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How to Self-Host your website with LCN

How to Self-Host your website with LCN

One of the first things you need to do when you set up a blog/website is to go self-hosted. But what does this mean?

Many bloggers use WordPress for their blogs. You can set up a free WordPress hosted website, I began with this back in 2013. I created content, maybe 10 posts before someone told me, no, stop using a WordPress hosted package. You need to be self-hosted! You then own the website and brands will want to work with you. I was already thinking monetisation back in the early months of Mrs Mummypenny.

That sage advice came from an ex colleague at EE. I had returned to work after maternity leave during which time the blog had been set up. He recommended LCN, we both live in Hertfordshire and LCN are based in Stevenage. It felt right, it was a recommendation, so I went with it.

Services I have with LCN

I use LCN to buy my domain names and to provide self-hosting on those domains where I run a website. I have: –

  • where I run my website 2 years’ business self-hosting this cost £91.80 last year.
  • To buy the domain name was £17.40 for 5 years.
  • I also have a SSL certificate for which cost £30 for 1 year.
  • with a redirect to 5-year domain name purchase cost £48. (.com is pricier than
  • I also own a few other domain names for future projects.

I think these prices are incredible value for money, particularly compared to some bigger hosting partners who shall remain nameless!

Customer Service

What I want to rave about is the LCN customer services. I regularly have issues with my sites. A plugin might cause an issue, there be speed issues, I need to add an SSL certificate. The list goes on and on. I am not the strongest technically, so the customer services team are such a great help to me.

  • They always seem to be working, I have called at 8am or 9pm and they answer the phone.
  • They have a queue number system so you know when you are 2nd or 3rd in the queue. I’ve never been more than 3rd in the queue.
  • The staff are all very friendly.
  • They have sorted out every issue I have had even the complex technical ones.
  • They set up redirects for me. They investigate plugin issues and tell me the naughty plugins.
  • They sorted out recent site speed issues by moving me to a different server.

So yes, I love them as a hosting company and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to set up a website.

WordPress Hosted Packages

They have brought out an exciting new product for us WordPress users. Custom built hosting optimised for WordPress websites. This means that essential plugin and themes are already included. My friends at LCN have kindly offered readers of Mrs Mummypenny, Mums Savvy Savings and Blogging Your Way To Riches a 20% discount code. Here are the deal details.

Promotion code: newsite20

Discount: 20% off the cost of any new WordPress hosting purchase (this 20% applies to our already discounted multiyear options too)

Applies to any new purchase of a WordPress hosting package:

Code expires at midnight on the 30th of June 2017

So, get in quick and bag yourself a cool 20% discount.

I just did a quick check and a WordPress hosting package for 2 years for 1 website is £95.95 including VAT and the 20% discount.

Details of the Package from LCN website


We’ve trawled the web looking for the very best WordPress plugins so you don’t have to. Our WordPress hosting comes with six vital plugins, pre-installed and configured to improve performance, security and SEO.


Sync email across your computer, phone and tablet with our IMAP email service. Can’t get to your device? No problem, our free mobile-optimised webmail lets you send and receive mail through your web browser.


Choose from over 20 free premium themes professionally designed by WooThemes – each one worth up to £50! Find the perfect design for your website, install in a single click, and customise it to suit your needs.

This a collaborative/paid post. There is no affiliate commission payable to me or Emma if anyone who signs up.

federation of small business

The Federation of Small Business – Benefits of joining

The Federation of Small Business – Benefits of joining

I joined the Federation of Small Business (FSB) a year ago. An accountant friend and I were chatting whilst sat in the doctor’s surgery and she recommended this as a brilliant thing to join to help with all advice and admin you must do as a small business owner. It’s a necessary evil, it must be done and you can’t afford in the early days to outsource it.

