7-7-16 Flowers for make money at home Standon Calling

Standon Calling – Festival & Camping with the Family

Standon Calling #40thingdb440 – Tick

I wrote post a few weeks back detailing my list of #40thingsb440. One thing on the list was to go to a festival. Yippee we are going to Standon Calling tomorrow for a whole 2 nights of camping that is 2 things ticked off the list no 15 and no 16. I also have no 25 to sing on stage, maybe I can get an opportunity at this festiva;-) Thank you to the organisers of Standon calling I am an official family ambassador and one of my tasks is to write this post. Plus oodles of social sharing over the weekend and another post to tell you about it after the event.

We are so excited to go, me for the music, the atmosphere, the wellbeing tent, the food, the land of the sea theme. The boys are excited for Jess Glynne, swimming, pirates and camping. Hubby wants to get the boys to experience drum and base with Goldie.

I have asked advice from friends and MMP fans who are festival goers, who have advised on things to take and things to think about when we are there. And Aldi have been fabulous and have sent us loads of camping gear to try out.

Camping Gear

You can spend a small fortune on camping gear, luckily for us Aldi have gifted us:-) . I wrote a few weeks about camping bits we were sent. So we are stocked up with

  • 1 hammock
  • 1 double sleeping bag
  • 1 huge rucksack
  • 2 mini rucksacks
  • 1 inflatable sofa
  • lots of lights, including a head light
  • Bottle opener
  • Sun cream, after sun, wipes.

We are borrowing an inflatable tent. No poles, it inflates…looks brill in the YouTube video.

We already have :-

  • 2 airbeds
  • 2 camping chairs
  • Picnic hamper/rug set
  • Duvets and pillows

We are also taking a pushchair, not for a child, more to lug stuff from car to camping site. As we don’t have a trolley. I have also brought a potty, surely a clever idea for night time wees.

Other handy stuff

  • We have a big bag of Aldi goodies for snacks including popcorn, Pringles, cookies, Haribo, tons of water, mini sausages, scotch eggs.
  • Loo Roll, baby wipes, hand sanitiser
  • Waterproof bag for phone to tie round neck.
  • Super phone charger holding 2 phone worth of charge.
  • Cash to load onto pre-paid wristband
  • Mini first aid kit.

Stuff for boys

Warm pyjamas, socks, pants, jumper, joggers, shorts, t-shirts, wellies, swimming stuff.

Stuff for me

I had a look today in Topshop and H&M for cool festival clothes. I wasn’t keen. Am going to style up clothing I already have to look cooler than cool. I have flowers for hair. I have chunky jewellery. I have wellies (which I might decorate with dinosaur stickers). I have chiffon floaty clothes. I have bright pink long lasting lipstick. I’ll be fine. Oh flip-flops for shower. I need warm clothes for night time as it will maybe get cold and I need a jumper. Book to read in morning as I will most likely wake up early.

Top Tips

  • Sleep with valuables at foot of sleeping bag/ take as little as possible.
  • Ear plugs for night time
  • Don’t camp near a main pathway
  • Prioritise the Hives and Cuban Bros and Goldie
  • Camp next to something memorable so you can find tent.

If there is anything I have missed please shout very quickly as are planning on getting there at 3pm tomorrow. Woo hoo. Official holiday starts tomorrow!

26-7-16 Disney Finding Dory Our crafting masterpieces

Disney Finding Dory and Epson Eco tank Printing Dory

Disney Finding Dory

As time goes on with Mrs Mummypenny more people know who I am. My followers seem to naturally increase as you lovely readers share my content. I like to get the most from my money which is a message that lands well with so many people and brands and I have a few wish list brands, one of which is Disney.

Dylan, Josh and Jack all love Disney. From Cars to Toy Story to Lion King to, of course, Nemo. We have seen the new Finding Dory trailer maybe 5 times in the past year of cinema trips so everyone is very happy to see it finally arrived in the cinema this week on Friday 29th July. Jack has been a bit obsessed with getting various bits of Dory merchandise. He has sunglasses and a sticker book spied on recent Aldi shopping trips. So the invite to a Dory event in the Oxford St Disney store was a MUST attend:-)

Epson Eco tank

There are many partnerships between Disney and other brands, Epson is a really interesting one. A group of bloggers26-7-16 Disney Finding Dory Train Station were invited for some lunch, crafting and an intro to the fancy new Eco tank printer range from Epson. Here is Love Leigh Lifestyle and I getting the train and we might have filmed a YouTube video too;-) You may be thinking, hmmm that’s a strange link, but no its actually quite natural. Let me explain.

