Monday Money #131 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I wanted to end this year with a final Monday Money post to wish all you wonderful readers a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the new Year. No matter what you may be doing.

I join the tier 4 counties and all my plans have had to change. The trip to Cornwall to see my family has been cancelled, I stay here at home with Trev cat for company (my boys are with their dad). I’m just going to treat it like any other weekend, with a daily walk through the fields listening to my favourite podcasts, I will eat what I want, drink what I want and do what I want!

But mainly I shall be taking some time away from Mrs Mummypenny, so don’t expect any new content between now and the end of the year. I have met all my deadlines and work commitments and can now decompress for a couple of weeks. I will read, watch Netflix, make jigsaw puzzles and generally relax.

My Book -The Money Guide to Transform Your Life – is on sale!!

I have just had a new delivery of book stock and have dropped the price for you lovely readers of Mrs Mummypenny. If you have been thinking about buying it get it now for just £12.99. A perfect way to start the new year of 2021 sorting out your money, working towards debt freedom, or a savings goal or just getting to grips with your budget. Its all in there. For just £12.99!!

A secret filming project

Before all the tier changes last week I was able to get out for one final day of social distanced filming for a brand with Faith Archer from Much More With Less. It was a filming project with a difference, not one that either of us have done before! It really made me appreciate how good it feels to actually work with people in the same room. I miss it so much and cant wait for it to start up again in 2021.

Charity Contributions for 2021

I have a long standing relationship with Grief Encounter whom I always gift charity contributions to. This year has been a good year for contributions and I wanted to round up the total to a nice big number for the end of the year. By the end of Nov I had raised £710 for the charity. And I have now topped this up to £1000 (£955 plus £45 in gift aid!). I feel really proud of a £1000 contribution to my favourite charity.

I have raised this money by donating 10% of my May turnover whilst I did my 500km run/walk/cycle challenge. Some wonderful readers and followers donated too. And Lansons PR made a contribution for a panel event I did with them. Plus £290 from my December turnover.

PensionBee launch their new Fossil Fuel Free Pension Plan [ad]

I have been waiting for this for a long time! PensionBee have now launched their ethical pension fund that excludes all fossil fuel companies, tobacco and weapon manufacturers. My precious pension money will be winging its way over to this brand new fund in the new year. I am loving that my long term financial goals match my shorter term goals from an environmental perspective. Read more about it here.

Get an Immediate Boost to Your Credit Score with Experian Boost [ad]

Experian have launched a brand new tool that could give you credit score an immediate boost. They are using open banking to link up more of your financial information to show how financially trustworthy you are, using information such as subscriptions and council tax. Read more about it here and how to give your credit score a boost.

A Walk with the Deer

I live very near to Knebworth Park and yesterday went for a long walk and had a glorious view of the herd of deer, all 130 of them. We met the deer keeper and had a fascinating chat about the deer and how he manages them, whilst they looked on suspiciously.

I feel so blessed that I live so near to this beautiful place, its been a life saver during all these lockdown months. Ill leave you with this image and say goodbye for 2020.


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