I met up with Charlie from the FSB who had me sold at free business banking (I was paying at least £6 per month with Barclays) and the free legal advice (I have needed advice on partnership agreements and documents, trademarks and employment law in the past year, all included in membership). There is plenty more included in the membership which I will list at the end of post, but I wanted to share with you an incredible event hubby and I attended a few weeks back.

Hubby is starting a new business

Setting the scene, hubby is starting up his own bathroom showroom business. It’s been dream for around 6 years!! Now he is going for it, with a bit of help from me on the accounting and marketing sides of the business, my expert areas. It has also prompted a series of small business posts on how to save money, and what you need to get set up in what order, as there is a fair bit.

We attended a local small business fair, this wasn’t small businesses like us, it was companies who can support small businesses. I didn’t know what to expect and had never been to one before so thought why not give it and try and see what it was all about.

The fair was hosted in a huge warehouse in Huntingdon, Wood Green animal shelter. We walked in and saw hundreds of stands, this looked good.

We had Jack with us as it was a non-school day, imagine his joy when he saw sweets on every table, and drinks, and toys and he could help himself to.

We wandered from stall to stall, seeing what grabbed our attention. It was perfectly aimed at people running small business. There were banks, legal, insurance, mobile phone companies, accountancy, car leasing, stationery providers, sign makers, you name it, it was there.

Legal Advice

The first stand that grabbed my attention were the ones giving away the best freebies (I never change, I love a freebie, even a pen). I stopped at a legal firm and got chatting to one the women who worked in employment law, not for me, but her colleague was a property lawyer so we had a great chat about hubby’s potential new business premises and the type of things we could negotiate in the contract. He also told us if your business premises have a rateable value of less than £15k the rates are free! This man could potentially have saved us ALOT if money. #grateful.

Car/Van Leasing

We chatted to the car leasing guys from Toyota and spoke about selling our current car for a cash flow boost and leasing a new car for the family and then a van for hubby. We are now in discussions about buying a hybrid, and Jack got a heart sponge and some stress squeeze hats (happy days).

Business Lending & Grants

I found a man who was an expert in business lending and grants and had a great chat about what funding we could both get, me 18 months in and hubby as a start-up. I also spoke to Barclays and NatWest about lending, NatWest seemed very keen for our business.

Business Insurance

We popped over to the FSB stand and met the guys in charge of the fair. Hubby will be joining the FSB for his new company. I ended up chatting to a legal expert who handily also knew about insurance. It’s a grey area subject for bloggers, should we have it or not. The conclusion was yes, I should have public liability insurance. If I am going to meetings in client’s offices I need to insure myself if I was to cause any accidents when there. Professional indemnity was probably not a requirement as what I write about is my view and my view only. Hubby also need public liability for a retail shop.

I was astounded at the amount of free advice we got at the event, as well as about 10 pens, toys, sweets and keyrings;-)

Benefits of Joining the Federation of Small Business

I highly recommend joining the FSB if you are a small business. Charlie Smith is the man who can help you to decide if its right for you. A quick highlight of some of the benefits

  • Free business banking with Co-op
  • Discounted insurance broker
  • Discounted contract hire on vehicles
  • Free legal advice and template documents
  • Free cover if you have a tax investigation
  • Free crisis PR
  • Free financial planning advice (I have used this for business planning)
  • Free health & safety advice
  • The list goes on and on.

The cost and how to join

There is an annual membership fee, which is  £172.50 for the first year and then £142.40 for year 2 onwards. Here is a link to get more information and to sign up online or feel free to call Charlie Smith on 07801 333480.

Disclosure – I will receive a small referral fee if you join up through this link.

Goal setting to achieve success and your dreams with Zurich

Goal setting to achieve success and your dreams with Zurich

Goal setting to achieve success has always been extremely important in my life. It has helped shape my direction in life, my motivation and my desire to achieve. I remember as far back as the age of 10 when I opened my first bank account and started saving up to buy a computer, I have always had a goal in mind and worked hard to achieve it. I have picked out a few key goal setting moments from my life to share the goals and the achievements.

