Monday Money #158 Five days in Cornwall

I’ve just returned from five days in Cornwall, Penzance my home town. I had just the best time. Childfree this time, but I will be back again shortly with them for a weeks holiday during the summer holidays.

I was home for the wedding of Sophie, one of my closest teenage friends. Our crew was back together again for day and night of celebrations. It was a glorious day on a remote farm near Truro, the sun shone and we had just the best day. Weddings in these covid times are a little different, but it dint affect the day in any way. We danced outside the reception barn, ate incredible cornish food and drank much sparkles and wine!

five days in cornwall

The sun shone for most of the week, with Thursday being the best day, just look at these pictures I took in St.Ives! A beautiful place, but oh my gosh so busy, and its not even summer holidays yet! I did however know the best beaches with quieter corners.

A Huge Article in The Sun

Whilst sat in this exact spot on the beach above my latest article for The Sun was published. How to save £8500 in six months, packed full of so many idea to help you cut the bills and make money. (They always love to shout out single mum in the headline!)

Last Weeks Spending Diary

So back to last week and my spending. You might think it was a hugely expensive spendy week with five days in Cornwall, but I was actually pretty good.

Eating Out

Eating out obviously took a hit, and grocery spend was low as the opposite saving. £284 was spent on eating out. This includes a rather wonderful brunch in London with my good friend Aftab of Fresh and Fearless Blog, check him out on Instagram. We managed to spend £82 in fancy London Rooftop restaurant with very lovely pink food and sparkles.

£170 was spent on food in Cornwall, but this included a meadery dinner out for my sister and I to say thank you for letting me stay in her AirBNB room. The meadery is a must visit in Penzance, for medieval style food. I went panko coated prawns, but the classic dish in chicken in the rough. And the mead wine is a must try too, so lovely. And a real blast from the growing up in Penzance past. Meadery dinner was £50 including tip.

I also booked a lovely restaurant for lunch whilst in St.Ives, the Source Kitchen. A place that I saw Rick Stein had recommended on his Cornwall TV show earlier this year. It was worth it!. Beautiful fish of the day with some sparking Cornish wine.

Other spends included food for train journey, just a 7 hour journey;-). And of course a pasty and plenty of coffee. I also met up with fellow Penzance friend Pete Matthew, of Meaningful Money Podcast, YouTube, Money Expert fame for brunch, the day after the wedding, but he very kindly treated me:-)

Other Spending for last week

I spent just £29 on groceries. I cam home to another leak so spent £50 on the plumber to come fix said leak. I am a bit worried now about my laminate floor being trashed, I guess Ill wait and see how it does over the next few months.

The only bill paid was £34 on By Miles car insurance, this was pay as you go insurance for the month on June where I did a lot of miles, including a trip to Manchester .

I spent £46 on travel whilst in Penzance and into London at the weekend. Plus another £20 on shells and gifts for boys from Penzance.

This all means my total spend for the week was £464 which doesn’t feel too too bad considering I was away for most of the week.

Podcast Time – How To Write a Book

Our podcast last week was ‘How to Write a book’ and it was a popular one. We talk about the process of actually getting going writing that book and what you need to think about. I talk with experience of writing my book, The Money Guide to Transform Your Life. Bec talks with her experience as a writing coach.

This week sees us record our last podcast for this season, ending with a live episode on Instagram, tomorrow Tuesday at 12 noon, all recorded and shared on all the pod apps. We are taking a break for the summer holidays, but will be back with fresh new content in September.


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