Monday Money #32 – Saving money on Christmas dinner

How are the Christmas preparations going? Are you all sorted for the pressies? Have you bought all the Christmas goodies yet? I have a stock of chocolates stashed away, hidden from the boys, I wonder how long it will stay uneaten for?!

I am nearly there with the pressies for the boys, I have tried to get most of their pressies using gift vouchers I have saved from Topcashback during this year. We don’t gift Christmas pressies to the wider family, I am grateful to not have that financial commitment.

Muscle Foods Christmas dinner

We are spending Christmas dinner at our friends house, who lives down the road. We each cook a meat dish each, vegetable dish and bring a dessert and cheese. Its a great way to split the cost of Christmas. This year I have given Muscle Foods a try and have ordered the Christmas feast, this cost £35 and you get a lot of food!! Turkey breast roast, gammon, pigs in blankets, stuff, chipolatas, sausage meat, bacon, gravy, plus all of the Christmas veg. See here for more details.

I was going to use the turkey and vegetables to take to Christmas dinner and the rest of the goodies will be cooked on Boxing day for a feast we are preparing for the in-laws.

Saving money on Christmas dinner

Zopa a Feelgood Money Company

I was very excited to be part of the launch of a new bank this week. Zopa have just been granted their banking licence and will be launching some exciting new products. They are passionate about providing a service that is fair and that customers can trust. I am particularly looking forward to the new savings product. Read this article for more details.

Wreck it Ralph

Wreck it Ralph the original is one of my favourite films, so as soon as Wreck it Ralph 2 came out we were there on opening day. As usual we saved 40% on our cinema tickets using our Kidspass membership. Four tickets cost £22 which is a bargain for Cineworld tickets.

We loved the film. Its a wonderful story about friendship, self-esteem and girl power. Its packed full of references to the internet and its inadequacies, making it very funny. We all really loved it.

Ditching the Christmas cards and giving to charity

For the past five years I have ditched writing Christmas cards. This saves me an incredible amount of time and any money I would have spent on cards and stamps is given to charity instead. I have written more about it here and the charities that I support.

Making my Own Christmas Decorations

What do you think of my baulbaul wreath? The wooden wreath and baulbauls both came from Poundland so the total spend was £2. I am very impressed with my creation!! And it was much quicker to make than my pom pom, woollen balls wreath that I attempted to create a few years ago, check out the YouTube video I made!!

Josh has merch!

The boys like to watch their favourite YouTubers and Josh in particularly is impressed by the merchandise. He has gone one step further and has designed his own logo, which I have converted into a PDF file on Canva. This is now being printed onto a hoodie for part of Josh’s Christmas pressie!! He will be so happy! And it only £22, the local printing shop near Stevenage market is doing it for me.

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