Who has a cheap printer? Me, me, I have a cheap printer for emergency printing only. It cost £40 from Tesco and costs a lot of money for replacement cartridges, hence it is only used for things like holiday boarding passes. Printing out essential forms. I used it to make party invites, 60 of them and I went through 3, yes 3 cartridges. That was not cost effective. I think in the past year I have spent maybe £100 on the printer and cartridges. I certainly do not use the printer for fun stuff like photos, printables and crafting.

The Eco tank Evolution

Printing has evolved and the Epson Eco tank 26-7-16 Disney Finding Dory ink tanksprinter is a bit different. It doesn’t use cartridges; it has ink tanks which can hold A LOT more ink. It is estimated to last 2 years or 4000 pages on black/ 6500 pages of colour. This means no more stressing about what you are printing through fear of needing expensive new cartridges!

26-7-16 Disney Finding Dory Epson printerI received the ET-4500 2 weeks ago, great timing as I need to print out posters for a #shoplocalknebworth campaign and it was going to cost me £15 from the printers in the village! Set up was very easy and took me about 1 hour to download the software and get everything working. The pictures and instructions for the setup was easy even for me to follow.

I have linked up my laptop, phone and tablet to the printer and have printed all sort of stuff like photos, posters, everything for holiday, craft stuff.

Disney Crafting #Printing Dory

We had an hour at the event to create Dory masterpieces from printables. We had so much crafting stuff from pens to glitter glue to sequins. Some of the bloggers took it very seriously. There were 2 very good prizes of Finding Dory premier tickets to be won. I spent most of the hour chatting to the guys from Epson, Disney & Zeal. I made friends with a few Hertfordshire bloggers, London Lucy, Mummy’s Zone and Leigh (as per the YouTube video) we chatted whilst cutting.

It was a fun event where I demonstrated no crafting skills what-so-ever, obviously I didn’t win premier tickets. But we had fun and I met some wonderful people, oh and I met Elsa.26-7-16 Disney Finding Dory Our crafting masterpieces26-7-16 Disney Finding Dory I met Elsa

We left the event with a goodie bag and a 20% off voucher for the Disney store. So Jack got Finding Dory swimming costume for holiday, the older boys got some Dory water squirters. Niknik got a plush Cinderella to add to her collection of Disney toys.

We can’t wait to go see the film, and have been sent some free cinema tickets by Disney. And thank you Channel 4 for showing Finding Nemo last night which I recorded;-). We will be going to see the film after we come back from holiday.


Buying an Epson Eco-tank printer

If you are interested in buying the product head to Epson website to take a look or PC world/Staples for a demo. It’s very cool and if you need a decent printer I highly recommend it. Click here for the Amazon link. I have the 4500 version which is £247 on Amazon, but there is a ET-2500 model costing less at £197. A few less bells and whistles.

Is it value for money?

I am not going to lie, it is an expensive printer. There is a hefty outlay up front, but then with no ongoing costs. If you print a fair bit, photos, party invites, boarding passes, insurance documents, want to do freebie crafting with the kids this will be a great option for you.

I would expect this amount of printing with a cheapo printer like I used to have with the many extra ink cartridges to cost around £200 for 2 years. Printer at £50, 10 * Black Ink and 6 * Colour Ink at £8 each = £128 = Total cost of £178. Its much the same in terms of cost.

Where is does create value for me is in saving time and lack of hassle. I love things that help me with these things. This printer will mean I can do everything easily myself with no worry of cost and use of ink. Stress removal will often win for me.

Disney Printables

Disney do the best range of FREE printables, from all their films. I have printed out lots, wreck it Ralph today, I love that film;-)

This post was written in collaboration with Dory, Disney and Epson. I received the printer and Finding Dory cinema tickets free of charge. This post contains Amazon affiliate links where I will receive a small commission if you went on to make a purchase. Thank you for supporting Mrs Mummypenny.


Summer holidays – Top Tips for a Fun & Money Saving holiday

Summer Holidays Woo Hoo

Summer holidays are here, school ended for us yesterday. I feel a bit excited to spend lots of quality time with my boys, to go on holiday for 2 WHOLE weeks and to not do the school run!! Although I have woken up to it raining. A lot. Oh well you can’t have everything. And I have already shouted once and sent them outside to play on their scooters and bikes. Its 8:53am. Whoops.

