Supporting Local Small Business – #shoplocalknebworth

Supporting Local Small Business

Mrs Mummypenny is a local small business that has evolved over the past year. I started out thinking it would be a great medium to share my money saving tips with the world across my website and social media. I absolutely still do this, but there are lots of extra parts of the Mrs Mummypenny family.

I offer commercial & marketing advice to small businesses. If you need a lesson in social media I can do this for you, if you need a marketing strategy I can do this for you. If you need commercial advice on how to make money from your business I can help. I work with big brands on their advertising campaigns so you will see the occasional collaborative post pop up with interesting new products or services that I think are great value for money. Name check Aldi, Disney, Standard Life, Epson;-)

Why should you shop local?

A new project is #shoplocalknebworth. I live in a beautiful Hertfordshire village with so many local small businesses. I shop in these shops and I love to support local small business. If I need some cheese for a dinner party cheese board I will go to my local Butchers/Deli – Trussells. Or if I need a gift for my friend who has just had a baby I will go to Lucas May to get a cute gift. I also get to work with these businesses, helping out with social media and marketing ideas.

#shoplocalknebworth is all about sharing with you who live near the village about the fantastic local businesses and what you have available on your doorstep. Please visit the high street as often as you can to keep these local small businesses going. We have everything on our doorstep, great quality, fantastic value and amazing customer service.

I will be running this campaign every few months to celebrate local business and give everyone a chance to promote their business. I encourage you to use the #shoplocalknebworth every time you buy something great in the village. Why not tweet a picture of a great find in the local charity shop or beautiful necklace you have found in the bead shop and use the # when tweeting or posting on Instagram so I can find the pictures:-)

The following five businesses are the first to embrace #shoplocalknebworth to promote their businesses with Mrs Mummypenny, please go take a look at their products or services and mention me when you visit, call and buy!!

Trussells Butchers

A butchers can be an intimidating shop, there is a lot of meat and men!! Don’t let this put you off Trussells. Hubby and I have shopped there for maybe 10 years. It has been great to watch Paul & team grow the business and expand into the deli. The cooked meats, cheeses and olives are yummy and Jack, our 3-year-old adores the home made sausage rolls. Here are a couple of meals I or friends have cooked using meat from Trussells.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Trussell butchers217-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Trussell butchers

I love the local sourcing of food and the information you get when you go in. If you want to know how the cows are reared for the 30-day aged sirloin steak just ask the guys behind the counter. I am interested in animal welfare and like to hear about the farm in Saffron Walden where Paul will be getting his turkeys from this year.

And its great value for money and healthy. The meat wont shrink when you cook it, the meat tastes great and you will feel happier eating meat of an animal that has been brought up happy and healthily. I am eating clean and this is the best place to get my turkey, chicken and lean meat from. Handily on a Friday a fish van arrives to sell beautiful products from the carpark to the right of Trussells. Visit their Facebook page here

Putterills Estate Agents

We have moved house twice since moving to Knebworth and we bought our current house 7 years ago from Ricky and the team at Putterills. We have toyed with the idea of moving several times over the years and there has been no hesitation from Ricky to value our house or give us advice on the best things to add to the house to create value.

Ricky has owned the franchise in Knebworth for 24 years and has built up a loyal team around him who take pride in everything they do from photography to chasing down the chain in a sale purchase. They even have a dedicated full time sales progress mgr who will help out with that ‘lovely’ stage between offer to exchange and completion, that we often want to progress as quickly as possible.

Here are a couple of properties for sale at the moment. Why not pop in and ask for a valuation, or check out their website for latest houses for sale you’ll be shocked that the current house prices in the village if you haven’t checked for a while! Here are a couple of properties for sale at the moment in Rabley Heath and Knebworth.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Putterills 17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Putterills 2

Lucas May Florist

Catherine launched Lucas May in November 2015, the hop is at far end of the high street near the school zebra crossing and 4hair. She offers the most beautiful bespoke bouquets and gifts to suit any budget. Take a look at these 17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Lucas May2flowers hubby gave me for our anniversary on Thursday last week. Flowers from Lucas May are more expensive than the supermarkets BUT they will last and last with care and love (i.e. change the water every few days!!). I got a bouquet for my birthday back in March and they lasted for 2 ½ weeks!!

I adore flowers and pretty things so this is one of my favourite shops in the17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Lucas May village. Pop in and take a look at her wide range of cards, candles, vases and oil burners. I suspect some of us have not yet bought a present for your children’s teacher. Take a look at the wide range of gifts for inspiration, I took a few pictures of my favourites this week.

Caffé Vero

Arif took over Caffe Vero 2 years ago. The cafe can be found on station road, near the newspaper shop and ABC end of Pondcroft Rd. We visit often as a family and we always get a warm welcome from Arif and team, a chat and some great food. I also visit quite a lot to use it as an office/meeting place. Sometimes it nice to get out of my home office and go somewhere social to work. Tis important for me who still misses the hussle-bussle of an office sometimes for grown up real-life conversation.

They support local and buy their meat from Trussells, so you know your English breakfast will be top notch with the best sausages ever. I am the most difficult eater in the world at the moment with my eating clean but they will cook me whatever I ask for, last week I had smoked salmon, poached egg and green tea in hard-core week 1 of eating clean.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Cafe Verro17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Cafe Verro 2

Ross Randall Plumbing and Heating

A great plumber is hard to find!! We did an extension 3 years ago and moved one bathroom and created a new one. Ross did those bathrooms for us and did a professional and great looking job. Handily whenever we have bathroom issues he’ll pop round to take a look and sort it out. It’s important to know trustworthy tradesmen like this and we recommend him time and time again.

Ross has owned his business Ross Randall Plumbing & Heating for 7 years. His mobile number is 07824 394126, do drop him a line for your plumbing and heating requirements. Here are a couple of photos of our bathroom that Ross fitted.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Ross Randall2 17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Ross Randall

THANK YOU for supporting #shoplocalknebworth

So there you have it, my first social media campaign to support local business of which I am also one!  So please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter & Instagram. I WILL save you money with my personal finance and lifestyle advice.

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  1. Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally, and in our community, provide the most jobs to residents.

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