Monday Money #189 How to Save on All Your Essential Bills

I wrote another very popular article for The Mirror last week. It hit at a time when a lot of the media was talking about all the bills rising and it found its way quickly across the internet. By the weekend there were version in every local paper and website across the country, my google alerts on Mrs Mummypenny appearing on the web were going crazy. And a lot of new followers discovered my Instagram and Facebook Group.

The article shared me essential bill saving tactics and how I get the best deal on all of them. Lots of detail and tips to help you save too.

Emergency Fund Needed This week

I was very glad to have my emergency fund this week. My washing machine is the latest expensive thing to break in my house. It’s 9 years old so guess it was about time. Back in October last year I won £500 of Gift vouchers in an Instagram competition and was keeping most of them for this kind of thing, so I was able to get £400 off my washing machine in John Lewis. They will also install it and take away the broken machine. I still had to spend £100 of my own money last week on washing machine related things, £40 to the electrician who confirmed it was my machine causing the house to trip and £60 balance for the washing machine.

Birthday Week

It was my birthday week last week and I received some lovely flowers, lots of booze (what does this say about me!) and a beautiful Cornish ware Tea Pot. I also had a wonderful dinner out in London with my best friends from university and lovely Neilboy got the bill as birthday pressie. He’s a special one, who needs an actual boyfriend;-)

First Week of the Month – Most of my Bills Hit

Most of my bills hit on 1st of the month so £1600 went onto my mortgage, new higher energy bill, insurance, water, council tax. I am yet to receive my £150 rebate, this will be paid automatically at some point as I pay by direct debit.

I also made a few savings, another overpayment went to my mortgage of £75 via Sprive app, this automatically saves money for mortgage overpayments from my current account, then I hit a button every month to authorise the overpayment to be made.

Food spend this week was lower at £92, and this even included a cheeky birthday Five Guys deliveroo.

Dating Stories

I have another guest post from Rebecca Megson Smith on the website this week, she muses about dating and how damned hard it is. Sharing thoughts on the different guys you meet, one for every night of the week. I know its not going amazingly well for me, I am at a point of ‘what’s the point’, so much time wasted to get nowhere.

And now its Easter holidays with a week with my boys, Ill be looking for lots of ways to save money this week, with mystery shop savings on days out, packed lunches and in expensive days out.

Thanks for reading as always. Here my birthday make up, gold glitter eyeliner (Elf…a brilliant bargain make up brand – get it from Superdrug)


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