Getting the best job after leaving university

Financial security has always been very important to me. In my teens, my parents passed away. I was provided for until my education ended but then I was on my own. It was up to me to find the best job possible to provide financial security.

I had chosen a great university and was studying maths so was in a good place to secure that fabulous job. Whilst at university I did a sandwich degree which gave me the best experience for the graduation job process.

I worked hard at university and secured my 2:1. With all my experience and results from university I was perfectly placed to secure my first graduate job with HSBC in London. It was also a job where I would be studying for an accountancy qualification so progression and more financial security was always on my mind. So first big life goal was achieved at the age of 22.

Owning the Perfect house

A goal for many years was to own our perfect house, with everything as we wanted it, but also by creating value and an asset. It was a long journey to owning the perfect house – it took time, planning and the building of money to get there. I bought my first house when I was 25 with a partner, this house was sold when that relationship broke up and a bit of profit was put into a small 2-bedroom house in Knebworth that I owned by myself.

I met my now husband, 2 babies arrived and suddenly the two-bedroom house wasn’t big enough for our family of 4. We chose wisely and moved to a three-bedroom house in the same village with room to extend. Baby number three arrived and a bigger house of our design was now essential and my second big life goal was put into plan.

Our goal was to have a four-bedroom house with two bathrooms and a nice outside space for our three boys. We drew up plans for our dream home and then planned the finances. We released some equity from the house and cashed in a stocks and shares ISA that I had been invested in every month for 12 years. I was so pleased that I had made that decision with my first months’ pay to open that ISA.

The shell and roof is complete

By Spring 2003 we had almost a brand-new house after it was extended, redecorated, refloored, new bathrooms, new kitchen, new astro-turfed garden. We had achieved a huge life goal and had the perfect house that was exactly what we needed with our family of five.


Owning my Own Successful Business and Future Goals

My big life goal now is to make a success of my business Mrs Mummypenny. I have a five-year plan of which I am two years into. I want to have turnover of £1m by my fifth year of trading. This sounds ambitious, but I really think with goals you should dream big and work hard to achieve them. Hey if I reach £500k rather than £1m then I have done amazingly!!

My Mummypenny was born as a business in September 2015, so I am half way through year 2 and it’s going so well. Starting my own business was a recent goal. Life with three children and a full-time employed job in London was proving difficult and I wanted freedom, flexibility and control and the dream soon transpired that running my own business was the only way to achieve this.

How will I reach my business goals? Well looking at current trajectory I am doing good, it’s looking like my year 2 turnover will be maybe seven times higher than year 1. Year three should again see a jump of 2-3 times my year 2 turnover. The path to success is looking bright.

How am I going to reach this goal? Firstly, it’s all about taking that big goal of £1m and breaking it down into smaller more achievable chunks. I will set quarterly goals and also weekly and daily goals. For Q1 this year my aim was to make £100 per day. I agreed this goal and shared it with friends and I regularly give updates particularly to other trusted bloggers on how I am doing.

There will be some days where I make nothing but then other days where I might make £500, but the target and goal for the week is always there to make £500. An interesting thought process is this, if I reach £500 by say Tuesday I don’t give up. There is a part of my mind that feels more relaxed but I keep on going for more work. The feeling when you end a week smashing your target is the best feeling ever.

My advice is take a big goal and break is down into smaller more achievable chunks. Make your goals SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. Tell people your goals who can hold you accountable. They can celebrate your success when you smash your goals and help to generate ideas if said plans are not going your way.

What are your life goals? What goals have you achieved in life that you are super proud of?

Zurich’s Future You Competition

Zurich is helping people to achieve their life goals by running a fabulous competition.

The #shareyourgoal competition will reward four winners with £5,000 to put towards their life goal, a bespoke life-goal experience and a financial assessment. To enter you must share a description, photo, or video of your life goal using #shareyourgoal as part of your post or tweet, or comment on the Zurich Facebook page..

