Monday Money #12 Christmas and the Money Saving Mission Continues

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Christmas in July?!

The mania of Christmas in July started this week. I have said this many a time, but I love celebrating a bit of Christmas in July. December is a challenging month for me, even more so since having children so having a celebration in July works perfectly for me.

Monday Money #12 Christmas and the Money Saving Mission Continues

If you’re not sure what Christmas in July is it’s when brands show off their up and coming Christmas range … yes less than 6 months before the actual event 😉 !

Thursday saw me eating mince pie ice-cream, giant pigs in blankets and drinking glasses of champagne with Aldi. I was tasting flavoured gin, eating cheese and cupcakes with Amazon. I also made earrings, discovered some very exciting new brands and spent hours non-stop talking.

A mental busy day of 15 hours meant I needed a day off on Friday!

End of Term Teacher Pressies and Children Leaving

The end of term is in sight which also means teacher collection time. Not only do we have this, but there is an influx of children leaving my boys classes, so there are leaving collections for children as well. This week I gave £25 to 5 different collections. Not money saving in the slightest, but I am not complaining. The teachers at Knebworth school are amazing. They have all done an amazing job with the boys this school year and I will be sad to say goodbye to them. I remember crying when saying goodbye to Josh’s reception teachers three years ago, I will probably do the same this year as there is special bond between Jack and his reception teacher and TA. And yes, gift vouchers all the way.

Money Saving mission continues

I have been trying hard with saving money this week. I had a mini Boots splurge on Tuesday including some 60% off shampoo, a new hair brush (they keep going missing) and a meal deal lunch for radio station day. This was £12. And I only had 2 coffees this week spending £3.75 saving extra by taking my own cup. This weekend has been fabulously low spending with a charity quiz night in the village where I spent £15. I even turned down a trip to the pub to watch football on the basis that money was tight. However I did indulge in my sparkling wine gift from Aldi’s Christmas event on Saturday whilst the football was on. Also pictures is Freddies flowers, which were FREE:-) You can also get a free bunch by signing up using this link

money saving mission

I have invested in a Network railcard but realised I can only use it after 10am. And I needed to get the 9:40 train on Thursday. So, I am yet to make any train savings, train and tube cost me £19.20 and it would have cost £14.50 using my network railcard, so I will book meetings later from now on!!

Summer holiday plans are taking shape

I am trying to arrange fun and exciting things over the summer that don’t costs the earth. A few things have been booked already. I am off to Buckingham Palace with my friend Gem and our 5 children. I think we got a magic group booking discount as the tickets for 7 of us came to £85. Knowing that tickets to this kind of attractions are normally £25ish each I feel we have got a great bargain/basket error!

I am looking into theatre tickets for kids go free month I have found a brilliant matinee showing of Dream Girls where you get to meet the cast afterwards. So, I pay for my ticket, then the first child is free, and the second child is half price, so this should cost around £100 for three of us to go. Jack is not interested! I love the theatre and love to take the boys every summer when its freebie ticket time, we went to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory last year (which was a bit strange!). We also should be going to Standon Calling our regular festival that we cover for blog, so our tickets will be free of charge.

We have lots of day trips planned to friends around London, we will be visiting Faith over in Suffolk, camping in Essex, hopefully Mich & Sarah in Kent/Essex.

And of course, there will be plenty of football, the academy football season started beginning in July, so we are back to training three nights a week with a few games and tournaments over the summer months.

Devouring books

I have a lot of books on the go. Depending on my mood I switch between them. Some are books that I have been sent linked to Mrs Mummypenny and some are recommendations. I am reading You Are Not Your Thoughts by Frances Trussell. I saw her speak at The Mindful Living Show and she sent me a copy of her book, it is due to be released in November 2018. A powerful book focussing of the secrets of mindfulness. I really relate to it and Frances story and am getting a lot from her simple mindfulness techniques.

money saving mission

I am also reading a very early copy of Pete Matthew’s first book The Meaningful Money Handbook. This is being released in Sept and he is after some early views and endorsements. I am about 1/3rd of the way through. I love the straight talking and easy to understand guidance. Pete is my Penzance financial expert buddy!

Russell Brands Freedom from Addiction was recommended by a few people and I am really enjoying his take on the 12 steps program. Most of us are addicted to something, be that alcohol (guilty), drugs, spending money (guilty), eating, social media, the list goes on. This book is a wonderful approach to help you make a change. And Russell writes beautifully. It is a perfect companion to ‘You are Not Your Thoughts’ as they both encourage mindfulness and taking each day as it comes.

Finally, I am re-reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I love this book, I read it last summer and am rereading it this summer. I love the message of omens, following your dreams, symbolism, the power of the universe. Such a beautiful inspiring read. One of my favourite books ever.

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