Three ways to streamline your business processes with AP automation

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficiency is often the key to staying competitive. This is no different when it comes to your accounts payable (AP) process. This is why AP automation software has rapidly risen as a powerful solution for streamlining financial processes, reducing manual tasks, and optimizing workflows for businesses across all industries. From […]

The TV Moments That Connect Us [ad]

This post is a collaboration with TV Licensing (a trademark of the BBC), but all thoughts and experiences are my own. Watching TV has always been a happy time for me. A few hours to sit down and chill out with my favourite shows and characters. My earliest memory is of Top of the Pops […]

Mobile Tyre Fitting: 5 Ways It Can Help You Stay Safe on the Road

Mobile tyre fitting is a fairly new phenomenon on the UK’s roads, but it is one that is rapidly growing in popularity. Not only is mobile tyre fitting supremely convenient (they’ll come to your premises to change or fit your tyres while you get on with other things) but it helps to keep you safe […]

A Story of Love Bombing – Signs to Watch For

Love bombing is one of the cruellest experiences in the world of dating. I recently had an interesting experience and wanted to share what happened. I want to share the red flags that happened and that I ‘should’ have seen, and that my wonderful friend Debs DID point out, that I ignored, to let others […]

Bringing Good Luck To Your Home: Arrangements & Décor Ideas

Introduction  Do you believe every home exudes some energy?  However, this energy is rarely inherent to a brick house. People’s presence, ideals, beliefs, and energy are mostly transferred to the house.  Moreover, superstitious practices often provide a sense of control in a complex and unpredictable world. These practices, such as decorating your home with peonies […]

Essential Steps for Protecting the Entire Family’s Eye Health

When it comes to family health, parents must be proactive and invest in preventive care to ensure holistic wellness for everyone. Thus, a previous post on how parents can take better care of their kids includes health tips, such as staying updated on vaccinations and applying sunscreen to minimise sun damage. Meanwhile, focusing on oral […]


A bathroom makeover is often unavoidable, and updating old-fashioned features could contribute to making your property more liveable and may help a house seem like a home for all of your family. The following bathroom renovation suggestions increase the future worth of your house, no matter if you’re searching for a do-it-yourself job or a project that calls […]

How I learnt, unlearnt and then relearnt to manage my money

Whilst doing my 64 laps of the pool on holiday every morning I thought of brilliant ideas of content to write about. This being one of them. I want to share how I changed my money mindset over the years and how you might be able to as well. Much of this story is linked […]

Smart Investments to Make After Landing an Unexpected Windfall

Getting huge sums of money isn’t a daily occurrence for most people. But when the stars align, and millions fall right into your lap, you’ll have one problem at hand: the best investments to make. You see, as illustrated in Lottoland’s guide on how to invest if you win the lottery, you’ll need to develop […]

How to Survive Winter – Physical and Mental Health

For the last twenty years I have struggled with the winter months. Some years the darkness has started in November and not ended until March. I feel like it has become a self full-filling prophecy. I will feel tired, emotional, unsocial for months on end and I don’t know why I feel like this. There […]

I am 3 weeks Clean. From Dating Apps, the Newest Unhealthy Addiction.

New year is often about resetting life goals, no booze, less meat, more exercise, more sleep, more water. But the biggest reset for me was deleting dating apps. Why are they so damned addictive? I have spent the past twelve months dating, getting a dopamine hit from getting a new match, a conversation that goes […]