Stunning Simplicity: Creating A Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalism is at the height of fashion at the moment. It is a style that is particularly suited to bathrooms, whereby clutter can so easily take over. It also helps to create a calming environment, which is what a bathroom is all about. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best ways to achieve a minimalist bathroom. So, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know…

Look online for some inspiration

Before you can even begin to make changes to your bathroom, it is important to do your research online and look for inspiration. If you take a look at different photos on the likes of Pinterest and Instagram, you will start to notice some key components and features when it comes to minimalistic bathroom design, and you will be much better placed to create the bathroom of your dreams. Diving right in is never a good idea because once you are finished you will end up spotting something you wish you had done instead.


There is only one place to begin in terms of getting your hands stuck in and beginning the process of making over your bathroom, and this is with de-cluttering. Get rid of shower gels, soap, razors, shampoo bottles and such like. You will never be able to create a minimalistic feel if you have items like this on display.  

Consider a freestanding bath

Freestanding baths are a popular choice because they are extremely stylish yet they are not overly fussy – perfect for the minimalistic feel. They are a statement piece of furniture which will make your bathroom look like something out of a VIP suite in a seven-star hotel. There are lots of different styles available when it comes to purchasing a freestanding bath, you can go for something which is modern and sleek or alternatively something which is antique and quaint. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that whatever choice you make the bath will have a contemporary, sophisticated and glamorous edge.

Maximise floor space

One of the easiest and most effective ways to create a minimalist effect is to maximise floor space. You can do this by opting for wall mounted basins, wall mounted vanity units and such like. It creates the illusion of more space and makes the bathroom look a lot cleaner too.

Two colours

Keep your colour palette simple. It is advisable to stick to two colours. How about white and a stark blue shade? Monochrome is, of course, another popular trend. Not only do two colours create a beautiful contrast, but they also make the bathroom look modern and fresh. You should never go for more than three colours if you want to achieve a minimalistic style.

Semi-frameless shower enclosures

Shower enclosures are ideal for a minimalist bathroom, especially those where the frame is barely visible. This makes the space look open and inviting, yet at the same time, it looks extremely sleek and stylish.

One accessory

Keeping it simple does not mean having dolphins in one corner, starfish climbing up the walls and such like. The best minimalist bathrooms are those with barely any accessorising. If you want to bring a bit of personality to the equation pick one stand out accessory and let that be the focal point of your bathroom. One of the best ways to do this is to make something unexpected the main attraction. For example, why not go for a black radiator? Only Radiators has a good selection of options that fit in with the minimalistic vibe. Or, you could go for a standout mirror or unique piece of artwork?

Keep it modern

Last but not least, make sure you go for modern fixtures and such like. Minimalism is very much a contemporary movement and thus it does not work very well with traditional styles. It is best suited to items that boast a futuristic element to them.

So there you have it – some top tips for creating an elegant and stylish minimalist bathroom. Keep it simple! If you follow the suggestions that have been presented in this blog post, you should have no trouble creating a stunning and functional minimalist bathroom.

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