Monday Money #84 – Mrs Mummypenny went Viral!

Welcome to my weekly Monday Money post. I write this every week and share how I saved the pennies and the pounds last week and a bit about anything exciting I may have done. 

You may be new to reading this as one of the many new readers and followers who arrived at my site over the weekend. My packed lunch post for The Sun was re-shared and ended up going viral, shared hundreds of times and into some really big Facebook groups. The result was a big surge in traffic to my website, thousands more people reading my content. 1000 new followers on Instagram and around 500 new Mrs Mummypenny Facebook group members. 

It is certainly not blue monday here with this excitement over the weekend, and I was beyond happy to see this sky this morning. Stunning.

Mrs Mummypenny went Viral

Cheap Cinema Tickets with Kidspass

So many people I know have been raving about the film 1917 so I book tickets to go see it this weekend. I wanted to give the IMAX cinema a try for a film like this. It was worth it, an incredible way to watch this type of film. It is incredibly made and the huge screen and sounds made the experience all the more impactful.

I used my Kidspass to buy the ticket, you do not need to have a child with you to use this discount!! The ticket was £11 rather than £17 if I bought at the cinema. Kidspass costs £2.99 a month and gets you discounts at cinema, days out and restaurants. Here is a link to sign up if you want to save lots!

Energy contract is up for renewal but I have stayed with Octopus

It is time to investigate my energy bills to ensure that I am getting great value for money still. I popped my details into a comparison site to see what was out there on the market. I could switch to a smaller energy company (that I haven’t even heard of) and save around £100 per year.

I called up Octopus and they were able to offer me the same deal as I already had in place for the past year. This means another year of a renewable energy tariff and great customer service. I am happy to stay loyal to the same energy company.

Its worth checking with Octopus to see if they can save you money. Switching your energy bill is often a great way to gain a few hundred back in savings when you switch. Click here to pop in a few simple details to see what you can save.

Making egg muffins

Totally by accident (as I didn’t know that The Sun would be sharing my packed lunch article!) I made my beautifully healthy egg, cheese and spinach muffins last week. You can get the recipe from this post. They are uber healthy and really tasty. Also a nice protein boost after some exercise. And a bonus is that the kids love eating them too. I tried them with halloumi cheese this time rather than feta. They taste just as good with either cheese.

Egg muffins with halloumi

January healthiness progress report

My January health kick is going well. I have been sharing lots of pictures over on my Instagram of healthy Mindful Chef dinners. I have managed to not eat red meat all month and I have been alcohol free! Where I have not done so well is with caffeine, I started drinking coffee again last week and I did eat sugar last week. I ended up have 4 healthy days and 3 not so healthy. I am going to try to make this week a 5:2 split of healthy to unhealthy. And when I say unhealthy I just mean my calorie intake goes up to 2000 from 1400.

I had a day where I lost the plot and ate a box of fudge. And I also took the weekend off and had some cheat foods. But I am feeling better. My running time has already improved by 50 seconds from last week to this week. My water consumption is up so much and I am eating lots of healthy vegetables.

Mrs Mummypenny went Viral

January Spending

My spending for January is going brilliantly well. I am well within my budget for the month. We are 2/3rd of the way through the month and by now I would normally have spent around £650. Checking in my Emma app I have actually spent just £550 and this includes a couple of cheeky sales purchases for me (half price trainers and a jumper) . I am going to focus in for the last eleven days as the month having a few no spend days and really cutting back. Much needed for this month where I need to pay for the costs of Christmas.

January Savings

Don’t forget the exclusive offer I have for the Chip Auto-save tool, grab your a free £10 if you download the app. After two auto-saves you will get your free tenner! So far this year I have saved £139. Not bad for an app that makes auto-savings without you even noticing. 

The offer lasts until 31st January so there’s not long left to get your free money.

This post contains affiliate links, if you click to sign up I will receive a small fee for you doing this. Thank you!


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  1. My local cinema is only £4.50 a ticket but they currently have no disabled access due to renovations so need to travel further afield. I really want to see 1917 and want to see the upcoming Dolittle too. Totally different genres but the latter looks so funny.

    1. Bargain tickets at the local cinema, but frustrating about access:-( You should deffo go see 1917 it was amazing. I think it is one of those films you need to see on the big screen.

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