BBC Hardtalk interview boss of Npower. Here is my synopsis and I urge you to switch and save.

This is a wierd one, just started the switching energy provider process this morning..I switch on BBC news and the boss of Npower, my current energy provider is being interviewed!!! Here are the highlights what I have picked up..

1) Npower are bottom of the corporate trust index.

2) They are raising their energy costs by a huge 10.6%, the biggest rise of the all the big 6 companies on 1st Dec.

3) Wholesale prices have risen by 1.7%, yet consumers costs have risen by 11% in the past year.

4) Of our bills 45% is made up of energy..then he blabbers on about what makes up the rest, blaming the rises on taxes and green tax levys.

5) Great BBC man interviewing – retorts with green charges are only 10% of the total bill according to offgem.

6) Npower are very eager to rise costs when the price of energy rises but do not pass on savings when costs go down.

7) Avoiding the question – how many customers are on the right tariff for them, ie the cheapest.

8) Big rises in profits…and he earns 600k per annum, including a bonus last year was 150k. Apparantly he earns the least of the big 6 bosses. But giving up a bonus would be a ‘gimmick’

9) His name is Paul Massara. @npowerhq…I cant seem to find him, or at least the twitter account I’ve found Im not sure is him, so here is the corporate account. I urge you to tweet him and complain if you are using Npower.

I’m now definitly switching from this awful company and the man who leads it and avoids all the tough questions. I urge you all to do the same.

Grrrr Npower online account services is going through essential maintenance so I cant even check my bill to see if I’m running at over under/over my monthly direct debit.

Act with you feet and move, go to, enter your current energy provider details, usage or spend. It will provide you with a recommendation, I’m going for a fixed deal. But before clicking on your chosen company go to and switch your energy through them to earn some cash back too. I promise you you’ll save more than £100….a few friends have already switched on my recommendation and have saved around £200 each.


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