Win an Aldi Christmas Lights Bundle – Free Prize Draw

Aldi Christmas Lights Bundle

Today 17th Nov marks the start of the Aldi Christmas lights special buy event and to celebrate I have a bundle of goodies to giveaway to you lovely readers.

Aldi has a huge and most fabulous range of Christmas lights for bargain prices. Why not take a look through their website at the range or pop into your local store.

The fabulous prize bundle is with me here at home and ready to send out to you, worth £50.96 including

  • A 6ft Santa Inflatable worth £19.99
  • A White Christmas Wooden House worth £9.99
  • Reindeer tree lights £3.99
  • LED Cluster Tree Light £16.99

17-11-16-santa-6ft-inflatable-aldi 17-11-16-white-christmas-wooden-house-a 17-11-16-led-cluster-lights-a


17-11-16-aldi-lights-bundleThese are great value products that cost a lot more elsewhere. Last year I purchased (sob) icicle lights for the outside of the house from B&Q for £49.99, Aldi are selling them for £19.99. They have a wide variety of Christmas Tree lights, garlands, artwork and outdoor light. There is something for everyone.

How Do I enter?

To enter the competition please leave a comment on this post or on my Facebook page, telling me your favourite Christmas Decoration? Maybe its a homemade treat from one of the children or maybe a bauble that has survived 30 years and once belonged to your parents? I would love to hear from you.

Terms & Conditions

  • The prize is one Aldi Christmas Lights Bundle as described and pictures above.
  • The closing date is Thursday 24th November 2017 at 9pm.
  • Open to Uk residents, aged 16 and over.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • The winner chosen will be chosen at random after the 9pm competition close time.
  • The winner will be informed by Facebook message or email depending on what contact information I have.
  • If I receive no response within 48 hours I will redraw and move to the next person in the draw list.
  • The winners dame will be published on social media.
  • The bundle will be posted out to the winner within 7 days of confirmation of address.
  • This competition is promoted by Mrs Mummypenny, Knebworth in collaboration with Aldi UK.
  • By participating in this prize draw, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

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37 Responses

  1. I have a small plastic reindeer Christmas tree decoration that belonged to an old family friend who is no longer with us. It is an old decoration that used to have velvet on it for its fur however this has all but gone now only leaving the plastic. I still put it on my tree each year and think of her. It even has the cotton that she used to hang it on her tree.

  2. I love all the old decorations. Remember when we used to cover the ceiling in foil stars and decorations. Love the gold and red foil HAPPY CHRISTMAS that went over the fireplace. reminds me of my Grand parents. x

  3. Easy choice for me: Every year as a child, my father used to have a Santa & 4 Reindeer lights on the window and that was always magical for me! Years on and he still puts them up today!

  4. I have a lot of Baubles from my parents- even some made of glass. They are very beautiful and extremely sentimental!

  5. Our three baubles named Charlie, Alfie and Tom! They each put them on the tree and they move around as each one wants to be the highest!!

  6. Mine is a little gold xmas tree with stars on which we bought following the birth of our daughter on xmas day 2000. Her middle name is ‘Star’

  7. Hi!!! My favourite decoration still gets hung on my mums Christmas tree ! It was bought the year I was born (eek 35 years old). It’s a pair of baby booties made out of silver and red foil. It’s so 80s and goodness knows how it’s survived !! My mum hangs it round the back as it doesn’t match her new glass baubles however when i visit I sneekily move it to front and top !!! You have to love retro Christmas decorations !! I now have baubles bought the years my children where born and i hang them with pride !!! ❄️

  8. I love all the Christmas decorations my children made at school. They still take pride of place now & are a wonderful reminder now that they’re teenagers & young adults. Beautiful memories

  9. It’s a little wooden plack that has my daughters name on it along with her birth date and it hangs on the tree. She places it every year where she wants on the tree.

  10. When my daughter was 8, many years ago now, I’d been suffering from a chronic illness and so was supervising her decorating the tree as I was zapped of energy. I knew she was worried about my health but I only found out how much by her asking if this would be our last Christmas together. I was shocked but took a bauble out and held it up. The bauble reflected us upside down in a glittering sparkle, I said to her ‘can you see the magic’ she said all she could see was us upside down and twinkling. I explained that’s the Magic, things are not always what they seem and magical experiences lay in everything, it just depends on how you see them.
    All these years later she still refers to them as the magic baubles, so yep baubles are my favourite.

