Monday Money #56 – Writing for the FT & New Aldi Dupes

I can safely say the last week was the best week in the 6 year Mrs Mummypenny journey. I had three huge things that went live. On Tuesday I appeared on BBC News and talked about fast fashion with Mary Craegh a very inspirational MP working hard to change the world. On Wednesday my article for the FT was published online and I was trending all day on MSN and Google with a featured article. I also was invited to a very cool event for innovative business leaders to celebrate the launch of a Book, I will write more about this event because it was amazing!

Writing for the FT

On Thursday the FT podcast was released where I spoke about my debt repayment. And had some exciting meetings in London with so many possibilities. And then on Saturday the paper version of the FT was in shops so I got to see my article in actual print on the pink pages. An incredible few days.

The feedback I have had this week from the FT piece has been amazing. I have received so many incredible messages from friends, readers, new followers. It has been amazing. I had a huge traffic spike and a stack of new followers. And lots of new work has come through. This summer is going to be fine. I have enough work organised to cover the more expensive summer months! I will not make the same mistakes as 2018 and 2017.

And of course I have done lots of money saving things.

Changing my Broadband

This has been on my to do list for TOO LONG. My current provider is TalkTalk. Its great value at just £22.50 per month but oh my gosh its too slow. If someone is streaming a film on Netflix I struggle to get a decent skype connection. Or if three devices are watching YouTube I struggle to upload content and pictures to my website.

I did some investigation and any company that uses the BT infrastructure is going to struggle. We live far from the exchange, and that exchange is overloaded with connections to too many houses. So I am switching to Virgin Media. I have written some posts about TalkTalk, where they have paid me, so I’m going to add a little disclaimer that I am no longer using the service due to upload and download speeds. 

The deal I found with Virgin for £38 per month. I found the deal via TopCashBack who also offered me £120 cash back. Just search for Virgin Media on on the TopCashBack website and use their link to click through to Virgin. The link will be tracked and after the broadband is set up you will get £120 in cash back. There was a £25 connection fee to pay but also I noticed a £50 account credit offer. SO I took that as well!!

Its a 12 month contract costing me £311 for the whole year. Just under £26 per month, not too much more than TalkTalk. But I will get speeds of five times what I get now for downloads and 10 times faster for uploads. Perfect. Don’t forget to sign up to TopCashBack to get your free money

We tried Purdey’s energy drinks

The PR team from Purdey’s energy drinks sent us some gifted samples to try this weekend. We had some rejuvenate, natural energy flavoured with grape and apple juice and edge natural energy with blackberry and sloe berry. I loved the blackberry edge drink. I can confirm it make a good mixer with gin, and also makes for a good drink when you are feeling a little tender the morning after a few drinks.

These drinks are so much better for you than the caffeine filled other energy drinks, I shall not name. If you need a boost try one of these. Available in all supermarkets, I saw some in Co-op yesterday!

They also have a fabulous positivity campaign so watch out for content coming soon on how I strive be positive in as many ways as possible. If you are a regular reader of my Instagram than you will know all about my positivity!

Samsung Experience Store

My phone touch screen stopped working around three months ago. And its taken me this long to get it fixed. I asked in my local EE store who told me my phone would need to be sent away.  need my phone for work, so I made do with a screen that only worked in certain places.

But this week I had a meeting in Soho and noticed on Google maps that the London Samsung Experience was around the corner. So I booked myself in for a diagnostic check, I just rocked up and waited in a queue. There were plenty of desks and power points to connect to. Whilst waiting I made sure all my photos and conversations were backed up.

I sat down with the disgnostics guy who tested everything, not only was the screen broken but also the battery and charging point were in need of replacement. They took in the phone and assured me it would be fixed within 1-2 days. This was fine, I can cope without a phone for that long.

I headed over to Bank for a meeting and whilst I was there I got an email telling my phone was fixed and ready. Incredible service! I headed back to Oxford St to collect my phone. The team helped me get everything set up and it felt like I had a brand new phone again. And all of this cost me nothing. I highly recommend Samsung. Not an ad!!

Aldi Dupe Make-Up

Another meeting last week was with the Aldi PR team, we spent a lot of time talking about my favourite products, make up! They have some incredible products coming soon in store. Amazing Benefit dupes, Charlotte Tilsbury, Smashbox. They me a box of goodies to try out. My personal favourite is the Vitamin C hot cloth facial wash. The smell is divine and my face feels so clean afterwards. It is a total copy of the Liz Earle cleansing cloths, but a fraction of the price.

A full blog piece and video content is coming soon. But here is a sneaky picture.

Aldi dupes

Other offers you don’t want to miss.


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I have just had my first annual payment of American Express cash back. £350 credit to my May bill. I use this card for all food, petrol, things for boys and pay it in full every month to avoid interest charges. Get a £25 bonus signing up using this link.

Octopus Energy

And of course get great value renewable energy from Octopus Energy, my energy company of choice for the best customer service. If you switch your energy over to Octopus we both get a £50 credit, why not get a quote and see what you can save on this expensive monthly bill. 

Thank you for reading, if you do sign up to any of these offers , as disclosed I receive a fee. This in no way affects the price you pay for the service. All are used by me, and save me lots of money! I put my money where my mouth is!




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