Monday Money #102 Lockdown Spending Diary Week 9

I am really enjoying this lockdown spending diary week 9 process. I love updating my spreadsheet and going through my spends each week. What was a need, what was a want? This week has been pretty good. One emergency spend and one big want. I shall explain as I go through each day.

And yep, last week was lockdown spending diary week 9. When will it EVER end? But still folks stay at home, don’t do a Cummings. I am desperate to go to Cornwall to my Porthcurno, to my Sennon, but will I do it? Of course not, I am keeping my family and others safe by staying at home. Rant over.

Monday 18th May £19 spent

The boys returned home at 3pm so I made sure that I had a few bits in from the Co-op for them. Diet coke, treats etc, and gin in a tin for me. A spend of just £19.17.

As it was my last few hours of time before they got home most of the day was spent working. Writing and sharing content. I get much more work done in the half of the week that they are not here. My book is progressing well. I am now up to 17k words with one more chapter (6) nearly complete. When the timing is right, I am enjoying the book writing process, but only on those days where it feels right. My original aim of getting the book done by end of May was unrealistic, but maybe end of June is more possible.

I went for a mammoth 13km walk to Knebworth park in the morning where I practised my Instagram Live whilst there doing a tour of the park, needed for a big work job later in the week. There was also tree hugging, a very very old and beautiful tree.

Lockdown Spending Diary Week 9 tree hugging

Tuesday 19th May £115 spent

Tuesday felt like a busy day, lots of jobs to be done. Josh came home for 6 hours and spent some time at home, which was lovely. This meant I could only work from 5 to 7am and took a brief 30 minutes out at 12 to record my podcast.

We played in the pool, did some gardening, listened to music, and planned a trip to my friends to collect a customised skateboard that my friend’s son was building.

Sadly, the boy’s dad turned up early and took Josh away, so he was not able to collect the skateboard with us.

A while back I won a skateboard deck in a Habito competition. A limited edition Jimbo Phillips board. Its VERY cool. See my TikTok video (and follow me whilst you are there!) I was going to sell it, but the only interest came from America and the postage would have been huge. Instead I decided to get it turned into a skateboard for Josh who loves scootering, BMX, all things dangerous sport wise.

I gave my friends son £70 for the part and for the labour, and he has done an amazing job. We collected it and DJ and Jack have been riding it instead. Josh did not come back home again this whole week.

We also went to B&M for essential cleaning products and drinks because HURRAH Kay is back every two weeks to clean the house. I love B&M, but you do pick so much random stuff that you prob do not need because it is a bargain! £27 spent on essential cleaning products and drinks, ice lolly holders, face masks etc.

The boys got sausage rolls for lunch from Simmonds at £3.50 and I paid £14 for a subscription that I forgot to cancel for some razor blades. And it was Taco Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday

Wednesday 20th May £100 spent

I spent £37.50 on three hours of cleaning with Kat, best money spent this week. The house is now sparkly clean, hygienic, and uncluttered. I have realised that my mum never taught me to clean, so I have never done it properly or enjoyed it. You really notice the difference after someone who can do it properly cleans.

Emergency appointment was needed at the vets. Trev had a tik stuck in his face, turns out the tik monthly subscription did not work. I pulled it out but left the head in Trev’s cheek. My wonderful vets in Welwyn gave me an emergency socially distanced appointment and removed said tik and gave us some anti-inflammatory drugs. £62 later Trev was sorted. That is really good value for a same day appointment and drugs. Plus, he had a health check whilst there, all is good. He is flea free finally!

Trev #blackcat

Thursday 21st May 21 spent

A full day of me time and I went and overloaded it with so many meetings. 6 in total. But mostly very exciting things.

It was the day for my Instagram Live with Fidelity where Tom Stevenson and I talked investment and longer terms savings in current Covid-19 times. It was a very good discussion, me the host with views and knowledge, Tom the guru, who new so much and was able to explain in a very down to earth way.

