Faith, Hope and Charity with a touch of gratitude

Faith, Hope and Charity

Tuesday was a very much needed day. I sat at my desk and hammered out lots of work. I caught up on some blog posts I had agreed with clients, posted to both of my websites and did lots of pitches. A good day. to muse about faith, hope and charity.

Get out and talk!

I needed to get out and talk to someone not on email or Facebook messenger, yes, this is mostly how I communicate in my blogging world. On Wednesday, I was due to be co-presenting a podcast and I suddenly realised that mobile earphone wouldn’t quite do the job for recording a podcast. I messaged my friend Ray who owns SG1 radio to ask his advice. I needed headphones and a mic. He offered me a pair from his studio to borrow so I popped into Stevenage to collect them and got a nice 1-hour break.

SG1 is an online radio station playing a mixture of music, from 80’s and 90’s that my mate Jane Batts presents to rock to hip-hop to garage. There is a show for everyone. I did an interview with Slava on the show back in May and had such a great chat, plus chose my two favourite tracks. It was one of those natural flow interviews that just went so well. We chatted about my blog, personal finance, mental health and working with local business.

After the interview, I had a chat with Ray the owner, we talked business, his plans to conquer the radio world. Exciting times ahead. He also told me I was a natural on the radio. Things may be happening there. In the meantime, I am doing this work with Informed Choice radio where I am co-hosting a show every few weeks talking all about financial stories from the week.

Success to faith, hope and charity

I stayed and chatted to Ray and DJ Tigie for about an hour in the end. Both Ray and Tigie have an incredible aura and we ended up having the most philosophical conversation. We were discussing business goals and drive and how we are going to get there. This led to a discussion about faith and hope.

I say at least once a day, you’ve got to have faith. I have 100% belief that Mrs Mummypenny will be a successful business in so many ways. It already helps thousands of people but will grow and grow into an empire of different business streams and products.

faith, hope and charity

My music idol for much of my life was George Michael, I’ve got to have faith, before this river becomes an ocean, before you throw my heart back on the floor. I knew it from the age of 10, yep Faith is 30 years old, that you must have Faith.

Faith is needed in tough times

Times will get hard, thing will happen to test you. But as long as you have faith, you will get through it. But faith in what? We did discuss this. Faith in a higher being of some kind, be that what it may to you. Faith is something that will get you from the bottom of the roller coaster of life to the top.

I have faith in myself and in my children. I have been through extreme grief, depression and suicidal thoughts. The bottom of the deepest ocean has been walked upon in those times. But something got me out. A kind jolt of advice from a friend or was it faith. That heavenly thing which pulled me out and made me want to live again, be happy and achieve success.


Hope is something very different. Is hope a part of faith? I think that hope is laced with doubt and faith is more like certainty so I am more inclined to believe in faith. I want to know that things are going to happen and if I believe 100% that they will happen, they will happen.


Gratitude is something that is so important to me in everyday life. I prioritise expressing gratitude every day. I will do it in a public arena on Instagram or in Facebook groups. Maybe I will write a letter or you know what, even say it out loud. A thank you goes a very long way, no matter what someone has done, a thank you is always appreciated. From the man that hands you the copy of the evening standard to your sister for looking after you the day your mum died.


Kindness is another virtue so important to me. This means doing little things for friends that mean a lot. Being thoughtful with my words or actions. When a good friend is in need I can be relied on to help.

The gratitude and the kindness comes back multiplied many times over. I am surrounded by the most caring and kind people who offer the same right back to me again and it revolves around. Share kindness and before you know it you will see amazing things happening in your life.


Slight note about the negativity, you know those people that hoover your mood and try to take you down when you are feeling up. When you have done something well they make a little dig to pop that bubble of joy. I choose to not feature those people in my life, to not focus on them and their negativity.

If I don’t see, speak to them or follow them on social media then their words or actions won’t affect me. I am a person very affected by the words and actions of others so the act of removing that negativity from my life has a big positive impact on me.

Do you express gratitude and offer kindness on a regular basis? What are your thoughts on faith and hope?


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  1. I just ****** love this Lynn! This last year I’ve tried much harder to give back more, it’s become so much more important to me than in any other time in my life. I took a leap of faith to step out alone and enter full self employment, your support and encouragement for my work played a big part in that, so thank you. I’ve gone through more mental health issues these last 4 months than I’ve done in a very long time, but I keep my granddad in mind and crack on, the Taylor way! You must believe, and find that passion to keep driving you forward, there is nothing worse than standing still in my humble opinion. Funny how we always both privately knew we’d get on so well before we’d even met each other! We’re most certainly cut from the same cloth x

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