Free/Money Saving Activities for the Family in May Half Term

Yeah to May half term, hopefully its sunny and warm and we can spend the whole time outside. Or maybe not, it’ll be cold and rainy and you need to refer back to my February half term post for indoor entertainment tips!! This post will give you plenty of ideas for half term on a budget. Lets do this for less than £100 (based on 3 children, boys;-0).

Bookable Sports Camps/ Active sessions

Check out you local council run sports centres, sports clubs and schools for entertainment that you can book your 2014-08-31 10.39.21kids into. We have lots of options local to Knebworth including football camp at a Stevenage school for £10 (if you book at least 2 sessions, otherwise its £12.50) for 6 hours, or multi-sports for the same price. I have seen netball master classes locally and a football fun week at our local school, 4 days for £45 per child. Knowing that my 8 and 6 year old will want to play football every day for 10 hours a day if they could, they are booked into football camp at Marriots school. £40 for 2 days each. Plus their mates are going too:-)

Activities for Dare Devils

I have one dare devil child, Josh the middle one. He always wants to do the muddiest, most dangerous stuff. So for him I have planned a walk to the woods with an assault course that we will create. We live near to Mardley Woods which have lots of hills, fallen trees, ropes hanging from trees. And in the middle of the woods is a huge green grass area to put down a blanket and have a picnic if its sunny. This is of course a wonderful freebie activity.

Visit to the Farm

So when I go to the farm, I go to see the animals. I am a sucker for a cute lamb or piglet and could spend ages watching them run around/eating/fighting with their brothers and sisters. Sometimes its different for kids and they require a bit more entertainment with rides etc..but really? Its a farm, take it for what it is and get your kids to learn and experience the real farm. There are lots of ‘entertainment’ farms about, Willows for example in Hertfordshire but its expensive, If I booked now a 7 day advance tickets for half term its £13.85 for me and £14.60 for each child over 2. That is a huge £57.65 for me and family of 3 children. I WONT be going there.

2014-08-03 12.20.13 2014-08-03 12.58.26

I have mentioned Church farm Ardeley before. Its £10 for a family of 5 or £3 per person to enter. Its huge, you can walk for miles around the hundreds of animals. There is always a baby animal of some sort. There are sheep, cows, rabbits, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys which you can feed. There are a couple of play areas, not that great to be honest, but they will keep the kids happy for 30 minutes. And there is a lovely cafe and farm shop.

Free Museums

2011-08-20 11.28.472015-07-26 12.13.46

There are lots of local places you can drive to including RAF museum in Hendon or the Natural History museum in Tring..or if you fancy an adventure get the train and go to London for the Science Museum or Natural History Museum or maybe the Tate? Use your Family and friends Railcard to get the train, I only needed to use it twice before I had got my money back, click on this link to get a 10% discount, so £27. Underground is free for kids. And hit the London museums. Warning..I have been in half term and they are busy. Only do this if you can cope with it..maybe with friends;-)

Children’s Bake Off

Baking Challenge_Smart Energy GB_149

So this is inspired by my recent Smart Energy GB Bake off Estimation Challenge last week, yes that is me with Ian Cummings runner up from Great British Bake Off and Paris from Working Mum Blog. More to be written in a dedicated post later this week when I have the video content, as I am wearing an attractive go-pro;-). The professional photographer was amazing and captured some incredible moments. We are going to do  cup cake estimation challenge. I am going to get the boys to guess the amount of flour, sugar, eggs and butter to add to their cupcake mix. A bit of fun to fill an hour or so. The winner will get some Panini football stickers, the current reward for good behaviour, goals scored in football tournaments, tidy up tasks etc.

Splash Park

We have loads of brilliant splash parks near here, so you must have too wherever in the UK you may be reading this post from. There are great parks in Baldock, Letchworth, St. Albans and Stevenage that I know of. Probably more. The kids love these and given warm weather will spend hours running around whilst I can sit and chill in the sun. Great thing to do with friends and its another freebie. Again take a picnic to save some extra pennies. You might not get away without buying an ice cream though!!

2014-07-26 13.21.36

Local Council Run cinema/soft play

19-11-15 cinemaDo a search for your local facilities on Google if you don’t live in Hertfordshire. I have Campus West in Welwyn Garden City and Letchworth cinema. Both have bargain cinema deals and the added advantage with Campus West in Welwyn is soft play, roller city and a big cafe. Take a look at a previous review  I have written for lots more detail and information. We might be checking out Angry Bird this half term, not my first choice of film. Its £4.15 per ticket when booked with a Zebra card at Campus West.



Spend an hour or at the library. They all have brilliant inspiring children’s sections where you can sit and chill and read a book or two. Have a check of your local library website and see if there are any organised activities . There probably are. And we really need to support this service as its in dire risk of closure at the moment with the many government spending cuts. Rant over.

I know this will have given you lots of ideas for a great half term at little or no cost to you. Have fun..send me your pictures of your half term fun and use the #mrsmummypenny.




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  1. Just during these cheap/free events I can save some money for my kids and then use it to buy the things they need. For example, my oldest son wanted to buy a screen recording program (
    ), I told him that if he organizes a cheap event this weekend, I will buy him a lifetime license for this program, I still don’t know why he needs it. And guess what? He made us a great picnic very cheaply. I think by doing this I am helping my kids develop and find solutions to problems.

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