How to Make Money from Home – My Top Tips

How to Make Money from Home

In a previous post I talked about how I save saved £7,500 in the past 6 months. This £7,500 saving did include 2 money making schemes I have used which I shall go into a bit more detail in this post. It is completely possible to make money and a good living from a varied list of different tasks that can be done from the comfort of your own home or a bit of visiting/driving out and about so here are my top tips on how to make money from home.

How to Make Money from Home - My Top Tips

The core of my blog Mrs Mummypenny is all about saving money and getting the best VALUE for your money. But did you know there are many other niche personal finance bloggers out there who specialise in other areas. There are Pensions & Investment Experts like Money to the Masses, Women’s Financial Empowerment like Money Nuggets. There are also Making Money experts like Emma Drew. Emma Drew the founder, has been super helpful with blog advice and making money advice and has given me some interesting information for this post.

Now Emma can make money from home and has literally tried it all. I urge you to check out her website and read posts like Smelly shoes on EBay;-). Her website has been live for a few years so her income has taken some time to build and she has worked super hard to get it the level its at now with A LOT of traffic and A LOT of income. A big break came in April when she appeared in Mail online and the PR from that has been incredible. She is also extremely transparent about what she earns from where and whom. For May 2016 she has earned

  • £2,600 from Affiliate income (links and referrals on her website and social media)
  • £1,000 from Matched Betting (Risk free, tax free manipulation of free bets)
  • £579 from sponsored posts. Brands paying to write a review of products or services.
  • £105 from Mystery Shopping assignments
  • £100 from EBay Selling
  • £55 from online surveys

So in May that’s £4,439 from a combination of website income, matched betting and other stuff. Does this inspire you? She loves to splurge her earning on Disney holidays. Why not??!! She does Disney, we do Vegas!

Making Money – Mystery Shopping

I do a bit of this. So far this year I have mystery shopped a bank, and lots of supermarkets. This has not only earned me around £100 in cash but has also got me free Yorkshire puddings, protein muscle drinks (23 of them!) and smoothies. I use Ragdoll for the bank assignments, these pay VERY well, around £50 for the visit and 1 hour of your time. Use this form to register and be sure to use my name Lynn James as the referrer. As I will get a nice bonus for recommending you. Also there is RedWigWam for the supermarket assignments, use this link to sign up and also include my name as the referral. Mystery Shopping like this is quite fun!

Making Money – EBay and Facebook Selling

I have experimented with this a lot over the years. EBay tends to go in spurts of activity until I get bored or annoyed with all the questions/returns and issues!! I got so annoyed with EBay 2 years ago that I set up Knebworth Items for Sale, a selling group for my village on Facebook. It’s now got 2,500 members and so many people love the community spirit of buying, selling, free delivery without the fees. Of course these is abuse so there is a group of 3 us who admin the group. We are forever deleting chancers, dodgy folk and businesses touting their wares.

London Aquarium 2 for 1

I have made a fair chunk of money on EBay though as well. I use it for the things that don’t sell on Knebworth Items for Sale. So good label clothes, random items with a particular market. The fees do really annoy me though, 10% to EBay and then another 3ish% to PayPal, plus postage. See my post about effective selling on EBay for more detail. Or find your local Facebook selling group and join it!

Making Money – Surveys and Apps

I have tried these but always get bored (there is a trend here!), it takes time to sit there filling in the surveys. Emma does fairly well and uses her downtime in the evening to do the surveys. Not one for me, but if you are interested have a read.

There are also lots of apps to download on your phone that will make you cash. Apps like Bounts (if you sign up enter my referral code of james47013 please)  will monitor the steps you take and give you points that can be exchanged for vouchers. Or again check out Emmas site for tons if iPhone money saving apps.


This post is laced with affiliate links so anything you see highlighted is a link to a website that may earn me commission if you sign up. Not the links to websites of my friends, I am just helping them out;-) SO you make money and I make money WIN WIN.


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  1. Congratulations on your money making! I am so keen to try matched betting having read so much about it. I really need to dedicate some time to learning how to do it. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I’m pleased to have discovered your blog.


    1. Brilliant, matched betting takes some time to learn. I think I sat down for a good 2 hours to learn it and do the trial bets. But then I got it. I know a great facebook group, private one, for help and support too. Just shout if you need the name.

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