Mobile Phone costs Spiralling Out Of Control: Top Tips To Save

One of the bills we don’t pay too much attention to each month is our mobile phone bill. Many of us would be lost without it. We use it for phone calls and staying in touch, but we also see it as a lifeline to the world thanks to internet connectivity and social media. It can even be our only way to capture memories thanks to the camera and keeping us accountability with our calendars. They do a lot for us, which is possibly why the costs don’t normally become a big concern to you. But, many of us pay over the odds or end up not making savings that we are entitled to. So here are some of the ways you can make savings with your mobile phone costs.

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Recycle old mobile phones

Would you believe that there is money to be made in your old phones? A lot of people upgrade their phones every 12-18 months, and this means that older models become redundant. Stuck in a drawer never to see the light of day. However, sending them off to specialist recycling companies can end up making you a little extra money you weren’t expecting. This could be put towards your new phone or even pay for a few months of your bill in advance. If your phone is in excellent condition, why not sell it online on platforms like eBay? People pay good money for phones that are recent models and are still in good working order, something to think about.

Don’t stick with the same provider

Like many of our bills we can become complacent with switching providers and remaining loyal, and the same is said for your mobile phone. The change of number might put you off, or you fear it is too complicated to change. But it can be easily done, and in some cases, you don’t lose your number either. There could be considerable savings to be made as many providers save great deals for new customers. You could even consider changing from contract to pay as you go and take a look at new mobile networks like honest mobile. There could be some amazing savings to be made on a monthly basis.

Change your plan

The next thing you might want to think about is to look specifically at your plan. Do you use all of what you get in the plan? Could you reduce it? Are you paying excessive changes for going over allowances like on data? Could you then change the plan to pay more a month but overall save in the process? These things could help you to make extra savings not just monthly but yearly, so it is worth looking into.

Avoid the temptation of an early upgrade

Finally, it may be very tempting to consider upgrading to that new and dazzling release, but is it worth it to you money wise? Many providers will charge you a lot to get out of contracts early, and in turn, add the deficit to your monthly bill. Weigh up your options and be sure it is affordable. It might be worth waiting for that upgrade time instead.

Let’s hope these tips help you to make savings on your mobile phone costs.

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