Monday Money #52 – Football Fun and Brighton Beaches

Its that time of the year where the Mrs Mummypenny world suddenly gets really busy. My diary is stacked full of meetings days in London, interviews and collaborations. It is THE MOST exciting time of the year, but I must remember to chill and and not try to do 100 things at once. I wrote about my manic mind for Mental Health Awareness week.

Just focus on the things that make me happy, make me money and don’t take tons of time! Easier said than done. I have switched into wake up redic early mode. I am up at 5:30/6am every day. The great thing about this is that I an get a good two hours of work in before I even do the school run. Its nice to do this on a Monday especially as it sets you up for the week. 

I started today doing an interview with Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London. We had a good chat about my website and what I learnt about finances or didn’t learn and how it contributed to my financial education. And how I am teaching my children about money. It was great.

My spending diary is helping with emotional spending

My daily spending was much better controlled last week. I had an emergency dishwasher repair that was £76. Unexpected but cheaper to get it fixed than £250 on a new dishwasher. I did a huge Aldi shop that I am hoping will last two weeks until we go on holiday. It cost £130, pretty good if its lasts two weeks. I did invest in a few bits for me. Anti-aging cell renewing three-minute miracle cream. It make me look younger, tried and tested £6.99. And I bought one those contour make up sponges for foundation in purple. Dylan and I stopped at the new Aldi in Baldock for a bit of excitement for the big shop. Yes I get excited by a new Aldi store!

Football Fun and Brighton Beaches

Boot camp & Personal Training

I have invested £65 into a half term boot camp and cleaning eating plan with Victoria at Future Fit. It includes five lots of boot camp and a strict diet to follow. This is going to be perfect just before my holiday.

I believe that it is really important to invest money into your physical and mental health. We as humans think nothing of spending money on treats for ourselves make-up, clothes but that money might be better spent on our health. I am a huge believer in good yoga classes, personal training and mental health care. I talk to a counsellor when I need it. 

Talking of personal training. My trainer Kane Allerdyce has given me a super special offer for the readers of Mrs Mummypenny only. You can buy a five session block booking of personal training sessions for just £87.50. Just you and him working on your exact fitness and health goals. This is such a good price, his regular session are £175 for five. Check out the last Instagram video we did last week. Use the code MMPHALFPRICE to redeem the offer.


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Yasss the gym videos are back. [Ad] Heres a little routine from my PT this week. The kettle bell at end was 10kg. @kaneallardycept has been my trainer for 2 years now. Last May I was at my fittest. This May I am getting back there. I feel okay again about posting content on here.💪 My weekly PT session is a break from work, kids, stress everything. 🙏 I have an exclusive offer for you. Kane is offering HALF PRICE PT sessions. Get a block of 5 sessions for just £87.50. At least go give him a follow on his new PT insta account😍 Just use the code MMPHALFPRICE when you speak to Kane. Drop him a DM. . . . . . . . #stevenage #hertfordshire #nobull #personaltraining #pt #personaltrainer #fitfam #girlswholift #grateful #mumlife #bloggerlife #healthylifestyle #weightlifting #circuittraining #kettlebell #hitchin #knebworth #buntu #40sfitness #mumswholift #letchworth #nobullfitness #pingreen #expertguidance #fitnesstrainer #mentalhealthawarenessweek

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Random Hotel Bookings

This weekend we had a ton of football to go to. Dylan was playing Chelsea in Surrey on Saturday, a good hours drive from us and then had a tournament in Brighton on Sunday. On a whim I booked a hotel between Surrey and Brighton for the Saturday night, rather than heading all the way home and back again the next morning. And it was the most incredible hotel, booked at random. We stayed at the Crown in Groombridge, near Tunbridge Wells, a 450 year old smugglers inn. 

Our room was low ceiling, a slopey floor. There was plenty of room for the boys and I got to have the day bed all to myself. We had beautiful dinner which the boys cleared their plates. And I had lots of lovely red wine which make Eurovision most entertaining. 

The hotel was £100 for the night which for five of us was pretty good. Dinner was slightly pricey coming in at £100, but that did include my bottle of wine, five lots of dinner and four desserts. I would absolutely go back.

Football Fun

Saturday was Chelsea. The Chelsea academy ground is stunning. Beautiful green pitches and we were playing on the best pitch too with comfy seats. AND I WAS SAT NEXT TO JAMIE REDNAPP. The best looking footballer from my day and now. His son was up against Dylan’s Cambridge team who won 2:1. Result! I can assure you Jamie is a beautiful in the flesh as on TV. As you see from this picture. Yes we asked for selfie and yes we had a chat about our sons playing football against each other.

Football Fun and Brighton Beaches

Sunday saw us head to Brighton for a couple of hours before the tournament at the AMEX stadium. We ate the breakfast of champions at Compass Point American diner. It was incredible! And then spent an hour on the beach. I had to ground myself and dip my feet in the sea.

Football Fun and Brighton BeachesWe then headed to the AMEX stadium for Dylan’s last district football tournament. And they only went and won with Dylan scoring the two goals to win the final at 3:1.

Football Fun and Brighton Beaches

Pensions and Self-employment

Too many self-employed business owners do not have a pension and this is a growing problem in the UK. I explore the issue packed with interesting statistics and even did a Twitter poll of my own. Have a read of the post and see what you think. And please do share the post with self-employed people you know. The state pension is not enough to provide for you in retirement.

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