Monday Money #45 – Fab Yoga and Healing Therapy in Stevenage

I have had one of those weeks where lots of things have hit money wise, topping off a fairly expensive time of the year. As I have previously mentioned all my insurance renewals hit at this time of the year, I chose to pay them in one annual chunk rather than monthly to save on the extra charges that are added on when you pay monthly. but this does mean that in the space of one month I have to pay £700 in insurance costs. Ouch.

Car Insurance

The car insurance for car number two was sorted out last week. Of course I left it until the last day, and only remembered because I noticed that my friend Faith had done the same! This car insurance is for a Toyota CHR, but we do have maximum no claim bonus on this car. The renewal premium came in at £330. I did my usual trick of running a comparison on Top Cash Back and found a policy for £240 after cash back. £90 saved I’ll take that. If you sign up to Top Cash Back today you will get a £5 Prepaid virtual Mastercard for free! Bonus. 

Massage and Healing Therapy in Stevenage

Two weeks ago I interviewed Sue Anderson of Body Bliss Yoga and Therapy on Mrs Mummypenny Talks (episode 35) and on Friday I got to experience one of her massages and crystal therapy. Sue has created a beautiful space she has built to the side of her house. It is a calm and relaxing area that she used for Yoga classes and her treatment room.

I had an Indian head massage which is my favourite treatment, anything to do with my head I find so relaxing. And then she did a crystal healing therapy with my chakras. She detected a lot of things during this treatment which made total sense when we talked afterwards. I will definitely be back. She is offering her hour treatments for the introductory price of £33 (I paid this, not gifted!) which is amazing value so if you are near Stevenage do get booked in!

A cheap Easter Break

One of the things that Sue mentioned was that I need to think about getting back to roots and head somewhere rural. This is something that I had already been looking into (!!), heading to the sea with the boys over the Easter holidays. I had found a lovely property on Instagram but they couldn’t fit us in on the day we want to go. They have recommended a near by caravan park and it’s looking to cost around £200 for four days in the first week of the Easter holidays. So we are doing that! I cannot wait to be near the sea. (Near this beautiful place)

Therapy in Stevenage

Working in cafes

I have worked from cafes a few days this week, welcoming the change of scenery when I have needed to hit a deadline and escape the house. Both Wednesday and Thursday had deadlines for writing so I spent one day in John Lewis cafe and another day in Costa. John Lewis was great as I got free coffee and cake, BUT I also had a wonder around the stationery department and spent £30 on a new notebook, pens and a plant. 

I was feeling very emotional that day so realise that I turned to spending some money as a response. I recognise that I did it and also am comfortable that I have allocated some money in my budget for fun spending. Did I need the stationery- No, but did I want it at the time – Yes. And I still love the notebook. 

Therapy in Stevenage

My Friend Marianne is running the London Marathon

Every week I go out for a run, this week it was a 5 miler to make up for an excessive binge on an Easter egg (!!). Marianne did a 22 mile run this weekend!! 22 miles, oh my gosh. Maz is the most kind and generous friend always looking out for others but she has it tough, read the beginning of her story from her fund raising page

At the age of 3, my son Alexander was diagnosed with autism. I knew Xander was ‘different’ from 18 months old when he started to miss certain developmental milestones and changes in his health and diet started to cause problems.

Maz is raising money for the National Autistic Society in support of Xander, if you can afford to donate a few pounds she would be most grateful. 

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