Summary of the Autumn Statement – Shared by government 22nd Nov 2023

Here is a summary of the Autumn financial statement by the government, shared in parliament at lunchtime on 22nd November 2023. I watched it live and created this article as I listened to share immediately. All of the changes that impact on you the consumer. I will also provide a shorter summary over on my […]

How to avoid being broke (& broken) this Christmas

An article from my friend and team MMP writer Rebecca Megson-Smith. Do you know how much you spent on Christmas last year? I know I don’t. I didn’t look. In all honesty, I didn’t want to know. For me, Christmas is a time of year that I always intend to plan better for ‘next year’. […]

Forget writing Christmas cards, give to charity instead

Christmas in a cost of living crisis continues to be a very different. We all want to know how to save money this Christmas. Everybody wants to know different ways to save. How about not sending Christmas Cards this year? How many Christmas cards do you write? All those family member, friends, work colleagues, friends […]

The Process and True Cost of Getting Divorced

The True Cost of getting divorced Making the decision to get divorced is a big emotional decision. One of the hugest decisions you could ever take in your life. Many people get to the end of the line, there isn’t anywhere else to turn but separation and eventual divorce. And once that decision is made […]

How I learnt, unlearnt and then relearnt to manage my money

Whilst doing my 64 laps of the pool on holiday every morning I thought of brilliant ideas of content to write about. This being one of them. I want to share how I changed my money mindset over the years and how you might be able to as well. Much of this story is linked […]

The Income Reality of Blogging – My earnings during the early years

I see a lot of content talking about income earned from blogging. People sharing income of thousands within a few months. I want to share the truth and manage those expectations with the detail on my income from 2015 until 2017. The income reality of blogging. Let’s face the reality, most bloggers or influencers will […]

How to Improve your Heart Health – World Heart Day

Heart health means so much to me. My family is full to the rafters of heart disease. My parents died at 58 and 63 from heart attacks, when I was a teenager. More recently my brother and sister both had heart attacks in their 60s, thankfully both survived. I can absolutely concur that heart disease […]

Forty Things before Forty – #40thingsb440

5 frugal things post 23

Turning 40 & doing forty things before forty! March 29th 2017 saw me turning forty. How did that happen? To be honest it scares me, particularly how the time has gone so quickly. I’m not a fool I know it’s inevitable and cannot be avoided, but it scares me. With some time left until the big […]

Having a third child – how much does it really cost?

An Amazing Mark Warner Holiday to Corsica

The cost of having a third child? I have a very popular post on Mrs Mummypenny about money saving and making during maternity leave. It was my personal experience on how I saved thousands. It got me thinking about what else I can write about from those early years to help my readers. A post […]

Student Money Advice – What would I say to my 18-year-old self?

Student Money Advice September 2023 marks 28 years since I first arrived at university. How did that happen?! By the age of 46, I have learnt a lot about money, made a lot of mistakes and some sensible decisions. So offering some simple money guidance to students starting what I did 28 years ago feels […]

£1000 Saved in Three Different Ways – The Results after Three Years #ad

I started a financial experiment three years ago comparing the returns on different ways of saving £1000. I wanted to see in real £££ and % growth (or loss), how the savings were changing over time and which savings pots grew the fastest. This was me putting my money where my mouth is to show […]

10 Free Things to do with your Family this summer holidays

mental health awareness week

10 things to do with kids in the summer holidays (for free!) No spend days during the long six-week summer holidays are extra important to us as a family. For me it means that if we save on days out and activities then we either save the money and put towards emergency savings or towards […]