All competition winners will be announced by April 17. Full competition terms and conditions are available on the Zurich website.

This is a collaborative post with Zurich.

2017 Goals for Health, Wealth, Business and Personal Life

2017 Goals

I never make new years resolutions. And I always hated the next year planning process in employed work. Alas now I run my own business I realise that you cant wing it the entire time! You need things to aim for, you need to be accountable for things and you need to make progress towards these goals. I have been thinking a lot about these goals over the past week. Blogs with 2017 goals are all over my timeline so I have read and taken heed of ideas. Here are my goals and if I write them down I will be accountable and will have to refer back and record my progress.

Mrs Mummypenny

Social Media

Double my Social Media Traffic. My total reach is up at 11k when you include my private FB groups. So I would like to get this up to a nice round 20k.

Establish consistency

Post 4 blog posts per week, with at least one being non-sponsored.

Establish a Youtube routine. Post a regular weekly video same time every week.

Send out a newsletter every week.

Come up with an amazing freebie to generate email sign-ups.


My income split is heavily biased towards sponsored posts with 75% of my income coming from them. A balanced and diversified income would be preferred with more money coming from affiliate income.

Blogging Your Way To Riches Book

Maintain a regular stream of book sales with consistent promotion of book including media appearances, public speaking, book signings, written press, plus more.


This website is in dire need of a redesign and I really must sort this out. A web-designer is sorted, I even have written a list of what I need the new website to look like. Actions must be put into place.

Record all my income and outgoings on a daily basis for the business. Record keeping is essential and is something that I must improve on this year.

Personal Goals

I turn 40 in March and I have a list of things that I wanted to achieve..I still have maybe half of them to do so this becomes a to do list for my 40th year!

Maintain my weight loss and keep my weight under 11 stone and size 10-12 figure.

Pay off a considerable chunk of our debt. Yes I have debt. Its on a long term interest free credit card but it needs to be paid off. I am aiming for repayment of half of it this year.

What are your goals from a business or a personal point of views. Right them here. Once written down you are more likely to achieve your goals. Lets do this!



Girl Power and Christmas Food Tasting with TB Seen Cashback

TB Seen Cashback Event

Sometimes a busy week ends in a perfect way. I was invited along to an event with the team from TB Seen Cashback to taste test Christmas food. What was that?  You want me to taste test loads of different Christmas foods to work out which foods were bargain and which were high end and drink a few cocktails to go with it? Um yes please!! Christmas treats are my favourite type of food PARTICULARLY the party food!!

Chatting to Kate Thornton

We met at Cucina restaurant in trendy Marylebone, and were greeted by the beautiful and super friendly Kate Thornton. Yes, Kate who only was the editor of smash hits at the tender age of 22!! That’s got to be my favourite of her claims to fame!


We chatted life, Benidorm (!!), designer handbags, the rise of the blogger and her wonderful new business.

Girl power in business

The girl power it has take to get TB Seen going from idea to a successful business start-up is an incredible success. I love an idea with a difference and when its set up by a bunch of super clever women, well you’ve got me hooked there.

I spent my adult TV life with Kate and her circle of friends. These women are close friends and Kate has got them together to create this awesome website made by women for women. The site is full of content from the group of girls, there is Tamzin Outhwaite, Denise Van Outen, the All Saints girls, Myleene Klass, Lisa Faulkner. What a great bunch of creative minds. They stumbled upon the idea that we often consume media and like things we see but are then unable to purchase the product. We might watch Gillian Anderson in the Fall and think ‘ooooh I love that blouse’ but will have no idea on where to get it from. These girls are created amazing content regularly that will not only entertain you but will also give you the ability to buy the products involved.

What makes TB Seen unique?

