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Here is a list of the most valuable coins at the moment. I wonder if any of you have them?

There are a number of coins – both pre-decimal and decimal – that have increased in value by up to several thousand per cent due to their rareness. Outlined below are a number of examples, along with estimated values from coin and bullion expert Chard and GoCompare.

I spoke to Adam Collins from Ignite SEO, a company offering Seo services. Adam has a lot of knowledge on the topic at hand, so he said, ” Coins are a currency, meaning they are literally money. When we look back in history, the value of  coins generally corresponded to their metallic composition. Whereas now circulating coins have monetary value because the government says so. This is known as fiat money. If you’re a coin collector, it is therefore important for you to know the value of every coin you come across.

1917 George V sovereign London mint

rare UK coins

With an estimated value of £15,000 – representing an increase in value of 191,716% since its launch – this gold sovereign was issued during World War I with a low mintage. The sovereign was a gold coin, with a nominal value of one pound sterling, which was in circulation in the UK before 1932 as part of Britain’s Gold Standard currency.

1933 George V penny

rare UK coins

Arguably the most valuable coin in the UK, with an estimated value of £72,000. Although this was originally created as a pattern coin, which means it is not intended for release into circulation, it is believed seven were issued, making them extraordinarily rare.

1937 Edward VIII brass threepence

rare UK coins

This threepenny piece is another pattern coin in our rundown, and has particular historical significance because Edward VIII. Who appears on the coin, abdicated less than 12 months into his reign, which meant the coins became redundant.

Due to the fact that only 10 were minted, the coins would be worth approximately £45,000 each.

1996 football European Championships gold proof two pound

rare UK coins

This commemorative coin features a football, the date and 16 small circles to signify the countries taking part in the European Championships football tournament in 1996.

With just under 2,100 of these coins minted, they are among the rarest in the UK. There is also an unknown number of this coin featuring a flat surface and an incorrect die.  This makes them yet more rare and contributing to a value of around £1,700.

1971 £5 note

rare UK coins

 This rare 1971 £5 note was sold at auction in May 2017 for £168,800.

According to coins and banknotes experts, there are two key features that make a banknote valuable. These are:

  • Chief Cashier signatures.  Each note includes a signature by the Chief Cashier at the Bank of England.  Notes signed by certain individuals who have had this role are particularly sought after by collectors.
  • Serial numbers.  Notes are printed in sheets, with a serial number assigned to each note. This serial number is made up of a two-letter prefix.  They start with AA, and a batch number, which starts with 01. Auction house Warwick & Warwick said any note from the AA01 batch could potentially be very valuable. Particularly because number 000001 is always presented to the Queen and 000002 is always presented to Prince Philip.

 If you are investing in coins or bullion, taking steps to do some research first is recommended. This is due to the wide range of factors that could influence any potential returns on your investment.

It is worth noting that the coins and banknotes mentioned in this article are incredibly rare.  Therefore generating such returns from your investment, unfortunately, will be much more difficult.

This was a guest post brought to you by Equilbrium, an award winning wealth management company.

Equilibrium and Change Checker have worked together to produce a timeline of notable coins and banknotes in the UK since decimalisation.  Take a look below for the full timeline:

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88 Responses

    1. I am looking for anyone with information about a 1966 silver medal commemorating the 1666 burning of London. These were limited & mine is number 31/1500

  1. Hi, I have a 1999 £5 silver coin
    King George 3pence 1919,1916,1914,1911
    2 shilling coin 1956
    Half crown 1957
    Queen Victoria 1887 gratia
    Gold 1893 queen victoria
    Queen Victoria 1889 gratia

    Could you tell me if it is worth getting them valued?

  2. To whom this may concern I am contacting you as I have a very large rare coin collection amongst the coins I have solid silver American $5.00 also I have a Henry 8th bronze from 1509-1547 I do have many other coins I would like it if you could please contact me so we may discuss things further. Yours thankfully

    1. Hi katie ill send u my email lets see what were looking at ..if i dont hear from i wish u the best thanks

  3. Hello
    I was going across the Internet to find buyer for my old coins stock
    .I have this Edward 8brass thee pence marked 1918 very rare
    I am sure it’s the only few in the world and I want to sale it and also I have many othersthat I want to sale

    Please contact me for more information

  4. I have three £2 coins. They are one solid metal (not like the current coins); like the old £1 coin. Minted 1989. How can I get the best price?

  5. I have a wide varied collection I have dollars old copper coins English and a large selection of 50p coins one is the Kew Gardens 50p coin .i have a collection of dollars that cost me 2000 pounds in a collection box .some royal minted coins and winston Churchill .its to big to carry to a dealers

    1. If your 1937 3d piece has georgivs V1 and picture of him its probably worth a £1 not the £43,000 you think.sorry

  6. Hi I’ve recently been left a collection of old English coins and want to get them valued who’s the best to go with as I’m not sure how to go about it. Thank you.

  7. Hi I collect 50ps and £2 coins

    I’ve got a 2016 Shakespeare Rose&Crown but the gold colour outer rim has a darker buckle coloured background but the letters still stand out in gold colour.
    It looks different but u can’t work out if this is a mint error or maybe a once dirty coin that had been cleaned!
    Can anybody advise I can’t find anything On The internet? Thanks in advance

  8. i have one 1929 Georgivs v del gra one penny,Like the picture above! Are they really worth £72,000? Anyone want to buy it?

