How to Cut the Costs of your Energy Bill by a lot.

There is a lot of talk at the moment on energy costs and I’m here to tell you how to cut the costs of your energy bill by a lot!  The big 6 firms got a ‘grilling’ by MP’s today, but we’ve still not had any real reasons as to why the costs are going up so significantly. All the big 6 companies are rising their costs by around 10%. I just checked mine, Npower. Its difficult to find the exact rise on the website, after a good search and eventually ending up at the FQA’s its 10.4% from 1st Dec. So I pay around £700 per year for gas and electricity. So we’re now set to pay an extra £72.80 per annum!! Total new cost £772.  Read on to find out how to cut the costs of your energy bill by a lot!

I’m not happy and neither should you be and I’m not having this, I urge you all to check your own energy provider, the price increase. That will make you angry.

Mrs Mummypenny Pennies JarThen switch!

So have a look at, this is a great user friendly website where you enter a bit about your current energy provider and address, and monthly amount paid. It then throws out an alternative company to switch to that will save you money. Do have a look at fixed deals (where you are protected from price rises) and look at dual fuel, direct debit deals.

I plugged in my details and out popped First Utility, an independant Britain based business, offering a fixed dual fuel deal until 31st May 2015. And the annual cost £593. A great saving of £181, brilliant. But don’t stop there with the savings. Move to your account, search for the utility provider you have chosen, and purchase the offer through that website, you’ll then get some cash back thrown in as well – £42 for First Utility.

I just saved £181 per annum plus £42 cash back.

A huge saving compared to my annual cost of £772 if I did nothing. I urge you all to do the same, follow the same strategy and save loads of money. Let me know how you get on, I want to see huge savings. And you should switch energy providers every year, like you hopefully already do with car and home insurance.


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