Welcome to my page about debt.

If you have landed here, you most likely have some debt and are ready to start investigating how to repay it and plan to become debt free. Well done. It is a tough call admitting that you have debt and that it needs to be repaid.

I have been there, many times in my adult life. Believe me I know about debt. My swan song was £16k on a credit card that I could not afford to repay in 2017. It was repaid in full in two years. 

I have plenty of content on debt, including my steps to repay it, ideas on how to plan that repayment. I have much content written during my debt repayment time where you can follow my ups and downs of repayment of £16k, or you can download my short eBook and read the story from beginning to end.

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If your debt is unmanageable I recommend that you speak to one of these debt charities Citizens Advice, Christians Against Poverty or Step Change.  These wonderful organisations will help you and give advice for FREE. 

Please note all information in this section is guidance and not advice. It is my view and my view only.