Smart Meters are coming with Smart Energy GB

We don’t estimating baking ingredients… and why you shouldn’t either!

Back in June of this year you may remember I was invited to the coolest baking event with a group of fabulous bloggers & Smart Energy GB. I got to bake cupcakes and scones using just estimation to highlight the unfortunate results of guessing ingredients! But yet we pay for gas and electricity, one of the largest household outgoings based on estimation.  Smart Meters are coming with Smart Energy GB!

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Smart Energy GB have been back in touch with me and are keen for me to spread the word about smart meters. Just think how much money you could save with a smart meter installed. There will be a unit normally placed by your front door that will tell you your energy usage in real time in pounds and pence. It traffic lights your usage so you can do a quick run around the house to switch off lights, TV’s and chargers. This gives you ultimate control of your energy usage and your energy company will fit it for free. Just give them a call!!!

Smart Meters are coming with Smart Energy GB

Survey Results

Twice a year, Smart Energy GB publishes independent research on consumer attitudes towards the energy market and smart meters. The latest wave of research shows that nearly eight in ten of the people who already have smart meters would recommend them to others. A similar proportion (80%) are taking steps to reduce their energy use.

Said research also shows that in-home displays (IHDs) are having a positive impact on helping people to manage their energy. IHDs are simple, handheld devices offered to every home, at no extra cost, when a smart meter is installed. They show people what they are spending on energy in near real time, in pounds and pence.

Smart Energy GB’s research

83 per cent of people are taking up the offer of an IHD. Nearly nine in ten of those with an IHD say that they have a better idea of what they spend on energy.  69% of those have a smart meter but have not chosen to take up the offer of an IHD.

Smart energy outlook surveys more than 10,000 people around the country, and the research also found:

• Over eight in ten people with a smart meter admit that they now have a better idea of their energy costs
• 87% of those with an IHD say that they have a better idea of what they’re spending on energy. (Compared to 69% who have a smart meter but no IHD)
• 78% of those with an IHD check it regularly (a few times a month)
• Everyone in Great Britain will have the chance to upgrade to a smart meter between now and 2020 at no cost! Smart meters bring an end to estimated bills and show people what they’re spending in real time via an in-home display.

You can read more of the findings from Smart energy outlook at the Smart Energy GB website.

This is a collaborative post with Smart Energy GB.

Like me, they are are super keen to help you save money with smart meters on your energy bills!


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