5 Frugal things post 55 – Snow days and the panto

5 Frugal things post 55 – Snow days and the panto

How has your week been in the snow and the cold? We were hit with a good five inches of snow on Sunday, we awoke to pure white snow everywhere and snow quiet. I love that snow quietness, almost muffled with not a sounds to be heard but falling snow. The boys had a snow day on Monday much to their excitement. We had two days worth of freebie fun, sledging, building snowmen and having snowball fights.

5 Frugal things post 55

Did you see my amazing magazine appearance this week? I am on the front cover of Woman’s Own!! I did a little photo feature for them testing out if a Christmas dinner could be cooked in less than 1 hour. Next time you are at the shops do take a take at the photos. I was expecting to be on the front cover, but the pictures are rather fab and festive so maybe I was a natural fit. What an amazing way to end the year for Mrs Mummypenny, being a cover star!

5 Frugal things post 55

Aldi fresh party food

I did the big family shop this week and got extremely excited browsing the fresh Aldi Christmas and party food. I am a huge fan of party food as I showed in my recent Daily mail article but that was with frozen products. Now the fresh stuff is out. I resisted buying everything and limited myself to hog roast pastry cups and Christmas stuffing balls. The party food is amazing quality and Aldi have based the standard on that you would normally see in Waitrose or M&S for double the price.

A night out at the Panto

Dylan, Josh and I went to the panto on Tuesday night. We love the panto and go every year, this year no exception. The theatre gifted us two of the three tickets we needed. So we had a fab night out at the panto for just £16. Here is the review post I wrote.

Resisting that take away

We are getting very good at resisting the temptation of the takeaway. I always have something stashed in the freezer for a creative dinner. This week the old faithful of bolognese was knocked up. I added a spoonful of cumin powder this week and it was lovely. I always add something a bit random into the mixture every time I make it to see how nice it will be. That was £30 saved that night when we didn’t get the takeaway.

Football is cancelled.

The football season continues on, with this weekend being the last game for a couple of weeks. Dylan was meant to be playing Man City on Sunday, just a small 3 1/2 hour drive up north and £60 worth of petrol. But it was cancelled. He was gutted to miss a big game against the leaders of the premiership, but we were a little bit pleased that we got away with the long journey and saved some money. Like wise football training on Monday and Wednesday night were cancelled, maybe another £10 saved. This weekend see us driving to Huntingdon tonight for Josh’s training and then Cambridge on Saturday for a home game and then that’s it!

Building up The Christmas Booze supply

A lovely part of my job is that I occasionally get sent products to review or as a thank you and a few bottles of booze have arrived this week and last. I currently have 6 bottles of wine and Prosecco stashed in the cupboard or fridge to be enjoyed over the Christmas period. Some of the booze was from a fun job this week where I did a live taste along with Co-op on Facebook. I tasted ale, gin and Pinot Grigio along side the booze experts from the Co-op.

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