We are off to Spain in August, which I simply cannot wait for. We are going with our amazing friends Nicky, Dave and their children. They own an apartment in a little village called San Juan De Las Terreros, so we have rented a 3 bed apartment nearby. We did the same thing last year and I felt so chilled out. I woke up about 4 hours before everyone else every morning and got loads of stuff done like writing, reading, exercise. And we spend much time by the pool or on the beach chilling, reading more books, swimming. I CAN’T WAIT.

So this leaves 10 days before holiday that I need to fill with activity. And it can’t cost the earth. And then another 13 days after holiday to fill.

Here are my Summer Holiday Ideas

    1. Go to a festival. I wrote a #40thingb440 list in early July and that included go to a festival. Woohoo we are going to Standon Calling next weekend and I am on the promotional team so I get receive free press passes to the whole weekend. Its a family focused festival and we are all so excited. 1) to see Jess Glynne, 2) to see pirates and the under the sea theme 3) to see Goldie DJ – Inner city life 4) to experience something that I have done before 5) to camp (not sure I am excited about this?). If you want tickets click here, there are plenty left. Day tickets too if you don’t fancy camping. I will be posting next week about our camping/festival prep.
    2. Use Tesco Clubcard vouchers. If you follow me on twitter you will see that I am currently in conversation with Tesco as I need my vouchers earlier than their release date of 1st Aug. I need to book my car hire by 28th July and I was going to use the £150 worth I have of vouchers to get 3 times their value and book car hire with Affordable car hire. I don’t think think I can do this, although I am giving it a good try, which is extremely annoying and frustrating. TESCO SAY NO:-( But this does leave me with a lot of vouchers to help pay for the summer holidays. We might visit Paradise park (click here to see my 29-6-16 cheetahs at paradise parkreview) this costs £71 for a family of 5 but is just £28.40 in CC vouchers as they are worth 4 times their value. Longleat is very cool and is £45 in vouchers rather than online price of £121, we went maybe 3 years ago and loved it. I might also exchange a few vouchers into Pizza Express and the vouchers convert into 4 times their value!!
    3. Swimming. This is the activity for today. As you will probably know I have 3 boys. And most days they disagree on what they all want to do. Jack 3 will normally go with the flow.  But Dylan 8 and Josh 6 will always disagree, to swimming Josh says no, so hes going to spend a few hours with daddy at the bathroom showroom. We have lot of lovely local council run swimming pools nearby including Hatfield, Hitching & Letchworth. All offer loyalty schemes to encourage regular use and Hitching & Letchworth have indoor and outdoor pools. A family swim off peak costs £12 at Hitchin, Jack is free at 3. Hitchin is where we are heading very soon.
    4. Exercise of any kind. I am currently looking into the football schools offered by Cambridge United where both boys are signed to their academy. Also the Knebworth football fun weeks with Future Sport. These offer 4 days of football and entertainment for a great value price, normally around £10 per day. Suitable for both boys and girls with great coaching and fun for the children.
    5. RSPB or National Trust locations. We have just joined the RSPB as a family. I love my birds and wildlife and love to do my bit to help them out the best way I can. Its contribution based, ie you choose how much of a donation to make. And for the donation I got a load of books, a hedgehog (not real), bug catchers and plenty of info on fun activities for the kids. We will be paying Rye Marshes a visit during the holidays, flashing our membership cards to get in for free. National trust is also great for families but I’m not joining both!
    6. Onto the free stuff. Splash parks. We love a splash park and yeah, there are lots located nearby. 29-6-16 splash park at paradise parkWe have great ones in Baldock, Letchworth, Stevenage and St. Albans. Splash parks are free and so much fun, you’ve got a good few hours of entertainment there. Why not go with your friends so you can have a chat and relax. Children are almost always happier in groups of friends;-)
    7. Nature walks. You can find nature anywhere from the middle of a city to living in the sticks. I was at Finsbury park station last week and saw a fox run across platform 8;-) Go out walking and look for nature. Tell your children what the nature is, or learn together. Try to name the trees, flowers, birds, animals, insects. All my boys love doing this and we are fortunate to live near lots of field and beautiful country walks.
    8. Get creative with printouts and recycling stuff. Disney do a great range of printables which i recently discovered at #printingdory event with Disney and Epson. This is new to me….and what a great freebie idea to keep the children amused for hours. There is origami, pictures, models from all the films. I highly recommend you take a look. I am also VERY lucky to have received an Epson ecotank printer…click on the picture to view it on Amazon. This is a very cool (have I just described a printer as cool? yes!) and means printer is no longer a traumatic stress about running out of ink as the ecotank includes enough ink to print up to 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour:-) Also collect recycling for a week and use it to be creative. Cereal boxes, plastic bottles, delivery boxes, all can be turned into monsters, castles, a knight costume??
    9. Take a trip to the beach. Okay so we are going to Spain where we will be at the beach for many days but if I am honest my favourite beaches ever are in this country. I am from Cornwall, where I know you can never guarantee weather, but there are stunning beaches there. I adore Porthcurnow and Sennon. 22-7-16 St Micheals Mount Summer HolidaysLongrock and Marazion are right near to where I am from in Penzance and are beautiful with the best view of Mounts Bay and St. Micheals Mount. Stay in the UK if you cant afford a foreign holiday, go camping and camp in West Cornwall near the beach. No issues with crazy Euro-pound exchange rates there. Although some like to think Cornwall is a different country;-)
    10. Go on a treasure hunt. Again these can be found free online just go a google search for Free treasure hunt printables. We did one of these in Penzance a few years ago on cooler summer holiday day. We walked around 5 miles and discovered all sort of new things about the town I lived in for 18 years.
    11. Go for a run or a bikeride. We’ve all got bikes and love to go out for a long bike ride. Also our active family like to go out running. Why not try a park run. A timed and free event for anyone to join and run a 5km around a local park.

