5 Frugal things post 62 – Review of a restaurant and Hyacinths

This week has been full of variety work wise. I have been out and about with a client, discussing their requirements and then did a review of one of their restaurants. A podcast was recorded with Martin Bamford which you can listen to here, how to give yourself a payrise through money saving tactics. I have been writing content for the Pensionbee website, a really personal and honest post is coming next week on my 5 biggest money mistakes. I also wrote about my battle with seasonal affective disorder and how I have beaten it this January/February.

Low Spend February

We have just paid off the final spends from Christmas at the beginning of February so we are trying to have a low/no spend month to cut this months spend right down, we did well in January so want to continue it into February. The expenses that are allowed are groceries, petrol and essential business expenses (travel to meetings etc). Another exception is going to be Tuesday of half term where I have promised the boys a trip to London zoo. We will be getting half price tickets by travelling there on the train though!

Stretching the big shop out by a few days and using up everything in the freezer.

We normally do a big Aldi shop every 9-10 days but I have managed to make the last shop last for 13 days woohoo. Its lasted so long because 1) Vinny went away for two days with work so I didn’t have to feed him 2) Dylan went away for three days to Germany so we didn’t have to feed him. We have raided the freezer and used up all the frozen bolognese and chicken pieces.

Reviewing the Beech House, St. Albans

Our money saving life means that we dont often get to eat out that much, but this week I have agreed a couple of restaurant review jobs. Last night my friend Marianne and I headed to the Beech House in St.Albans for a lovely dinner. We havnt caught up for a few months and we had a lovely dinner. Restaurant reviews mean that there is no bill. A full review is coming next week, but if you hop over to my Instagram and Instastories you can see what we ate. It was so good!

5 Frugal things post 62

70’s Disco Night

This Saturday sees the annual Tiegan’s star disco in Knebworth. The theme this year is 70’s, that wonderful era of beautiful clothes (hmmm not too sure about this!). My outfit is free! I got a beautiful sequin skirt from JD Williams a few weeks back, which was gifted by the brand. Its a long skirt, so I am going to wear it as a short dress, with a belt to give it a waist. I am channelling late 70’s Donna Summer. There will be plenty of pictures online, do not worry, and instastories of me getting ready. I have loads of multi-coloured make up to go wild with. And for my hair, I need to do some YouTube research. Or find a local friend who has some crimpers. The party is also bring your own booze to save lots of money.

Buying a plant rather than flowers.

I love buying flowers this time of the year, from tulips to daffodils I love them all. But give them a week and a bit and they are dead. So in my food shop this week I have spent £3.49 on a pot of beautiful blue hyacinths that ‘should’ last weeks and weeks if I am good and keep them watered. These flowers hold really happy memories for me, the conservatory in the Ballagio hotel in Las Vegas in March/April time is full of them and the smell is devine. The scent of these hyacinths will take me back to Las Vegas as we are not going this year.

5 Frugal things post 62

I’m linking up with this CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.


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  1. I’m with you on the plants instead of flowers. I have an orchid on my windowsill by my sink which was a gift from a friend when her youngest wasn’t even born – and he is 5 now! I deadhead it and it keeps coming back beautiful as ever!

    1. 5 years now that is impressive. I am famous for killing plants. BUt I am pleased to report hyacinth is still alive!

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