Monday Money #71 Time to Switch Energy & Cookies!

A regular working week for Mrs Mummypenny last week with a day of Christmas celebrations thrown in. More on that in a bit. There was lots of football, 2 nights for Josh and 3 nights for Dylan. But then a reprieve in Sunday, with the game in Cambridge being cancelled due to a water-logged pitch, £10 in petrol saved;-)

Aldi Christmas

I have shared lots of pictures and content on the Aldi Christmas event last week. You can see my post on the wonderful food here. Packed full of exciting Christmas goodies. Check out the 2 metre pig in blanket, the incredible turkey and the most amazing truffle gouda I have ever tasted!

And another post to come tomorrow on my favourite non-food items, including the most amazing champagne glasses.

Colder Days and Nights – When to put the heating on.

Its that time of the year where the debate rages in households. When to put the heating on! The last couple of weeks have been noticeably colder but I cant do it, I cant put the heating on until the clocks change! But it is a great time now to review your energy provider. The bills are just about to jump up so everyone please check that you have the best deal for your energy.

I recommend and personally use Octopus energy. I highly rate them for value for money and customer service as well as offering renewable energy. You can get a quote here, why not compare them to you current provider to see if you can save. If you do switch we both get a £50 credit to our bills. THANK YOU!

Chocolate Chip cookies

Our break from football on Sunday meant we had time to do fun things like baking our favourite chocolate chip cookies. Oh yes those tried and tested cookies that are still the boys favourite thing to make. Dylan did the making this time, just one slight accident tipping the entire sugar bowl into the mixture so we might have gone a bit over with the amount of sugar!

40 cookies made, 20 eaten already. This is the problem, they are so yummy that they are eaten whilst still warm, the best time! Here is the recipe for you.

Ethical Investing

I have written about ethical investing over the weekend. I have been looking into switching my pensions funds into an ethical fund rather than a standard tracker plan. It is important to me to replicate my consumer choices with where I put my investment money. PensionBee has a plan I can switch to to give me these choices.

Mental Health Awareness Week

It is mental health awareness week this week. The timing for me is strange as I can feel my mental health starting to slip into SAD type mode. So now is the time to refer back to research and articles I have written in the past to get through it. I know its going to be tough for the next three months, but there is a way to get through it.

Here is a post on SAD coping techniques and also my mental health story.

mental health awareness week

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