There you go..tons of ideas to fill those weeks and weeks of summer holidays. If you have more freebie ideas please do comment below. I’de love to hear of creative and new ideas.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my email list for exclusive Mrs Mummypenny offers and chat.



Gravity force Trampoline park opens in St. Albans 17th August.

Gravity Force Opens in St. Albans 17th August

Summer holidays are 1 day away for me, I know lots of you out there have already started. We are off to Spain for 2 weeks of the holiday which leaves me with 3 weeks to fill up with fun and great value activities for the 3 boys. You can imagine my smile when the team from a NEW trampoline park Gravity Force in St. Albans emailed me to invite us all the to opening of their new trampoline park.  One day of activities, tick:-)

20-7-16 Gravity Force Opening 20-7-16 Gravity Force Toddlers parachute

Discount Code

Not only do we get to go try out the park but also the Gravity Force team have shared with me exclusive voucher codes to get you a 50% discount when you make a booking up until 24th July. There will be 50% off Gravity Jump, Gravity Tots, Gravity Fit, and birthday parties, if booked by Sunday 24th July, by using the respective codes – ‘JUMP1’, ‘TOTS1’, ‘FIT1’, ‘PARTY1’. To book and find out more about the sessions available visit www.gravityforce.co.uk or call 0845 498 9049. So a 1 hour jump session will cost you £5 rather than £10:-) This is a great offer.

If you book between 25th July and 16th Aug you will save 25% on your sessions. Just use the same codes as above.


There is a competition with a chance to win 4 free jump sessions for you lucky readers. All you need to do is tell me what your favourite great value summer holiday activity is? To enter leave me a comment on this blog post or Tweet/Post to Instagram using the #MMPGravityForce. Why not post a picture on Instagram of your favourite activity??

A bit about Gravity Force

  • Gravity Force is the leading provider of trampoline parks in the UK
  • St Albans park opens 17th August
  • Pre bookings available now

There is something for everyone at Gravity Force. “Gravity Jump” is the core session and gives you access to all the park’s facilities. “Gravity Tots” kids’ class is suitable for toddlers from walking age up to five-years-old, along with any parents or guardians. “Gravity Fit” provides a high intensity, low impact structured fitness class that burns fat whilst building, toning and defining muscle. Children can also host their birthday parties at the trampoline park.

Gravity Force is the ultimate UK trampoline park. Whether you’re a freestyle pro looking to showcase an insane routine on the Tumble Tracks or an average Joe looking to get stuck into a game of trampoline dodgeball there really is something for everyone.


There is also 50% off selected sessions including Gravity Jump, Gravity Fit, Gravity Tots and parties if booked before Sunday 24th July. To book and receive your 50% off promotional codes please visit www.gravityforce.co.uk/st-albans or call 0845 498 9049.

