Making Money: How You Could Make £200+ Now Using 20cogs

How to make £200+ using 20cogs

Having looked at many ‘how to make money’ websites and have always been in the camp surely this is too good to be true?  I was intrigued when 20cogs called me and told me all about their site and asked if I would like to try it out for myself. I was told there was money to be made, maybe £200 in all. All I needed to do was complete 20 tasks, over a period of a few weeks.  I thought what do I have to lose? This type of site is something that I need to test to see if it’s worth it for you readers and if I can make £200 for free from it then you will probably want to as well. I was told to expect questionnaires and signing up to offers, all that can be cancelled at no cost.  Here was what happened in the first week of 20cogs membership and how to make money using 20cogs.

Sign Up and Cog 1 – Questionnaire

The sign up to 20cogs was easy just using my Facebook login and verifying an email. The first cog was a questionnaire from offer x, for which I was promised £20. The questionnaire went on for a while, mainly sales companies trying to get your mobile number or email address. Was I interested in sim cards, amazon prime, lotto companies? A few of the offers sounded okay so I might have said yes, but I mostly ticked no. It took me maybe 10 mins whilst watching I’m a celebrity. I entered a verification code and my first cog was complete. Within 1 hour £20 had been credited to my account!!

Cog 2 Playmillions

Sign up to lottery for £1 and get £25 for signing up. I just need to be a member for 7 days to get the £25. Doesn’t sound too bad a £1 investment to get £25 back. Writing this handy blog post will also remind me to cancel it in 48 hours’ time. This is essential unless you want to continue with a subscription to pay £11.90 a week for Euromillions bets. The subscription was cancelled and my £25 was credited to my 20cogs account.

Cog 3 Coral

Was an offer to join Coral betting site. To get a free credit of £25 I just need to deposit £5 and play it though. I couldn’t take part in this offers as I already have an account from some previous matched betting experiments I did earlier in 2016.

Cog 4 Amazon Prime

A 30-day trial to Amazon Prime. I am already a member so I couldn’t do this one. Damn, I love Amazon Prime as well. I properly get my money’s worth using the music, TV and love the free next day delivery on Amazon products.

Cog 5 Questionnaire

Is another questionnaire site thingy, do I want an O2 sim card or a sign up to Hello Fresh, A lot of things ticked No! But this was to earn £10.

Cog 6 TV subscription

This was free to sign up for to earn £10. But this required me to remember to cancel the subscription after 30 days. I chose to move onto the next offer.

Cog 7 Britpoll

A survey to earn £5. An easy survey done with a few demographic details and all offers ticked no.

Cog 8 Grazebox

£5 for ordering a graze box. Which I can cancel as soon as I have received the free box.

Cog 9 Fabulous Bingo

Deposit £10 to receive £30. £20 profit in this. I just need to work through the money and the bonus. This did take some time as there is £50 bonus to work through.

Cog 10 GFK Media, a questionnaire to fill in for £4

Another questionnaire site for media information. A nice easy £4 earned there.

I had attempted these offers within a week. As explained within each one some were not possible so I needed an alternative offer. At that point in time alternatives were not available so I have left it a week to go back in and complete a few more cogs.

The Results after 10 cogs and a week later

I have just checked my progress, you can only get at your money when 20 cog tasks have been accepted and have turned green. One week on I have 7 cogs that are either green and confirmed or amber pending. The amber cogs I have looked into and they can take up to 30 days to turn green. My total earnings are at £101.

What I need to do now is revisit every few days to see what offers I can sign up to and get 13 more cogs done! I would say it’s taken maybe 2 hours in total to get these 7 cogs done. It’s maybe a 6-hour task to complete all 20 cogs and get access to my earnings.

Prepare to keep a good log of the offers you are signing up for to cancel on the right days if appropriate. For example, today I am signing up to Which, a credit check company and a TV subscription all are free for 30 days and you have to sign up for the full 30 days and then cancel on day 31 if you don’t want to continue with the service and pay.

I am getting a lot of junk calls, so maybe use your spare PAYG mobile phone if you have one, or just ignore the phone calls. It’s annoying but I can cope with it for £200!!

If you are interested in signing up to 20cogs and earning your £200 then click here.

I will update you again when I have completed my 20cogs and I have had my payout. Why not give it a go and let me know how you are getting along.

This post was in collaboration with 20cogs and contains affiliate links.




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  1. I completed 20 Cogs a few weeks ago. It took me about 6 months because I refused to take offers that cost more than £1. In total I got £141 and they paid me within the week.

    You have to be careful to unsubscribe the trials and such or it’ll end up costing. They also reward for referrals so here’s my link if anyone is interested in giving it a go.

    I would also recommend researching how to cancel the subscriptions to some of the trials cause some of them (particularly lotto syndicates) are quite sneaky and it turns out you have to email them or phone them or something.

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