They are combining all the discount sites into one. TB Seen gives you cashback, voucher codes and super sales all in one place. And codes are stackable. Recently they were offering a 20% discount code with the White Company with a 10% cash back available on top! I love this proposition and its so unique. I often skip from a cash back site to voucher code site to work out the best way to save on my online purchases, but this will combine everything for me.

The site feels like it’s aimed at someone like me. A busy mum who wants to get the best value for her money in everything she needs in every day life. We talked about a typical recent week and everything I might need to buy.

Birthdays and Christmas gifts

Just search for the brands you want to buy from and see what saving there are to be had.

Nike Purple Barcelona kit for Jack birthday 9% cashback from Nike £42 down to £38.22

Nike Black Joggers for Josh to match Tracksuit top bought from birthday money £40 down to £36.40

Red Letter Days gift experiences for Christmas for the boys save 16% on the value of the gift.

A nice chunk of savings here on things I was buying anyway. Just think how much you could save on your Christmas list purchases. Use this link to sign up and bag yourself a free £5 credit to get started with TB Seen. Take a look.

Talking business and fitting it all in

Kate and I talked business, motherhood and fitting everything in. So how does Kate fit everything in? She has a great team to support her! And what is good for the boss is good for everyone else as well. Flexibility is so important when you are a mum so it’s something that’s offered to everyone in the TB Seen team. She has some great business minds to bounce ideas off.

We talked about the fear of that next big income or commission to land and the stress of running your own business. The fear that we all have despite our businesses and backgrounds. That fear is even greater when you have people relying on you for their income.

The Best financial decision ever

We talked best financial decision every made and it was the same for both of us. It was buying a house as early as possible. Kate was in a fortunate position to buy herself a 2-bed garden flat in London in her early 20’s. This was the first step towards financial freedom. To achieve this now is a difficult thing, we both feel so lucky to have achieved this dream to owning your own property from a young age. Ride the highs of life and keep back some of those earnings as you’ll never know when times get tough and you need to get at money.

Taste Testing


Back to the taste testing, the main event. One end of the table was premium and one end was budget. Our task was to choose the which end was which. Everything looked delicious, so we got stuck in. I started at the top of the table and worked my way through everything. There were savoury scallop canapes, yum. Followed by crisps (I ate a lot of crisps!). The salmon was good. There were cheesy balls (okay, not amazing). And sparkly sausage rolls. These looked great but the filling was lacking in volume, a huge clue.

The savoury food on the other end of the table includes a cheese board, yum. All lovely. More crisps, yummy sparkly crisps with stars on them and prosecco flavoured. I moved onto sweet, there were lovely sweeties and chocolates and a rich and moist panettone.

Handily there was a panettone in premium and budget, this was the ultimate test to me. I thought the sausage roll end panettone tasted a bit dryer than the cheese board end. That was decision made.

And yeah I was right, all tasters made the same decision. We all have great pallets.

Don’t forget to go on over to TB Seen to check out the site and sign up for an account to get your £5 free cash.

Starting a New business: 10 Lessons Learnt with Mrs Mummypenny

Starting a New Business

3 ½ years ago I was on maternity leave. It was my third maternity leave so it was nice and chilled. I knew what I was doing with motherhood and after a few months I started to get itchy feet. I needed something to keep my brain occupied, this DID NOT mean going back to my day job! The thoughts of starting a new business were stirring.

I had always been obsessed with saving money and thought there was something I could do. A lightning bolt struck, a friend and I, over a glass of wine, came up with the name and Mrs Mummypenny was born. The next day domain name was bought, social media accounts were set up. Done.

I spent the next 2 years running it as hobby. I would update the content every week, whenever I had some spare time from the busy full time day job. I always knew it had the potential to be an incredibly successful business.

By July 2015 I had been able to negotiate redundancy from EE which allowed me to launch the business properly and now 1 year on I am running a successful business bringing in enough income to pay the bills and with huge plans. Here are my top 10 lessons learnt.

