Monday Money #118 Refunds and Loyalty Cards

Back to school was short-lived in this household. Already there is a case of coronavirus at eldest school and the whole school has been shut down:-( Hopefully just for today/tomorrow but we are yet to hear when the boys can go back to school.

Just another thing to get used to, back to school isn’t quite what we had hoped for. My first thought was how on earth will everyone cope who has to go back to work and now has children at home that need to be looked after. Thank fully I work from home so return to the balance.

Last week was hectic with some attempts to return to the new normal. We did have a full week of school and four lots of football to contend with. Along with a super busy week work wise with many deadlines to hit. I just about managed it!

Saturday in Enfield

DJ’s first game academy game of the season was away to Tottenham. A great first game of the season and only 30 minutes drive away. His games can be up to three hours away so this was a nice start. DJ is now U13 and has moved from the foundation stage to the development stage of the academy system. Its now 11 aside football, and it gets much more serious.

Covid rules stated that we wern’t able to stay and watch the game so Jack and I headed to Enfield shopping centre to get the Aldi shop, choose a new rug and some stationery.

There was a huge Next home store and we had a browse for a new rug. We found the perfect fluffy dusky pink rug for the living room. £75 spent on a new rug. But naughty Next charged us £85 and I didn’t realise until I checked the receipt when walking away from the store. Annoying. We went back and got the £10 difference. If the shelf edge label or price ticket says a price, this is the price you pay even if the till says something different.

Loyalty cards – Costa, Subway, Lidl

Whilst at the retail park I got a free iced coffee from Costa using my Costa app. If you set up at the app using my referral code we both get 200 points which is £2 to spent in Costa.

We also bought Subway meal deals for the boys and set up the subway app on my phone whilst in store. There is a bonus points offer of 250 points as you download and double points on purchases in first 28 days. Already we have 416 points and very nearly enough points for a free salad or 6 inch sandwich!

I asked in my Mrs Mummypenny Money Savings Tips Facebook group what were peoples favourite apps. The Lidl app was mentioned a few times! The Lidl plus- £5 off first shop. Discount coupons every week. A scratch card to win money off and cash back every £100 spent. Plus it saves your receipts. This app sounds great!

Another firm favourite was the Boots card, it has to be one of the first loyalty cards that arrived in the UK, I have had mine forever. Other mentioned were Greggs, Tescos and Morrisons. I also love the Co-op card that is another loyalty card that sits on my phone, there always is money built on on there that i can use towards purchases.

Chase your refunds – Airlines/Train refund/broadband

I have huge list of refunds to chase, and filled in the paper work for one of them this week. Did you know you can claim for a train delay if it more than 15 minutes late? Last week on return from Bristol my train from Kings Cross to Hertforshire was cancelled. I was delayed by around 90 minutes. I filled in the simple forms and a refund is being processed. The money goes straight into my bank account.

I also need to chase up refunds from Virgin Media, EE Broadband, The Trainline and Netflights/Virgin Atlantic. I am owed around £600. The Virgin Netflights refund relates to March!! I will persevere to chase. I am at the very angry stage for these refunds and have taken to Twitter to rant, it seems this is the only way to get the money back:-(

Spending Diary Last week

I actually had a decent week last week with 2 no spend days. This is a huge success for me! But I did have some big book The Money Guide to Transform Your Life, costs hit, that I paid on the same day. I paid for the book design, artwork and online shop costs, along with the books that I had ordered for printing. £900 paid out in one day. Ouch.

Check out my gorg books and art work gift from my friend Julie

I spent £65 on groceries and £35 on eating out food. This is a pretty good week food wise. I got my August American Express bill and paid it last week, and realised that we had gone VERY mad on eating out in August. We need to calm down a lot for September food spending.

Farm Visit – Ardeley Farm

We spent a beautiful sunny September Sunday at Church Farm, Ardeley. Its a beautiful farm with a huge area for the animals with cows, sheep, so many pigs, including the cutest piglets, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. And you could feed them all.

Was a nice way to spend a few hours, I realise my boys are probably too old for the farm now but we do love it. We spend £17 on entry and animal food and another £17 on lunch from the farm shop.

My Book is Available to buy in Paperback and eBook on Amazon

Did you know that you can buy my book The Money Guide to Transform Your Life in paperback and eBook on Amazon. I say eBook, its is sat awaiting approval as I type. But will be approved very shortly!!!

Or buy it direct from me and save £1, plus get a signed copy. Much better. Although lots are selling on Amazon:-)


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