Monday Money #30 – Channel 5 TV and Christmas Shopping

Oh how I got tired of the Black Friday messages last week…and still they continue into Cyber Monday..enough. The worst ones were on the radio. Dylan and I had a fairly long drive on Saturday for football and there were so many ads there and back.

So did you buy anything? Do you feel like you got a good deal? I was on my local radio station Bob FM talking about whether to spend or not. Research is essential on big shopping days, use websites like to look at current deals versus historical pricing to see if the deal is a good one.

Channel 5 TV

Amazon Shopping

I did do some shopping on Black Friday. And I am slowly starting to sort out Christmas pressies. We have just had all of the boys birthdays so now is time for Christmas to be sorted out, I cannot focus on Christmas until they are over! I found some headphones for my eldest Dylan that were half price beat headphones, got a good deal of £45 rather than £90. I also got the game of life which I loved when growing up. We all love a game at Christmas.

Great Discounts at Nike

I feel like we got the best deal at Nike for two pairs of football boots that Dylan needed. Dylan had birthday money to spend so we got his moulded boots and metal studded boots for £76. Dylan is now in adult sized boots so to save 30% in the Black Friday sales felt like a really great deal.

Friday Morning Filming with Channel 5

I do a fair bit of work with Smart Energy GB talking about the benefits of a smart meter and how you can use them to save money. They give you information on how much things cost to run in the house enabling you to make more informed decisions about energy usage and thus save money.

There was some bad press last week where the roll out of smart meters into UK homes will be delayed beyond the original target of 2020 and I was giving a positive view of them. Here is the clip from Channel 5 news on Friday evening.

Meaningful Money Podcast Appearance

I was honoured to be interviewed by my good friend Pete Matthew of the meaningful money podcast. He is running a great series currently talking to people like me whom have set up a successful business online. Its a great interview where I talk honestly about the set up of Mrs Mummypenny, the successes and the difficulties.

Christmas Time means party food

One of my favourite things about Christmas is a amazing party food available in the super markets. And they are always on a 3for2 deal. We tried Tesco last weekend and the boys loved the mini toad in the holes and burgers. This weekend we gave M&S a try. They still had the 3for2 deal but it was more expensive. We got pork belly bites, mini pizzas, mini burgers and more toad in the hole. It was very good, very yummy, everyone approved. And although a treat it was still cheaper than a takeaway.

Creating my own Perfume and a competition

Last week I created my own beautiful perfume and I wrote about my experience this week. I am very happy to announce that you can win the very same perfume experience with a competition I am running. It was such fun and something really different to do or to give as a gift for Christmas. Check out the post and please do enter the competition.


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