  1. Plan, plan and the plan some more. I spent last July and August setting everything in the business for success. I worked with a business advisor on a business plan, cash flow forecast and survival budget. A great discipline to help focus the mind and work out the plan for the next 6-12 months and beyond. This business plan was signed off and my reward was a National Enterprise Allowance from the government. £65 per week for 13 weeks then £33 per week for 13 weeks. A great help with set up costs.
  2. Speak to trusted advisors. I am a great networker and work hard to maintain that network and build relationships. I have 2 mentors who helped in particular with the business plan stage. They tore is apart and made me start again. They questioned my values, beliefs and confidence behind the business. They pulled my financials apart. It was amazing and they really made a difference at the beginning of the business. They are extremely successful self-made business men perfect people who understand the beginning of your own business.
  3. Keep all costs to a minimum at the beginning. This means set up costs and stock costs. At this point you are not earning any/much money so these costs will hurt you. Do not spend any money unless it is key to the running of the business. I needed a laptop (as my old one died a nasty death after downloading Windows 10), a tablet for on-the-go work, a new mobile phone and a desk. That was pretty much it.
  4. Employ a great accountant early on. If you need one drop me a message and I will pass on a recommendation. The accountant can help with financial advice, structure, company set up, payroll, planning. I am a qualified accountant but I feel much more comfortable having one there to check what I do. They know all the rules about income I have to declare and expenses to claim.
  5. Work out the best way to get your name out there and reach out to your customers. My customers are brands, PR Agencies and small business as my providers of income. They pay me to review their products or services. To reach out to these guys I needed to do all sorts of stuff. My main way was to build my social media channels, focussing first on Facebook and Twitter. I grew my numbers through my friends and network, then competitions then Facebook targeted advertising. I have spent around £200 on Facebook advertising in 1 year and maybe another £200 on competition prizes. Twitter was organic growth rather than paid. My Facebook is now 4k likes and Twitter is 3k.
  6. Go to events. One of my defining moments was working with Aldi. I joined the Aldi Wine Club, I reviewed wines and then I entered a competition to be a wine panel taster for an Aldi You Tube video. The rest is history. I met the PR team at the filming event and I started reviewing products for Aldi. They invited me to events they held such as wine tasting evenings and I talked to people. Simple as that, I engaged with other guests, told them all about Mrs Mummypenny. This has led to so much other work such as BBC Good Food Live show and other press work.
  7. Engage with your local small business community. They can help with advice and you might even be able to do an exchange of services. I help out my local butchers with marketing, and he throws in the odd freebie sausage & burger;-) I would avoid working with people who are takers. I.e. those who want stuff for free and will give nothing back to you. Of course there are exceptions to this rule sometimes, like charity work or local community work. I organised a charity event in Jan that raised £2800. I used my Mrs Mummypenny link to Barclays bank to get £1000 donation from them for the charity.
  8. Keep track of your expenses and income. I have completely failed at this and my books are a mess. Set up your banking from day 1 separately from your personal banking and pay all expenses from there and put all income in there. My income is all over the place, sometimes in business account, sometimes in personal, sometimes PayPal. It’s going to take me forever to pick it apart. And only I can do it. My expenses are at least sorted into monthly envelopes. And I have asked a bookkeeper friend to help me sort it out. She is going to help out on-going as it’s REALLY important to know your monthly position income and expenses wise.
  9. Cash flow is king. Do not run out of money. Chase invoices and if they are not paid add on late payment charges. If you run out of money your business will fail so keep afloat and always have a positive balance of money.
  10. But what if you need money? So I got to the point where money was getting tight. I spoke to my bank, Barclays where I needed 1 year of accounts to get an overdraft, not helpful. But I was able to get a Barclaycard with 6-month interest free purchases, this has a limit of £3k. You can take out personal credit cards maybe, as there are tons of great interest free rates that last for ages. Consumer rates are often better than small business rates on most things. There are grants and loans available if you search carefully online. I am always on the lookout. Maybe you have a nice rich relative or friend who might loan you some money on a short term basis, please agree payback terms though.

