Is Blogging for You? New Year New Challenge New You

New Year New Challenge New You

I spent many years in a career than I never really enjoyed, working for big companies that never really cared. Every January was always a trauma returning to work was the most awful feeling ever. January, February and March would be horrid months dreading the next day. Now I know that there is another way, putting in the hard blogging graft and getting Mrs Mummypenny running has worked and the income has replaced my previous career income. I am now my own boss, work the hours I want and call the shots. Can you do the same, has my story inspired you?

Is Blogging for You?

Have you ever thought about blogging? Do you wonder how all the many bloggers are making a living? How do you get up and running?

How do you start a blog, where do you learn?

There are hundreds of blogs posts out there that will give you advise on how to set up a blog. Each will give you a bit of the story and then you’ll need to search further for more information. There is after all only so much information you can include in a blog.

There are lots of courses available, but will mostly come at a cost. Each course will give you a bit of the information, then you will probably need to sign up to another course for more of the picture.

Emma (of Mums Savvy Savings and Emmand3) and I wanted to do something different. We wanted to share the knowledge it takes to build a blog and to make huge improvements to a blog in a one-stop efficient way. We knew that way was to write a book.

Take a look at some of the contents of our book to get a real taste of all the areas we have covered.

Why Should You Blog?

What to Expect in the First 6 to 12 Months of Blogging

What Equipment is Needed to Start Blogging?

Networking for Ultimate Success

How to Set Goals to Drive Success

How and When to Pitch to PR Agencies

How to Make Money from Your Blog

Collaborations and How They Can Benefit You

Longer Term Diversification and Making Even More Money

There really is everything in here that you need to 1) set up your blog 2) build up your blog to be recognised by brands and 3) make improvements to your blog to increase revenue and make it a viable business opportunity.

This is just half of the chapters, there is lots more information to help you with the blogging business, have I got you wanting  more information?

Ultimately it’s going to save you time and money by reading our book and having all the information available right in front of you in our 200 page book.

Why not check out the Amazon reviews to see what other people think or check out some reviews from other bloggers. It really is a great read that will improve your blog and give you security that you are doing everything just right.

The book is available from our website or from Amazon

Available from Amazon here


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