Monday Money #105 Lockdown Spending Diary Week 12

Lockdown Spending diary week 12 is here and how this week has flown by. It was packed with some incredible fun and work, also a rock bottom day. Possibly one of the worst days in my life, not wanting to be dramatic, but it was bad.

My mental health and physical health have fallen apart in the past week. But I have pulled it back with help from my guardian angels, the NHS, and my therapist.

I also made a concerted effort to spend less money and I did well at this. A much better week of spending, coming in at £610. I think I might have finally cracked my emotional spending problems as I did not spend loads of cash when feeling down.

Of course, the world is starting to open back up so I have lot of bookings for things that will cost me in the future. I have booked an online styling appointment with the team in John Lewis Welwyn. I have booked to have my nails done finally, booked a colonic and a reiki massage. All planned from 4th July.

I will be writing another spending diary post for PensionBee, starting it from today 15th June for one month, thinking that it would be interesting as we start to return to a new normal. How much will spending increase, have any behaviours changed?

Monday 8th June – £131

Mondays are always a busy day with so much work to do on Mrs Mummypenny. It is always the busiest day for emails, and I have this lockdown spending diary week 12 post that needs to be written by Monday lunchtime. (I know I am late with this post today!)

The boys were here too so I try super hard to get all my work done as early as possible so I can focus on them, a walk or a bike ride or a walk down to the village. We of course popped to the co-op and spent £15.45 on dinner and treats. We stopped and bought lovely fresh fruit, veg ad bakery bits from the farmers market for £27. I adore the farmers market and go every week for the most beautiful and fresh tasting food.

I spent some fun spends. £40 on the most beautiful Yoni Oracle cards. A few friends had them and shared the artwork on Instagram. I had to get some too. They arrived later in the week, so I have shared them on my Instagram. I adore them and the daily guidance they give me.

I also paid for another month of my Get Nourished personalised vitamins. They are doing their best to fight everything that is attacking my body now. I am now paying full price which is £39.99. But you can get your first month for half price by clicking on my referral link.

We went for a drive over to Essex to my friend Gems house to meet Kylo the new puppy. SUCH a cute dog, I need to speed up my getting a doggy process!

Tuesday 9th June – £140

The excitement for Tuesday was a trip to Aldi to buy a few essentials for the weekend, including gin and wine for the weekend. As life starts to return to normal, I am craving time with my close friends, two of them were coming over on different days over the weekend. The Aldi bill came to £74.

I have added another monthly business cost to my bills, £14 a month for professional zoom. I need to record video and audio with guests for my weekly podcast and Zoom is the only way.

My podcast this week was an interview with Andy Kay of Socius Investing an angel investing firm. Check it out here, such a great interview where we talked about the health and fitness world during covid, setting up a business during any time, we talked about ProInsight and Your Zone 45 two of the businesses that Andy works with.

Plus, there was a monthly credit card repayment of £52. The £2k balance on this is going to be cleared by the end of June. Its 0%, but I just want the debt gone and have no monthly payments left.

Wednesday 10th June – £78

A day of regular bills, EE phone bill, Netflix, and Microsoft windows. And yes, before you ask Netflix is an essential.

The boys left for their dads and my friend Fran came over for some drinks and a long walk through the woods. We talked about anything and everything listening to fab music. It so good being back with friends again.

Thursday 11th June – £63

The old costs of life before lockdown are starting to creep back in. I had to fill up the car with fuel on this day costing £37. I also paid for life insurance of £15 and £11 on Deliveroo on an emergency lunch food delivery.

Thursday was a traumatic day. It started with a hangover, never a great way to start the day. I received an awful email, which set me on a downward spiral, but I got back in control and calmly reacted in the right way to the email.

I recorded another podcast interview with Tom Baigrie, CEO of Lifesearch, which I will be publishing tomorrow 16th June. Look out for that at 12 noon. It another brilliant interview discussing the insurance and protection world. Along with each of our lives, building businesses and selling them and a big discussion about my book.

I had a therapy session as well which was a tough one. We explored some deeply traumatic parts of my life and did a big rewind. It took it toll. By 3pm I was done for the day and I spent most of the evening crying. I also have a few medical issues and had to go to doctors at 5pm for an examination. It was too many big things hitting in one day and I felt like I hit rock bottom. I am done with fight or flight. My body is done with fight or flight.

Friday 12th June – £9

I paid for my Yoga class that I had attended on Wednesday. And bought a lovely cup of decaf coffee at the hospital after I had my blood taken. The doctors are not sure what is going on with my body, so I am having every test under the sun. I suspect peri-menopause, but lets wait and see what the tests say.

I had a few meetings in the afternoon and progressed hugely with my new website design with Liz from Lingo, we are progressing so well. Its not long until its ready and I cannot wait to show you the new vibrant colours with a design so much easier to navigate.

Neilboy arrived for dinner and I cooked Mindful chef jerk chicken which was amazing, and dessert was cupcakes from Sugar Boutique in Knebworth which were the best! We had the best evening drinking wine, G&T, dancing to every 90s dance classic we could think of. So much fun. (If you want to save £20 off your first two mindful chef orders and pass on a £20 credit to my account please use my email in the referral box!)

Saturday 13th June – £17

The only spend on Saturday was breakfast at Café Vero, hangover recovery. The rest of the day was spent sleeping, reading, sunbathing and not much else.

Sunday 14th June – £161

A spendy day for two reasons, but both incredible value. I paid for my Thursday therapy session and at £90, I know it is a lot of money but is 100% worth it. Never will I begrudge paying for help with mental health issues.

I also paid £81 for a new kitchen tap parts and fitting. A hugely great deal as my neighbour Adam helped sourcing a bargain tap and fitted most of himself. I was going to pay £200 for a tap, along with £120 for fitting it, so £81 is an amazing deal!


Overall, I had a decent week spending £610. Including some chunky big spends, £177 on fun money (including the therapy, vitamins, oracle cards and yoga!), £116 on groceries, £40 on eating out and £81 on regular bills. Plus, the tap at £81. I feel like this week was better controlled with most essentials paid for.

It feels great to support small business as we start to get back to the new normal, Yoni Oracle cards, Yoga classes and Caffé Vero in the village.

I am intrigued to carry on with this spending diary as the shops begin to re-open. Although to be honest, I do not really fancy I trip to a busy town centre for shopping. Ill make do with my virtual styling session later this week! Its free by the way, Ill let you know how it goes.

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