The past year of running Mrs Mummypenny has been my best year ever in my working life and long may it continue. I appear to have found my calling in life, finally I do what I love, I am my own boss and have the ultimate flexibility to do what I want when I want.

My Productivity Nightmare – why can’t I be more Organised?

My Productivity Nightmare

I have had a strange week. I am recovering slowly from a gall bladder op, too slowly in my view. Some days have been full of meetings/ideas & creativity and others have been full of sofa time, boxset time,rest time,  productivity nightmare. A 4-hour car trip plus football training with the boys on Saturday nearly killed me. Not an analogy, it actually did as I nearly drove into another car on the way home struggling to navigate back to Knebworth from Cambridge. On Sunday I went back to bed for 2 hours in the afternoon, desperate for rest.

Attending the SHOMO awards last weekend has thrown me. It has made me question my purpose, what I write about, how I write, my objectives. This is positive and negative. So I got a huge piece of card and a load of post it notes and wrote everything down, it felt good to get it out of my head, but not good seeing how much is to be done.

The Positive

My aims, I have 2 big aims

  • To make £5k per month from Mrs Mummypenny Ltd
  • To increase brand visibility via social media and traffic

Next I broke this down into how these can be achieved.

  • Collaborations
  • Social Media improvements
  • Website improvements
  • Focus on the right content/brand relationships

Next I wrote a huge list of all the things I could do to achieve these 3 things. Literally 20 big things were written on post it notes. I matched these up to how my aims could be achieved and then worked out DO or DON’T DO. I got rid of 8 things, sorry Snapchat, sorry Facebook growth I don’t need you! Pinterest is something I have been advised many times I should focus on…but I just don’t get it and would have to invest so much time to learn so its parked for the moment.

I also worked out what jobs could be outsourced, a had a few website bits like new design, google improvements, email database improvements. All to be done by another person and paid for.


So the result is I have got to 3 big things that will help me 100% achieve my big aims. These 3 things include

  • Instagram because I love its beauty and positivity and connection with followers.
  • Marketing & Social Media consulting. Helping small business owners.
  • A secret project to be revealed soon.

The Negative

So I have dealt with the big things, but I have not yet dealt with all the small to do list things. You know the day to day stuff which could take up 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • I write for a living. My website needs new content at least 3 times a week.
  • I have existing brand relationships to nurture and new brand relationships to build. My sponsored posts make up the majority of my earnings.
  • My small business clients need to be looked after. Meetings, advice, promotional work.
  • I have so much admin to do, books, legal stuff, insurance, cash flow, insights, plus a ton more.
  • All channels need regular updates, Mrs Mummypenny Facebook page every day. My Facebook groups need nurture and love every day. Twitter needs to be updated maybe 8 times a day. An Instagram post 1-2 times a day.
  • I need to engage in networking groups, twitter chats and create content, share material with other bloggers.
  • YouTube videos need to be uploaded every week or so.
  • Emails, so many emails need to be answered. And initiated. Brands and PR’s need to be chased for work.
  • Unpaid invoices need to be chased.

Can you see how I am overwhelmed!! I signed up to a productivity masterclass last Monday from a very successful blogger friend. I got as far as day 1 out of 5.

The Plan for this week

19-9-16-productivity-to-do-listThis week I am going to continue to work through my detailed to do list and prioritise again. Each day I will write down 3 things that I have to do. I know I will end up doing 15, but as long as I have got those 3 original things done all is good with the world.

AND I will switch off all distractions, like my mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter, email notifications. I am the worst at getting distracted. I have just finished this blog post and it has taken me 90 minutes to write it, NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

If you have any tips and tricks to help out please do share and save me from my world of too much to do, not enough time, distractions. Thank you MMPx