How to save lots of money on your water and energy bills.

How to save lots of money on your water and energy bills!

A new way to save money – Hurrah!

I always get very excited when I find a new way of saving of making money. ‘Save Water Save Money’ contacted me to say how much they loved my blog and would I have a go at their water saving calculator to see how much water and money I could save. Save Water Save Money work with the water boards to try and get households to save water and save money. Well of course I can, I jumped straight to it and had a go. Let’s see how much money I can save.

How to save lots of money on your water and energy bills.

Now I will admit that we are rubbish at thinking about saving water. I have read bits and pieces over the years but have never really followed them through so I am intrigued to see what we could change and how much of a £ difference it would make. I think that’s the key is showing the potential saving in hard cold cash to ensure you make a change.

Fun Facts!

So 5 minutes were spent filling in the water saving calculator, answering all sorts of questions about our toilets and bath and shower habits! Go on give it a go, you know you want to do the same, 30,000 have already done the same thing! Here are some super fun facts about water that astounded me

  • On average, UK home owners use nearly 350 litres of water every day and up to 25% of energy bills is spent on heating water.
  • Cutting your family’s showering time by only one minute each can cut £120 a year from your energy and water bill, based on family of 4 (£60 water saving and £60 energy saving)
  • World Water Day on 22nd March was launched by the United Nations 24 years ago to get people thinking about water and take action.

So how did I get on

I am super surprised to see that I spend £785 per year on water or energy to heat water. I am going to change the following to save me £’s

  • Just the family having their daily showers is costing £456 of this!! This time needs to be cut back, often the21-3-16 4 minute shower timer boys will just sit in the shower playing with toys or daydreaming. To stop this, I have ordered for free a shower timer.  I could save 18 litres of water per minute if I turned off the shower whilst I shampoo my hair!!
  • The washing machine is next on the list for cost at £55 per year.  Not too bad in comparison to the shower cost but that can be cut by washing your clothes at 30 degrees.  Our washing powders work just as well on lower temperatures.  Well apart from with my boy’s mud covered stuff!!
  • A running tap wastes more than six litres of water every minute, so we will turn it off at every teeth brushing opportunity.

Our aim

I am positive if we made these simple changes we could knock at least £100 maybe £200 if we could limit showers.  £785 we currently spend, I am in shock by the cost of having showers!

Have a go yourself with the calculator. As you go through it will offer you tips as you click on certain responses.  If applicable to your postcode you can order free money saving devices for your home. Or enter the below competition to win a huge bundle of water & money saving devices worth

Competition time

Save water save money are offering 2 free bundles of lots of money saving goodies for the home.  Worth at least £58 these including toothbrush timers, bath buoys, water saving shower heads and shower timers.

All you need to do is comment at the end of this post or on my Facebook page to enter the draw.

Please comment with what you can do to save water and money in your household. Below is super fun looking bath buoy just pop it into the bath to reduce the amount of water needed!  It doubles as a toy for the children too or even a footrest for an adult!!

21-3-16 Bath buoy21-3-16shower head

T’s & C’s of competition

  • Comments must adhere to the request of ‘what can you do to save water and money in your household’, to get an entry to competition
  • 2 winners will be randomly drawn after the closing date 9pm 9th April
  • These contact details will be passed to Save money save water who will send out the water saving bundles.
  • I (Lynn James – Mrs Mummypenny) will contact the winner for their address details.
  • 2 bundles of water saving devices offered by Save water save money
  • These contact details will be passed to Save money save water who will send out the water saving bundles.
  • Bundle includes a BathBuoy, New shower head, Shower timers, Cistern Displacement packs, Tap inserts
  • I have not received any payment for this post.


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  1. We save water in the garden by collecting it to re-use later. We will be getting a water butt in the future. .we also use a trigger spray nozzle to reduce water.

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