Monday Money #173 Spending diary Perimenopause and High Spending

Health Bad-Health Good

Last week was up and down week with health. On Tuesday it was confirmed that I am in Perimenopause, a blog post is coming soon to share my symptoms and what I went through to get the diagnosis. Also I had ECG and smear all on the same day. My blood pressure was too high (maybe because of all the stressful tests), so I got an Omron blood pressure machine (grr from Amazon, because it was cheap and quick to get to me) and have been tracking it all week. I am fine. This week I will be getting estrogen gel to combat the perimenopause symptoms, I already had the mirena coil fitted in July for the progesterone boost and contraception. Yes you are very fertile in perimenopause.

Bit more investigation needed of other stuff so I had more blood tests on Friday and am booked in for an ultrasound. All is going on here.

There was also good health with brilliant fitness week with incredible progress on Appalachian Trial, where me and my team of four pensions and protection experts are completing a 3168km challenge. This is me after my best 5k time since 2018. 30 mins 49 seconds. SPONSOR US HERE raising money for Grief Encounter who support bereaved children.

Also I weighed myself and I am 12 kg lighter than I was in July. Operation get fit after lockdown part 3 worked! Read all about what I’ve been doing here.

Making Money with Thrifty Londoner Laura Dempster – Podcast

My latest podcast, Ep 9 of Mrs Mummypenny Talks came out last week. Take a listen whilst you are on the commute or out walking today. How do you listen to podcasts? I walk for miles and love listening to finance, funny, football podcasts.

My favourites are Scummy Mummies, Meaningful Money with Pete Matthew, FT Money Podcast with Claer Barratt and Table Manners with Jessie Ware.

BUT here is mine, that I listen back to every week and absolutely love. A brilliant discussion last week with Laura about the GOOD and the BAD of making money. Yes there is a very dark side of money making with scams and so many people out there with selfish morals, be VERY careful who you trust online.

Listen to the podcast here

Or watch us recording the podcast here.

My Spending Diary for last Week

I knew last week had been a high spending week, but not quite as much as I saw once I added it up. You see, with money you can spend and spend and spend, but until you add it up and think about what you spent over the week you don’t really understand how much you have spent and the impact of that spending.

Food Spend

My eating out spend was high, mainly due to lunch in London with my wonderful friend Julie on Saturday. We ate at Parrillan in Kings Cross. It was 100% amazing and worth it. £77 spent. Yep we cooked all this food on a little BBQ on our table and drank a lovely bottle of cava.

Total eating out spend for the week was £117, a few other coffees and lunch at the gym. My grocery spend was £106, mainly a birthday related shop with cake and decorations for house included. There was one mindful chef box where I had four amazing vegan ingredients delivered, at a cost of £25. If you are interested in Mindful Chef, amazing food recipe box, pop in my email as a referral to save 25 % off your first four boxes. And I get a £10 credit to my account.

Fun Spends

It was also a big week for fun spends that I felt like I deserved. I bought a sequin dress from And Other Stories. I tried it on in London and bought it online later at home. It was £135 original price. I saved 10% by setting up an online account and another 8% by using Top Cash Back. I saved ALOT more than buying the dress in store! Great tip.

I also had a facial and got my nails done, £75 spent. Facials and nails are an essential maintenance to me. I feel better when I have these done and I look and feel good. Even more important in my 40s and perimenopause time of life.


A biggish week for bills with Netflix £10, mobile phone £44 (my phone and eldest sons), broadband and life insurance. £99 spent.

Other costs

I spent £46 on fuel, wow that’s gone up a lot per litre. £25 on pocket money to the boys for chores and birthday money. £30 went onto business expenses, £11 went on land registry costs on failed house purchase, £18 went into Mortgage overpayment via Sprive App and £32 went into my Plum auto savings.

Total spend for the week £730. Eek.

Dress of dreams

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