  9. im sri lankan I have britain onepenny old coin we found in our iron safegeorgivs v dei gra: britt:omn:rex fid:def:ind:imp1918/ .geori d g br1946.half Penny georgivs vi
    d.g:br:omn:rex f.d ind imp.1944.gratia.regina.f:d: mobile no.00940771589745 if any information

  10. Hi i have a lot of coins that i would like to sell. Do you know where i could get them valued and then i need to find a buyer. Kind regards.

  11. hello i have some very rare uk coins….the 2 NEW PENCE 1971,a 1pound 1983,,a 1pound with the dragon..1NEW PENNY..and the 1807 2007 abolition of slavery coin….valuable buyers can contact me..

  12. Hi I think if got some old coins queen Victoria 1898 one shilling/ queen Victoria one penny 1897 queen Victoria coin no date on it the other side just has ER in big letters napoleon 111 1859 and a Edward v11 1908 and 4 three pence coins dateing 1937 upwards half crown could you plz let me know if they are worth selling I also have a cigarette case with the queen Mary on it

  13. I have a 500 pound coin 1 kilo silver, it is sealed and certified has winston churchill on one side and the queen on the other date 2015 looking for a value.

  14. HI, I have a very old coin made in the year 1768, however I have done multiple searches on the Internet and on coin sites and I cannot seem to find a coin like it. Can anyone recommend a coin specialist?

  15. I’ve uncovered a king George 111 cartwheel penny and was wondering if this is worth getting cleaned professionally

  16. I’m have a £2 coin commemoration of abolishment of slavery with minting errors. Is it true they have a higher value?

  17. I am a beginner in collecting old coins i have two 3 pences of 1937 King edward one has an error on it its amazing coins can you please contact me

  18. Hi I have just found a coin in my front garden it’s says Georgeivs v DEI GRÉ BRITT OMN REX D . DET. IND does this mean anything

  19. I have a 1933 20 Fran coin.. i think it is silver, but interestling the head seems to upside down to the other side of the coin. Is this normal?

    1. Hi Barry sadly Your 1933 silver coloured 20 franc coin is made of Nickel.Also coins were like that upside down, they are turn sideways now. the value of your coin is probably about £1,50.

  20. I have various coins from 1860 to recent
    1 Victorian so old I can’t read date ( maybe be earlier than 1860)
    Edward VII 1905
    George VI 1937 & 1952
    Elizabeth II 1965 & 1967
    1978,1980 &1981
    Victorian 1860,1861,1872,1874 X 2, 1876,1877. 1870’s ( can’t recognise last digit)
    and one bun head design date not legible
    Edward VII 1904, 1905 X 2 & 1906
    George V 1917 & 1918
    Irish EIRE 1946
    Victorian 1889
    George V 1920
    George VI 1940
    Edward VII 1908 ( maybe 1903)
    George V 1917
    Elizabeth II 1953 & 1958
    Victorian 1899
    George V 1924
    1968 & 1991
    George V 1921
    George VI 1951
    2011 Archer
    2006 Northern Ireland Egyptian Arch
    2007 New Wembley stadium
    1996 Euro 96 Football Tournament
    2010 100th Anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s death
    2014 100th Anniversary of start of the First World War
    1968 and 1976 ( Bi centenary)

  21. I have a 1999 coin that has been struck off centre on the Queens head site the dots go from the silver onto the Gold On the reverse side just under the 1 on the date A small part of the metal has been squeezed out is that classed as a mint Error and could it be worth anything
    Mr D Colverso

  22. I have a 1915 Georgivs V one penny.I also have a few half pennys 1932,1936,1958 plus a few British Colony coins from around the world.Can u send me a recommendation of a reputable source to sell or get them valued.


  23. I have a 1912 penny on the front it has George’s v del gra britt.omin.rex fid def ind.imp with a man with a mustache. In the other side it a man holding a Shield and a 3 prong sword

  24. Require the following coin prices : 1823 Bare headed George IIII Bronze or copper coin,
    1842 & 1847 1/2 farthing, 1869 & 1874 Farthing, 1828 1/2 Farthing 1830 Farthing, 1860 1 Penny 1895 Queen Victoria’s 1 Penny ERROR coin, 1898, 1900 Qn.Victorias’s 1 Penny, 1864, 1875 1889 1/2 PENNY. 1907 Edward VII Crown below 4 coin, 1908, 1902
    one penny, 1903 farthing, 1921,1926, 1932 George V Silver Shilling, 1918, 1921, 1922, 1930, 1933 6 Pence 1912, 1914, 1915 George V one Penny,1917 – 1919, 1921, 1927. 1928. 1931, 1935-1936 One Penny, 1916 -1917, 1919, 1928 – 1930 , 1936 – half Penny, 1918, 1926 1928, 1930, 1930 ,1936 farthing 1942 George VI Silver 1/2 Crown 1949 Cop.nickel Farthing, 1937, 1950 Silver 2 Shilling

  25. I have a few rare coins here new pence and two pence 20 pence and so much more if I can have a expert to talk to me and let me know how I can make to sell the coins please contact me 0733894709 thank you

  26. Excellent group of coins! He was a gold coin that was circulating in the UK as part of the Gold Standard currency and had a value of one pound sterling before 1932.I really want to have the same kind of collection! edit my management essay

  27. I have old British and Irish coins; one pound 1985, one pound 1990, one pound 1993. 50p 1997, 2p 2004,2p Eire 1971,1p 1994, 1p Erie 1988, 10p 2007.

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