5 quick and easy ways to make money this weekend

5 ways to make money this weekend

Here is a rather wonderful post from my fellow personal finance expert & friend Emma Drew who gives you 5 ideas on how to make a stash of cash quickly, like this weekend! Over to Ems.

No matter the reason, most of us could do with making some extra cash, couldn’t we? Whether it is to treat the kids over the holidays, pay off a debt or put it towards a new purchase. What if I told you that there are things that you can do right now, or over the weekend, to make some extra cash? Here are 5 ways to make money this weekend.

5 quick and easy ways to make money this weekend
Have a declutter

eBay suggest that most of us have £4,000 worth of unwanted or unused items in our house, and this time of year is perfect for having a declutter. You can either focus on one area of your home (remember when Lynn and I tackled her under the stairs cupboard?) or set a timer and grab as many unused items as you can. Once you have your unwanted items, it is time to start thinking about ways to make money from them. You can:

  • Sell them on local Facebook selling groups
  • List and sell them on eBay
  • Sell unwanted books, DVDs, games and CDs to websites like Music Magpie, Zapper, Ziffit and WeBuyBooks. They all have apps where you can scan in the barcodes and be given a price instantly.
  • Sell at a car boot sale

Cash in your coins

Have you been stashing your change away for awhile now, never quite getting around to getting it banked? Although this isn’t technically making extra money, taking some time to get those coins banked is a great way to get some cash into your pocket or bank account this weekend.

5 quick and easy ways to make money this weekend

Don’t be fooled into paying for those Coinstar machines that you find in supermarkets – they take a percentage of the money you put inside. Instead, see if your bank has a coin machine inside (most Natwest branches do), or use them in a self-service checkout at a supermarket. You’ll receive an extra coins back as bigger denominations. Or you could grab coin bags from your bank or Post Office and count the coins the old fashioned way.

Make money from losing weight

If you are on a diet and exercise mission before summer then why not get rewarded for your efforts with cold, hard cash? Diet Bet is a website where you bet on whether you can lose weight or not. If you don’t manage to lose the weight then your bet is forfeited into the prize pot, which is then shared across everyone who has lost the weight. You can choose a 4 week kick starter, or a longer term bet.

Join 20 Cogs

20 Cogs is an offer based website, where you can earn money for completing offers. Once you have completed all 20 offers then your money will be released to you. You probably won’t manage to complete all 20 Cogs this weekend, but you can definitely make a start! Click here to read more about Lynn’s experience with 20 Cogs who made £176 with her first cash in!

Switch bank accounts

If you have been complaining about the service that you receive from your bank then why are you staying with them? A lot of bank accounts are offering substantial (£100+) rewards for switching to them. The bank switching process is really simple these days. If anything goes wrong (such as direct debits not switching over) then you are offered compensation by the banks.

I hope that you have found these 5 ways to make money this weekend motivating. I would love to know if you go ahead with any of them, leave a comment below. If you are interested in making extra money then sign up for my free 6 week money making course. It is delivered to you via email for you to complete in your own time.

Emma Drew blogs at EmmaDrew.Info all about ways to make money, save money and live the life that you want. You can also find Emma on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


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