Monday Money #168 Spending Diary – Low Spending Week recovery

Another week and the energy crisis rumbles on. I have just been on BBC Radio London to talk to Eddie Nestor about the crisis, what can people do to avoid paying more. It’s a difficult subject because the reality is that gas is a limited resource, supply is restricted and therefore prices go up. Our energy bills are going to rise if we continue to use the same amount of energy.

But what we can do is USE LESS ENERGY. There are so many simple things we can do in our households to use less energy, here are 15 ideas that will save you hundreds.

Last week was interesting from a Spending Perspective. I was still reeling from the previous weeks State Pension Challenge and was still thinking that I needed to carefully watch the pennies. The result was my spending was much less than usual, even including the catch up from the previous week on things that I postponed.

My No Booze Challenge is nearly over

I started my 28 day challenge mid September and wanted to share a post on why I am doing it, how and the benefits I have seen so far. And there are so many. Am feeling really good.

Two days in London

I had two days in London for work, which meant a chunk of business expenses, but even then I was very conscious about my spending. I even walked 3 miles from Paddington to Kings Cross for some exercise and to save £2.50 tube fare.

Tuesday was spent in London with Aldi exploring their Christmas range, from food to beauty to home wear. It was amazing. I ate all the turkey, party food, vegan creations and non-alcoholic Prosecco. You see can see my pick of the best products over on Instagram. So far I’ve shared my home ware favourites, my food pics are coming soon. But here is the turkey, that I can tell you, tasted amazing.

I also spent Thursday in London. I met up with my manager of ten years ago and mentor Andrew for a catch up and to review my business strategy. He helps me to take my head out of the day to day detail and think more long term and more business objectives. It was a great meeting. I strolled back to Kings Cross from Paddington via the British Library and popped in to be interviewed to join up. All Free! And then sat in the Business and IP reading room to write a new article for here, soon to go live on my learnings and thoughts from the State Pension Challenge!

Brilliant new podcast on Debt

Episode 4 of Mrs Mummypenny Talks is about all things debt with the wonderful Sara WIlliams AKA Debt Camel. We covered a wide spectrum of debt advice, sharing real life stories and offering kindness and all the information you need to work out how to get out of debt and then to actually do it and get yourself out of debt.

We talk about when you can afford the minimum payments through to if your can’t afford your essential must pay bills. Essential listening or watching for those in debt. We know its a long podcast but its worth it, I promise.

Here are the links to listen to the podcast or watch on YouTube.

Back to The Spending Diary

Food Spend £136

I spent £70 on groceries for the week. Including a weekly shop at Aldi costing £48 (and that included a few treat on crafting kits and £12 worth of crispy duck with pancakes). Eating out spend was £66, this included a treat on Friday night of amazing Five Guys £38. Yep its expensive but oh so good. It also includes Sunday dinner at the gym after a swim for the boys and long relaxation in the Jacuzzi for me. And a few takeaway coffees during the week, £4.45 for a pumpkin spiced latte at cinema, excessive, but also very nice.

Business Expenses

This week these included train trips to London plus a hotel stay in Exeter this weekend. Business costs were £114.

Car Costs

My car costs were significant this week with the monthly pay as you go payment taken and I reached rock bottom of my fuel tank and needed to fill up. £31 on pay as you insurance, as I drove a lot of football miles in September. Plus £45 on a full tank of fuel in my hybrid car.

Other Costs

The other spends for the week included £15 on presents and cards that I couldn’t afford to buy the previous week. £27 went into my plum auto savings. I also spent £28 on discounted cinema tickets, popcorn and drinks to watch James Bond with the boys. It was incredible and I cried a lot.

Total spend for the week was £403, this is a GOOD Spending week.

And finally a note on Mental Health Awareness Day – Sunday 10th October

It’s been a tough few weeks for me with overwhelm. I know its happening and I am doing my best to look after myself to stop it having too much of an adverse effect on my mental and physical health. My food, water an exercise has been amazing. Hugely helped by the non drinking. But I have awful insomnia, bleeding issues and now a huge cold sore.

So I am taking it easy this week, now this post is done, rest of today is rest (except for driving to Newmarket for sons football). My diary has been cleared right down and I have no major deadlines.

I shared my 2021 mental health story over on IGTV last night, cold sore and all. Its not pretty, but its much better now than it was in January/February in the throws of binge eating, drinking and self hatred.


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