A Money Saving Night at the Movies with the Girls

18-5-16 The girls A night at the Movies

Last weekend I invited a few of my best mummy/girlie friends over for a quiet night in to watch a movie. We could have had a night out at the pub, but to be honest our local pub isn’t that great and we would have spent a fortune on cheap wine & beer. Nights in are the way forward, you get to have a proper catch up with no interruptions (apart from the boys who were rebelling against me putting them to bed at 7:30 on a Friday night) and eat & drink your choice of food. A definite Mrs Mummypenny money saving evening.

18-5-16 Snacks and canapesSo we got the snacks in, a few frozen Aldi cocktails (they are amazing and only cost 79pish, Asti bubbles, decaf tea for the drivers, a ton of popcorn, crisps, canapes. We might have overdone the snacks….I am super proud of my canapes, how cool do they look:-) Very simple…rye bread and wraps bread topped with cream cheese or mozzerella with tomatoes, ham and salmon. We managed to get Jane to try smoked salmon….she wasn’t keen;-) I personally admire the look of posh canapes next to a bowl of Aldi’s version of monster munch and frazzles. Classy.

I chose the DVD a few weeks back and was put on the spot a bit. Now I knew it would be girls coming over so I chose 19-15-16 Jane and Sufragette DVDthe ever do serious Suffragette. I did this with intention as we are all independent women that would maybe enjoy a bit of education about how we fought in the early 1900’s for our votes, better pay and equality.

We really tried to watch it, we really did..but ending up gossiping, taking the mickey out of Jane for being the token old one (soz Jane who is only actually 43!). We discussed current affairs, like the injunction case in the media at the moment, we discussed willies or lack of them (2 out of 5 of us are single mummies), we discussed people who have a resemblance to shrek.

So we had to give up watching the educational film. We did a quick search through Sky movies and we settled on ‘50 shades of Grey’. How predictable I hear you all saying. So we sat and watched that which of course led to bizarre conversations about bondage, bad treatment of the 50 shades girl, and the fact that if you eat a popcorn kernel it might turn into a tree in your stomach*.

Thank you to Gracewell for sending me the DVD, popcorn and sweeties. This organisation is a care home provider, and believe that every single one of their residents – and families – have individual needs for both their level of care and for the life they want to live. Movie nights are a regular event at one of their many care homes where they actively encourage residents’ families to attend. The nearest location is us is Gracewell of Chingford.

18-5-16 popcorn kernels

*Not a scientific proven fact



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