Instagram Live with Fidelity

I also had a meeting with Zopa Bank to talk about a big new project and to agree deliverables. You will see lots of content coming over next few weeks from this collaboration. I am SOOOO excited about this project and cannot wait to share the content.

Thursday is yoga day, really is the most perfect way to spend an hour in the morning to destress. Plus, I spoke to Liz of Lingo designs who is helping me with a huge rebrand and website redesign and did a screen test for a TV projects.

I am SOOOO excited about work stuff now. Everything is working together in the most wonderful way.

Spending wise I bought two things from Amazon, a basketball for DJ at £12.99 and Skint Estate book for me £7.99. A book written by my friend Cash Carraway. And ****** hell its incredible, like so good you would not believe. I love her for pouring her soul into writing this book. Hopefully, I will get a little interview with her for my YouTube and podcast.

Friday 22nd May £70 spent

Again, much work squeezed into Friday before the boys came home, including this rather brilliant post updating everyone on the progress of wonderful son DJ and his football academy career. Plus a very long bike ride for my 500km challenge. I am up to 340km with 7 days left to go. I need to average 25 km every day for rest of May. Hmmm challenging! But totally doable. Please head over to my Just Giving page to donate to Grief Encounter if you can afford it. Muchly appreciated if you do.

And it was the start of my emotionally wealthy people course that I am spending the next couple of weeks doing with Freyja Theaker. Friday was the first intense session of 4 hours of theory. It was very intense, my brain was soaked in new information by 5pm, but it was incredible.

500km challenge

Learning new information about my inner core beliefs is revolutionary. This will absolutely help my money mindset, but also how I manage life full stop. How I management my business, how I parent, my relationships. It is truly life changing. I am incredibly grateful that Freyja chose me to be part of the trial run.

As soon as the course ended, we jumped in the car and headed straight to KFC, as I had heard that the Hatfield branch had reopened for social distanced takeaway. Never has a KFC tasted so good, after 9 long weeks of lockdown. £27 spent on 3 box meals!

Lockdown spending diary week 9 KFC!

I had a few business costs hit of some domain name renewals (I own several domain names!) and £21 was spent at Coop on, no idea what, snack food, ice cream, a bottle of wine.

Saturday 23rd May £45 spent

We kept Saturday chilled as I knew that I had another 4 hours of emotionally wealthy people in the afternoon. We had a long walk in the morning before it got too hot.

My brain was completely over anything by 5pm Saturday evening, we headed straight down to village off license and I bought a bottle of Moet to celebrate the main element of the course being complete and celebrating the new big job with Zopa bank.

Saturday evening was spent drinking said champagne, dancing around to Radio 1 Big weekend in my sequin festival wear and then talking to friends for hours and hours.

Sunday 24th May £57 spent

The resulting tiredness on Sunday meant a day off work and writing. The day was spent chilling, reading, listening to music.

We popped to farmers market and spend £29 on bakery and fruit and veg bits were lovely. And we went for a walk to rec via the shop to get cold diet coke.

Farmers Market self-care

My annual will subscription was paid today, £10, do you have a will? If not, why not? You really should, even if it is a document to state who looks after your cat. Online wills are cheap to set up, and very simple if your affairs are simple. Check out Beyond. Life for the best experience and a great price too (£90 for a single will, £135 for a couples will).

I spent 99p on Drive on Amazon to watch twice during an insomnia moment and during the day. And another £10 on some sale hype sliders for Jack.

Summary – £426 spent

Overall a pretty good spending week of £426. Especially good if you exclude the emergency vets’ trip and the skateboard, those alone were £132. Grocery spend was £87 with takeaway spend at £36. And that £40 on a bottle of Moet, well worth it!

As usual there are links in here that are affiliate, meaning I will get a small fee if you sign up. Thank you if you do. Also there are links to sponsored work (Fidelity and Zopa Bank), paid collaborative work.


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