The best post baby workout plan. Also for ongoing core strength and weight loss

The best post baby workout plan. Also for ongoing core strength and weight loss

Regular readers of the blog will know that it’s a while since I had my last baby, just the 5 years. However, I am really interested in a healthy lifestyle and the impending onset of middle age means that core and pelvic floor exercises are important to me. Yes, I have had my babies, but all those pelvic floor exercises and a strong core continue to be important exercises for the rest of my life.

I am part way through the Mutumamas program, so I wanted to share with you the benefits and how it is helped me strengthen my bits that need to be strengthened!

Post Baby Time

You have just spent the past 9 months carrying around a lot of extra weight and after that baby is born you are keen to get your body back to where it was before. Core strength is essential to a post baby body. You need to protect your back when lifting baby and other children. You might have had muscle separation during pregnancy and need to get those muscles back together and working again. This is the program for you.

Lack of time post baby

I know I would have struggled post baby to get out to an exercise class, so inevitably I didn’t do much! This system is great because you can follow it on your laptop, or tablet or even smart TV at home. Even now I struggle to go to classes. I do three very different exercise sessions each week and I love doing my Mutu classes from the comfort of my own home.

How does the program work?

There are 12 modules to work through and you can start them whenever you feel ready. From a few weeks post baby or a few years! You simply log into the MUTU program and click to watch the videos. I started in January in my healthy efforts to beat the Christmas bulge, I had managed to put on 10 lbs in weight over Nov & Dec when I wasn’t watching what I ate or doing much exercise.

The modules start off gentle with daily core exercise to follow that last around 10 minutes each day. You are also encouraged to go for a walk every day. I am forever chasing that elusive 10k steps that I track on my phone!

best post baby workout

As you progress through the modules an intensive work out is added in. By module 3 you are doing this intensive 20-minute workout at least three times a week, the core for seven days a week and a walk every day.

The frequency of the videos and the content varies throughout the modules, so you are never going to get bored. I really love the fact that they use models of different sizes, shapes, age and colour throughout the video content.

Food and Lifestyle Content

Each module contains advice on healthy eating with guidance on cooking healthily at home, upping the fruit and veg intake and drinking A LOT more water. Also, advice on other well being actions such as getting more sleep, meditation and time for just you. You can also check out Total Shape for diet supplements that will fit your healthy lifestyle.

How is the program going for me?

I am enjoying the variety of the program compared to my other weekly exercise which is a road run of 4-5miles plus a personal training session, normally weights based. My core is getting much stronger and I am getting some definition back to my stomach. 4 weeks in I can now do the exercise of sitting down cross legged and getting back up again from the same position (with no hands!). The strengthening of my core has also helped with my running speed and endurance.

You are encouraged to take a before picture..I hate to say I was too embarrased as I knew I had put on weight. But I do have this picture taken last July (in the orange top). So I would like to see an improvement on this. The picture in the pink top was taken in May BTW. Its clear to see a difference in my stomach and boob size!

best post baby workout

How can you sign up?

Are you interested in doing the Mutu program yourself? Are you looking to strengthen your core muscles and having a strong pelvic floor? Is weight loss something you are looking for? Are you looking for something to do from home? Then this is the program for you. Click here for more info

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