  11. My favourite decoration is the Fairy we put on top our tree weve had her 41yrs in pride of place also a glass bauble that my daughter gave me when she was 6yrs old shes mow 40yrs

  12. How nice of you to do a giveaway. The only Christmas decoration that really matters to me is a handmade mouse ornament that my mum send me over from Germany. I moved to England a few years ago and haven’t spent a single Christmas with my parents since then..I was pregnant, my mum had a stroke and other things got in the way. The ornament is always with me though. So when I put it on our Christmas tree I always think about her being with us.
    I’m doing a no spend year at the moment, this is embarrassing to talk about, but it’s because I’m deep in debt.
    Therefore I can’t buy any Christmas decoration, hence why I’m taking part in this giveaway. Thanks again for giving people the chance to have a nice Christmas by giving away such nice things.

  13. Ah mines sentimental too. It’s a tinsle star that I made for my mum when I was little and goes on the top of the tree but my OCD has to take a back seat as my children have made a new bauble (painted a pottery one) at the local fete every year too x

  14. I bought a lovely white teddy which as little angle wings and plays silent night many years ago. My children loved it and even though they are now grown up they still love to see teddy come out at Christmas tine.

  15. My favourite Christmas decoration is a “My First Christmas bauble” that has been glued back together no less than 3 times! Its thin glass but has been dropped and glued 3 times, its still going strong!!

  16. The ones with memories attached to them are the best, I have a little wooden one that hangs on the tree which came from Germany, when I went there as a teenager to visit a pen pal

  17. Mine is some hand-knitted Scandinavian style Chirstmas baubles that my daughter made – they are just amazing.

  18. I have a treasured little robin tree decoration. My late mum gave it to my foster son just before Christmas in 1999. He was smitten with the little fella. Sadly she died suddenly a few days later on Christmas night and every year since, our robin is placed lovingly on top of the tree. Brings back some special memories tinged with sadness.

  19. I have a little father Christmas that sits on the mantelpiece, it was bought at my sons primary school on his first Christmas there , he is now 26. Unfortunately it has lost one of its little leggies, but still takes pride of place

  20. My favourite decoration is one handed down from my Mum in Law. Its a pipe cleaner man with a Santa hat on and every year I gently sit him on one of the branches of our Christmas Tree – He looks drunk but it wouldn’t be the same without him!

  21. Sadly now, it’s lost a bit of it’s sparkle , and, shine, but, it’s still as Festive as ever to me, !!..what is it?… An old, handmade paper wreath, made by my late Nan, and me, not long before she died! When this is brought out, Christmas begins, together with all the warm, childhood memories!! All together now! awwwwwwwwww!!

  22. i have a lot of different things i put on the tree i have saved over the years that my children made or i was given as a gift so every year our tree looks miss matched and has all different colours which i love my fave thing i think is a nativity scene my mother in law gave us after we married as our couples item but its a hand made set she bought in mexico so its a one of a kind and i love that no one else has it its just ours

  23. A little dog tea light holder complete with a Santa’s hat on!! We bought it because it looked so much like our Jack Russel, Oscar! ..Sadly, Oscar is not with us anymore, but, his spirit comes back to visit us at Christmas!

  24. My favourite Christmas decoration is my light up reindeer which goes outside my house. I bought it when I moved into my first house with my boyfriend. I just remember walking through town after work and seeing it and knowing I just HAD to have it. There was 1 left and someone else was eyeing it up. I remained close and luckily they walked off. I scooped it up and not sure how but I managed to walk all the way back to work To my car with it. I remember cars staring at me as I struggled with it under my arm and I’ve loved it ever since, love coming home from work and seeing it lit up xxx

  25. My parents used to have adorable baby photos of me and my sisters framed in little tiny wooden frames adorning their Christmas tree. We are all grown up now, so they have updated these delightful family heirlooms with a tiny photo of each of us drunk at Christmas. We are all gurning over a big glass of wine, or slumped on the sofa after a particularly harrowing game of monopoly. Kinda not my favourites, but also my favourites!

  26. My favourite Christmas Decoration is one that we bought on our honeymoon at Disneyland Paris the day after we got married. It’s Minnie and Mickey in their wedding attire, and it’s a lovely reminder of our winter wedding!

  27. I have a home made xmas decoration that I made when I was 10. It’s a small robin and I put it on my tree every year. I’m 41 and it reminds me of xmas when I was small .

  28. Wow what an amazing giveaway I love your page I’m always showing my hubby we have used so many of your tips to save pennies and feed us all

    1. Favourite decoration is a star my daughter made when she was little out of her hand print it’s beautiful and a treasure keepsake

  29. my mum has a Christmas ornament for me and each of my siblings with our name and date of birth on each, she hangs them on the tree every year. I have 3 girls now of my own and have done the same for them and hope they will carry on this if they have children of their own.

  30. I have some of the baubels from my grandparents house. Very 1950s. Not in good enough condition to be of any vintage value but i love them all the same.

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