Entrants must be aged 18 or over at the time of entry and the competition closes at 00:00 on 10th August.

This post is in collaboration with Gravity Jump and I received an invite to the launch event free of charge.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth Lucas May2

Supporting Local Small Business – #shoplocalknebworth

Supporting Local Small Business

Mrs Mummypenny is a local small business that has evolved over the past year. I started out thinking it would be a great medium to share my money saving tips with the world across my website and social media. I absolutely still do this, but there are lots of extra parts of the Mrs Mummypenny family.

I offer commercial & marketing advice to small businesses. If you need a lesson in social media I can do this for you, if you need a marketing strategy I can do this for you. If you need commercial advice on how to make money from your business I can help. I work with big brands on their advertising campaigns so you will see the occasional collaborative post pop up with interesting new products or services that I think are great value for money. Name check Aldi, Disney, Standard Life, Epson;-)

Why should you shop local?

A new project is #shoplocalknebworth. I live in a beautiful Hertfordshire village with so many local small businesses. I shop in these shops and I love to support local small business. If I need some cheese for a dinner party cheese board I will go to my local Butchers/Deli – Trussells. Or if I need a gift for my friend who has just had a baby I will go to Lucas May to get a cute gift. I also get to work with these businesses, helping out with social media and marketing ideas.

#shoplocalknebworth is all about sharing with you who live near the village about the fantastic local businesses and what you have available on your doorstep. Please visit the high street as often as you can to keep these local small businesses going. We have everything on our doorstep, great quality, fantastic value and amazing customer service.

I will be running this campaign every few months to celebrate local business and give everyone a chance to promote their business. I encourage you to use the #shoplocalknebworth every time you buy something great in the village. Why not tweet a picture of a great find in the local charity shop or beautiful necklace you have found in the bead shop and use the # when tweeting or posting on Instagram so I can find the pictures:-)

The following five businesses are the first to embrace #shoplocalknebworth to promote their businesses with Mrs Mummypenny, please go take a look at their products or services and mention me when you visit, call and buy!!

Trussells Butchers

A butchers can be an intimidating shop, there is a lot of meat and men!! Don’t let this put you off Trussells. Hubby and I have shopped there for maybe 10 years. It has been great to watch Paul & team grow the business and expand into the deli. The cooked meats, cheeses and olives are yummy and Jack, our 3-year-old adores the home made sausage rolls. Here are a couple of meals I or friends have cooked using meat from Trussells.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Trussell butchers217-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Trussell butchers

I love the local sourcing of food and the information you get when you go in. If you want to know how the cows are reared for the 30-day aged sirloin steak just ask the guys behind the counter. I am interested in animal welfare and like to hear about the farm in Saffron Walden where Paul will be getting his turkeys from this year.

And its great value for money and healthy. The meat wont shrink when you cook it, the meat tastes great and you will feel happier eating meat of an animal that has been brought up happy and healthily. I am eating clean and this is the best place to get my turkey, chicken and lean meat from. Handily on a Friday a fish van arrives to sell beautiful products from the carpark to the right of Trussells. Visit their Facebook page here

Putterills Estate Agents

We have moved house twice since moving to Knebworth and we bought our current house 7 years ago from Ricky and the team at Putterills. We have toyed with the idea of moving several times over the years and there has been no hesitation from Ricky to value our house or give us advice on the best things to add to the house to create value.

Ricky has owned the franchise in Knebworth for 24 years and has built up a loyal team around him who take pride in everything they do from photography to chasing down the chain in a sale purchase. They even have a dedicated full time sales progress mgr who will help out with that ‘lovely’ stage between offer to exchange and completion, that we often want to progress as quickly as possible.

Here are a couple of properties for sale at the moment. Why not pop in and ask for a valuation, or check out their website for latest houses for sale you’ll be shocked that the current house prices in the village if you haven’t checked for a while! Here are a couple of properties for sale at the moment in Rabley Heath and Knebworth.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Putterills 17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Putterills 2

Lucas May Florist

Catherine launched Lucas May in November 2015, the hop is at far end of the high street near the school zebra crossing and 4hair. She offers the most beautiful bespoke bouquets and gifts to suit any budget. Take a look at these 17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Lucas May2flowers hubby gave me for our anniversary on Thursday last week. Flowers from Lucas May are more expensive than the supermarkets BUT they will last and last with care and love (i.e. change the water every few days!!). I got a bouquet for my birthday back in March and they lasted for 2 ½ weeks!!

