Bra Fitting and Shopping at The Fitting Room Stevenage

Bra Fitting and Shopping at The Fitting Room Stevenage

I just read an article in the Independent, an interview with June Kenton who is the head of premier lingerie shop Rigby & Peller. She says that around 85% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra! I have shopped at Rigby & Peller, many years ago. I bought the most beautiful laced bra set and it fitted like a glove but also cost around £120. And this was 15 years ago, I’m guessing it’s a lot more expensive now. There is much better value option, The Fitting Room Stevenage.

For the past two years, I have been visiting Clare Glenister’s ‘The Fitting Room’ for my bra fitting and purchases. She was in the Hyde but has recently moved to Stevenage town centre. You can park for free in Asda for 90 minutes and walk through the underpass to her shop, 23 Market Place, Stevenage, SG1 1DH.

Bra Fitting and Shopping at The Fitting Room Stevenage

My bras were not fitting anymore

I noticed that my 34F bras were getting loose, I have lost more weight recently and am toning up so my back seems to be changing size, the back fat is going! I popped into the shop early last Saturday morning, thinking it would be quiet. It wasn’t, lots of women are learning about this shop, it was busy!

Clare and her staff are highly trained bra fitters and they can look at your boobs and know your size from looking at your current bra fit and by looking at your boobs and back (in a bra, no nakedness is required). You then go through a process of elimination of bras to find that perfect fit.

Different brands of bras suit different people. The girls all know their brands and styles inside out and can recommend that perfect bra be it sports, bikini, feeding every day or special occasion. They stock all the brands, Freya, Fantasie, Panache. Basically, whatever Bravissimo stocks, The Fitting Room also stocks.

My fitting

Back to me, Clare quickly worked out that my back has gone down but my boobs had not lost any of their size. My new size was 32 G. The perfect bra was the panache envy. As soon as I put it on and was told how to put it on properly (leaning over and scooping you boobs into it) it looks amazing. My boobs had the most perfect uplifted shape, immediately looked slimmer in the right fitting bra.

the fitting room stevenage

I have big boobs and I have been overweight until the age of 38, now 40. In addition I have breastfed three babies for around nine months for each child. The result of this is some loose slack skin at the top of my boobs, that feels a bit empty. Other than that, they are still fairly lifted and full. They are good boobs.

I have a bra that fits

And now I have a bra that fits me properly! The Panache envy was £34, I chose the nude colour option with matching knickers. I have also pre-ordered it in a beautiful red colour. Next purchase is a bikini as they are all too big as well!! Losing weight costs money in the purchase of new clothes and underwear!!

I have had the mostest fabulous morning with @waceystyle who popped over to pull apart my wardrobe. Around 50% of wardrobe is now on the EBay or charity shop pile. We then hit H&M to chose capsule wardrobe pieces suitable for trips to London, meetings, media stuff. I got soooo much stuff I’ll post a vlog of my goodies and will write a blog of our morning together. Bargain shopping too. I joined the H&M club and saved 20% on my purchases. . . . . . #stylist #daywithastylist #waceystyle #mrsmummypenny #h&msummerwardrobe #colourpop #croppedtrousers #slacks #welwyngardencity #colourismyfriend #orangeismycolour #shopping #workclothes #bloggerclothes #boyfriendjacket #affordablefashion #lovemyjob #ukbloggerlife #bloggingyourwaytoriches #instafashion

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Clare can be found on Facebook, check out her wonderful reviews, and on Instagram. If you live in Hertfordshire, please do pay her a visit and get measured up. Make sure ladies you are wearing the right bra size.

This is a collaborative post with my friend and fellow local small business owner Clare Glenister.


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