5 Frugal Things post 1 – Mrs Mummypenny has done this week

5 Frugal Things post 1

This is the first time I have written this type of post. It is an interesting exercise that might actually make me think more about what I spend. I thought I was pretty good and even keep a spending diary..see my write up. I think this post will give me a chance to reward myself for spending sensibly. And I will add it to the linky being hosted on Mums Savvy Savings.

  1. I made a huge saucepan of bolognese sauce last Friday night for dinner with my buddy Emma the coupon queen who stayed for the weekend. I doubled up on all the ingredients from Aldi, 2 packs of mince, onions, kale, courgettes, tomatoes, tomato soup(which Emma thought was hilarious!). Plus all the regular herbs and spices from the cupboard (balsamic vinegar, veg stock, oregano, thyme, parsley, garlic, ground cumin, worcester sauce). This was dinner for us, plus I made enough for 4 more portions of bolognese that I froze. I will turn it into cottage pie next week to feed the family.
  2. Emma and I attended the #SHOMOs UK Money Blogger awards on Saturday where we both shortlisted for 3 awards each. Up against each other in 2 of them!! I couldn’t walk far due to recovery from gall bladder operation 5 days prior, so we got an Uber from Kings Cross to Tower Bridge. My first experience with Uber and I was most impressed. It was a 30-minute drive by Uber and I found a voucher code for £15 which covered the journey. I used this code VCUK15. Get the Uber app, sign in and add this code to the promotions tab for your free credit.
  3. 13-9-16-networking-andy-webbThe SHOMO awards were so much fun. I have written about them here, I learnt so much and loved catching up with my fabulous community. We got a fabulous goody bag, including lots of thing that I actually needed to buy like a selfie stick and a new phone charger bank. Saving me at least £20 there Emma Drew;-) There was also lots of spare food at the end so I might have stashed a load of it at the end of the evening to take home. A few twix’s went into my bag and a packet of olives, oh and 3 cupcakes!!
  4. This week has been another post-op recovery week at home, and not going out means spending no money. Not even on Amazon. In addition our Tesco credit card expired, this is the card I use for all regular daily spending and it gets paid off in full. With us not having that card meant we didn’t spend money unless it was essentials like petrol. I am thinking of switching my daily spend credit card at the moment. I am not sure that this credit card works savings wise anymore given the changes to Clubcard boost. Cashback credit cards where you pay off the balance every day might be the answer. I will investigate and update you.
  5. I am reading a book, Moneys Big Secret by Tom Church this week (which I promised to read 2 months ago!). I am very nearly finished and I have to say its making me think differently again about money. In relation to the amount I spend and how to reduce it down. He recommends a 3*£30 diet where you spend only £30 per week per adult for 3 weeks on everything except mortgage, essential bill and commute costs. This increases to £90 per week if you have 2 adults (£30 each) and 3 children (£10 each). Interesting experiment that I think I may give a go. It will be challenge particularly if you look at my spending diary post where I spent £1000 in 2 weeks. Why not read the book and give it a go, a really interesting read particularly if you are in any sort of debt

These are my 5 things. Not bad for a week of post gall bladder removal. Going to aim for more next week. MMPxx


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  1. Definitely recommend using a cashback credit card. I’d much rather have money off my bill once a year than points that I might not spend. Good luck with your search and hope the recovery is going well!

  2. I really need to read Tom’s book. It has been on my to do list a while! It was great to chat at the Sho Mo’s and I came away so inspired by it all.

  3. I’m gutted I never got to the SHOMO awards but I’m definitely planning on being there next year x x

    Thanks for linking up with #FiveFrugalThings last week. We’d love to see you again this week x

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