I adore flowers and pretty things so this is one of my favourite shops in the17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Lucas May village. Pop in and take a look at her wide range of cards, candles, vases and oil burners. I suspect some of us have not yet bought a present for your children’s teacher. Take a look at the wide range of gifts for inspiration, I took a few pictures of my favourites this week.

Caffé Vero

Arif took over Caffe Vero 2 years ago. The cafe can be found on station road, near the newspaper shop and ABC end of Pondcroft Rd. We visit often as a family and we always get a warm welcome from Arif and team, a chat and some great food. I also visit quite a lot to use it as an office/meeting place. Sometimes it nice to get out of my home office and go somewhere social to work. Tis important for me who still misses the hussle-bussle of an office sometimes for grown up real-life conversation.

They support local and buy their meat from Trussells, so you know your English breakfast will be top notch with the best sausages ever. I am the most difficult eater in the world at the moment with my eating clean but they will cook me whatever I ask for, last week I had smoked salmon, poached egg and green tea in hard-core week 1 of eating clean.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Cafe Verro17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Cafe Verro 2

Ross Randall Plumbing and Heating

A great plumber is hard to find!! We did an extension 3 years ago and moved one bathroom and created a new one. Ross did those bathrooms for us and did a professional and great looking job. Handily whenever we have bathroom issues he’ll pop round to take a look and sort it out. It’s important to know trustworthy tradesmen like this and we recommend him time and time again.

Ross has owned his business Ross Randall Plumbing & Heating for 7 years. His mobile number is 07824 394126, do drop him a line for your plumbing and heating requirements. Here are a couple of photos of our bathroom that Ross fitted.

17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Ross Randall2 17-7-16 #shoplocalknebworth local small business Ross Randall

THANK YOU for supporting #shoplocalknebworth

So there you have it, my first social media campaign to support local business of which I am also one!  So please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter & Instagram. I WILL save you money with my personal finance and lifestyle advice.

@mrsmummypennyuk on Twitter & Instagram

Mrs Mummypenny on Facebook & Pinterest

MrsMummy Penny on You tube

And please do sign up to receive regular emails from Mrs Mummypenny so you miss nothing.

The next #shoplocalknebworth campaigns will be in September & November. So if you would like to feature in the next campaign please email me on lynn@mrsmummypenny.co.uk.

13-7-16 Baker days brthday celebration cake

Celebration Cake Baker Days Review

Celebration Cake review – Baker Days

Maybe 2 months ago I was super lucky to be invited to a bake off event where I got to make cup cakes and scones with lots of other brilliant bloggers and Ian Cumming from the real bake off program. It was so much fun…and afterwards I was contacted by the company Baker Days who asked me to review a celebration cake and also offered me a cake for a competition prize.

Baker Days cake’s

I was intrigued to be told that they can send you a cake that fits through your letter box. Now this is cool. I love a gift that can be posted hassle free to a friend or relative for a special occasion. They do bigger cakes as well and cupcakes but this was the unique cake they wanted me to see.

Hubby’s Birthday

It was the hubby’s birthday on Sunday so I arranged to have one delivered last week. It came in the cutest box and tin, along with candles, balloons and a party blower (is that the right term??!!). I ordered an emoji cake with the words I love you very very much. Who doesn’t love emoji’s?? Okay quite a few people hate them, but I don’t (hear, speak, see no evil monkey anyone?). There are lots of pictures you can choose to have on your cake or you add your own picture. You can choose from different flavoured cakes and can even have gluten free.

We went for vanilla sponge with icing. The cake is a mini cake and is 2-4 portions. Depends on how big a slice of cake you like. I tasted it. I know I am eating clean but I had to try it. It was yummy. The cake was really moist and vanilla tasty. The thin layer of icing was just right.

The cost of the letterbox cake is £14.99 for vanilla sponge, £16.99 for gluten free. This includes delivery unless you need it super quickly. Then you have to pay extra.

The competition prize was offered last week in my 7 posts in 7 days. And the lucky winner is a cake expert:-)

Celebration cake/I am sorry cake/leaving cake/everything cake

So if you are a bit stuck for ideas why not get a Baker Days cake for your best mate or loved one. My hubby really liked it and so did I and the boys.

Disclaimer – I received my cake and competition prize cake free of charge from Baker Days.

9-7-16 My Money Persona

My Money Persona. What are my Beliefs and why am I like this?

