5 Frugal Things post 19 on a really busy work week

5 Frugal things post 19

Being frugal this week has been a challenge as I’ve had a couple of work trips into London. Also many big costs have hit this month so a few of my 5 Frugal things post 19 things are how I have saved money on these big purchases. One thing I cant really be frugal on is a football tour to Germany for Dylan that we have just found out about. So I need to pay £225 this week for that one.


I have been waiting for months for my sky broadband cashback to become payable and it finally did today. A few other bits came through too so I have just transferred £85 to my bank account. This now means that I have earned a total of £1,645 in cashback since my account was opened four years ago.

I have written about how cash back works in this blog post, take a read if you are unfamiliar or if you have been thinking about it why not go for it and set up an account using this link. I love getting my cashback on all of my online purchases.

Shopping around for Home and Car Insurance

Its that time of year where both our home and car insurance are up for renewal, the whole process bores me to tears but I will not accept the automatic renewal that comes through! So far my home insurance renewal has come through at £240 and I have got the price down to £210. My car insurance renewal has come in at £260 so I would like to get that down nearer to £200. I use the Topcashback comparison tool so I can get a bit of cashback as well on top of the insurance purchase.

My top ten Aldi Products

I published a really popular post on Tuesday where I highlighted my top ten favourite Aldi products. From Jaffa cakes to Dishwasher tablets, from chicken in a bag to cat food. I compared the products to their branded/Tesco own brand alternatives and worked out how much of a saving you can make at Aldi. I was really surprised about the price difference when I compared it to Tesco.

World Book Day Costumes

We managed to get away with not spending anything here. Dylan was Jezza a footballer vlogger who has written a book;-). Dylan wore a tracksuit! Josh was Dracula, maybe not his favourite book, but it is a book. And Jack was a bearskin soldier. We have a book from Buckingham palace featuring the bearskins. All costumes we already had. Phew.

New Camera Purchase

I have been investigating a new camera for a while as Im really keen to take my pictures and vlogs up to the next level. I got a few recommendations from other bloggers. The recommendations were coming in quite high at around £500 for a camera so I spoke to my friend Adam who takes all my profile/family photoshoots and asked his advice. He recommended a camera that does the job wonderfully but costing £336 instead. I found it on Amazon as I had £100 vouchers there waiting to be spent in my account. So I actually for the camera for £236. It arrived yesterday. I am keen to experiment.

I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.


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12 Responses

  1. A good camera can be so wothwhile imo. Ours is fujifilm I think, and came in at below £300. A lot of money, yes, but the pictures are phenominal. By a stroke of luck, I had to go to the hospital on the day my sis went into labour and into the same hospital. I slung the camera in the car and was lucky enough to be there shortly after arrival so have the most precious images without need to pay for professional pics. I also got some when the baby came home and met her big sister… a grin that couldn’t be replicated for a professional photographer and worth more than anyone of us could pay 🙂

    1. Oh wow thats so special to get those wonderful pictures. I hope I can get some pics like that:-)

    1. I’m always reticent to take Amazon vouchers as payment..but this time it actually helped out.

  2. Like you Im really not a fan of world book day. Has totally turned into yet another commercial opportunity:-(

  3. Oooh what was the camera you got? I’m hoping to grab myself one this year because YouTube is being avoided because I can’t get on with landscape on my phone – I want to look straight forward and not to the side haha.

    Another WBD hater here, I reluctantly spent £4 on his costume this year (Horrid Henry).

    Well done on a great week.

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