people will be struggling to put food on the table. My husband and I decided a couple of years ago, that rather than giving each other Christmas presents, we would spend that money in the supermarket and deliver the shop to our local Food Bank. There’s nothing better than giving!

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