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2022 has been the year of the cost of living crisis. My expertise has been hugely in demand and I have produced so much useful content. So this article is where I am sharing all of the articles in one place, you can then binge and read all the guidance, money-saving tips and so many ways to save a little or a lot.

I say on my radio and TV appearances all the time, this year is about making changes to everyday habits. Lots of small changes will add to a big amount of money saved. You can hear me on BBC radio most weeks, from local stations to national Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live.

In January I joined the Cost of Living Panel at The Mirror

As a regular columnist and presenter on their Facebook Lives, my content is focused heavily on money-saving for everyday people. Here are some of my most popular and favourite articles.

10 easy ways YOU can save money on your big weekly food shop from Mrs Mummypenny – Mirror Online

Here I guide you though a different supermarket journey that will save you money.

Three incredibly tasty meals from just 15p a head you can make for your family – Mirror Online

I share my very special roasted vegetable soup recipe in this article, with a video showing how its made. Just 15p per head.

Mum reveals 5 hacks to slash energy bills – including £80 thermostat trick – Mirror Online

These small changes to your energy usage will save much energy and £££

Just call me Nigella;-)

Mum explains how she saved £912 by cancelling just three bills – and you can too – Mirror Online

Back to Basics with Bills, how to get the best deal on all of your bills, and cancel the ones you don’t use and/or need.

Mum reveals 6 ways to slash your council tax bill – and who can get 100% off – Mirror Online

I share various ways to save money on your council tax bill.

Mum makes £4,000 without leaving her home using two websites – and says you can too – Mirror Online

How to make decent money from Cash Back sites. My £4000 has come from being a Top CashBack member for 9 years! Here is my referral code you can set up a Top Cashback account and we both get a thank you.

Mum reveals how she found £380 in ‘forgotten’ loyalty points – and you can too – Mirror Online

Check your loyalty apps, do you have any hidden money? I found £380!

Mum explains how to save £1,000 this Christmas with easy ways to slash your spending – Mirror Online

How to Save and Make £1000 to pay for Christmas

Articles Written for Other Websites

Money Saving Tips for 2022 – FOOD, ENERGY BILLS, FUEL – Zopa

An article summarising all my top tips for saving money on Food, Energy and Fuel. Written for Zopa Bank

6 Steps to Get Out of Debt – Debt Awareness Week – Zopa

I have been in a lot of debt, and it took two years to claw myself out of it, here are my six recommended steps to get out of debt. Written for Zopa Bank.

Coping with the Cost of Living Crisis – Zopa

A simple but effective list of ways to cope with the cost of living crisis.

Podcast Appearances

PensionBee Podcast – Cost of Living Crisis

Pension Confident Podcast E5: Cost of living crisis with Clare Reilly, Lynn Beattie & Scott Mowbray – YouTube

TV Appearances

I am one of the key personal finance experts in this 60-minute special on Primetime Channel 5, first televised 27th September 2022. 30 Tips to Cut Your Bills My5 (

ITV News from Thursday 3rd Nov (I am 20 mins in)

BBC Dirty Rotten Scammers – Talking ID Fraud BBC iPlayer – Dirty Rotten Scammers – Series 1 (Shortened Versions): Episode 8

GMB on 22nd Aug Talking Cost of Living Crisis with Rob Rinder

Channel 5 News 18th October with Dan Walker Talking Cost of Living Crisis

GB News with Angela Rippon Sat 29th Oct 12 noon Talking Cost of Living Crisis and Social Broadband tariffs

BBC Newsnight August 2022 Talking Cost of Living Crisis

ITV Tonight July 2022 Talking money making

Norton TV Advert Talking ID Fraud

MY BOOK – The Money Guide to Transform Your Life

You can also read my book The Money Guide to Transform your Life, this is just £9.99 direct from me and a signed copy, or go to Amazon where I earn peanuts.

Also here some refer a friend links to sites that will save you money and make you a bit of money too. I love referral codes where we both get to share the rewards.

Trussle for new mortgage/remortgage. An independant mortgage broker. We both get £200 in vouchers if your mortgage application is accepted.

PensionBee for Pensions consolidation. If you have lots of pension pots dotted around various previous employers you can consolidate them with one pension provider AND invest you money into fossil fuel free funds if you so desire. This is what I have done. We both get £50 each if you sign up using my referral code.

Top CashBack – My favourite way to save money on EVERY online transaction. A thank you of £5 is often available when you sign up to Top Cashback, but not all the time!

Pay As You Go Car Insurance with By Miles – Much cheaper is you drive less than £8000 miles per year.

Become a Mystery Shopper and earn extra money with ProInsight.


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  1. I saw the channel 5 show you were on and one of the tips you gave was totally incorrect. You advised turning off the internet each night but you are not supposed to do that. It says so in the manual and an Open Reach engineer told me too. Doing that makes the modem think there is a fault and it will start to slow down to ‘save itself’ and eventually it will become so slow that you will need an engineer to come out and fix it. Please don’t advice people to do things that the professionals advice you not to do

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