My Money Persona

I have just finished reading an incredible book ‘It is Only Money and it Grows on Trees’ by Cara Macmillan.

This has made me question and understand my money persona and attitude to money and why I make the decisions I do about money. Its taught me about different attitudes to money, different religious beliefs, different methods of dealing with money. It’s a great book I recommend a read. Click on the link and I will get a little bit of payment from Amazon.

The Importance of Money

So money is extremely important to me, hence Mrs Mummypenny arrived 3 years ago. I am slightly (read that as massively) obsessed with the saving of money on everything that we spend. From our food shopping to our bills to things for the boys to holidays to investments. I want to get the absolute best for the money we work very hard to earn. And all these savings add up to huge amounts, I have saved £7,500 in 6 months.

This does not mean that we are frugal, far from it. We just get the best price for everything we buy. I will ask for a discount anywhere and everywhere within reason. I don’t ask for a discount at John Lewis or Aldi;-) All these savings then mean we can splurge on amazing holidays, Prada bags (I have 2, one bought when I got promoted in my last job at EE and one when I was made redundant at EE;-) and amazing dinners out. We have a lovely house that we have worked extremely hardly hard to make perfect.

My Upbringing

My parents were not rich. My dad worked for the forces his entire life and worked as a dog handler for the MOD until he retired at 60. My mum stayed at home to look after me, she did a few cleaning job when I was growing up. My mum and dad had me later in life, at 42 & 45. I was a result of hot night of the summer of 1976. It was the hottest ever apparently and created me:-) My parents spoilt me as the 3rd child, the 3rd child 18 years after my siblings were born. My mum was pregnant at my sisters 21st birthday party, lol.

I remember birthdays and Christmas’s being overwhelmed with presents. From neighbours, friends of the family, from my brother and sister. I didn’t get everything I wanted through the year but I was very fortunate at these celebration times. I got the huge sindy house full of furniture, I got the Lego house and the doll that weed and cried. I wanted for nothing.

9-7-16 My Money Persona

My parents taught me that hard work got you material things in life. We had a lovely house in the middle of Penzance town centre. We spent every summer weekend at the beach. Life a child was idyllic. I remember the day I opened my first savings account at Bradford & Bingley, I used to check my balance every week. My birthday and Christmas money went into my account and I would love to watch the balance grow. I used to help out with the Barclays school bank when I was 11. I used to help friends decide which bank account to open…when I was 13. I got my first job when I was 14 at Oliver’s shoe shop on the high street. I wanted to earn money as early as possible.

Then my security blanket was ripped away. My mum died when I was 16 and then dad died when I was 19. A long story to be told another time but my dad re-married in-between mum and him dying so my step-mother inherited the money (there was no will and they were married). These 2 events took away my security, access to money and my house I grew up in. The house I lived in for 18 years until I went to London for university.

So since then I have become even more obsessed with building financial security. Having a great job and house has always been SUPER important to me. I’m not so fussed about the car or expensive clothes. But my house is very important as it homes my unit, my beautiful family. And now all of my money goes towards providing my unit a life like I had when I little.

The Future

I love getting this understanding of my financial psychology and knowing why I am like I am. It just makes me more determined to make Mrs Mummypenny a success and to get more financial stability. I would love to pay off our mortgage and I would love to take the boys on a mammouth holiday to America to see the entire west coast. Its important for me to set goals. Although these goals are flexible and maybe don’t all have a timeframe;-) Saying that I did write #40thingsbefore40, post 2/7 in my 7 days of blog posts. Theres quite alot in there to achieve before March 2017..lol.

1 year celebration posts and competition

This is my 7th and final post 7/7 in my week of blog posts to celebrate my 1 year of leaving EE and launching Mrs Mummypenny. Hurrah…..writing 7 posts in 7 days has been such a challenge. I am so happy its done. And I can take maybe 1 day off writing!!

This also marks day 7 of my giveaway. Prize 7 in a beautiful watch. Its stunning quality and was one of the goodies I raved about in my Fathers Day gift post a few weeks back.  The watch is in the middle. Its a man watch but actually I would wear it if you like bigger watches.9-6-16 Aldi Goodies Fathers Day

T’s and C’s

  • The competition is run by Mrs Mummypenny Ltd.
  • It closes on Sunday 10th July at 9pm.
  • To be entered into the competition leave a comment on this post, or on my Facebook page, or tweet with the #day7MMP1year or on Instagram using the same #day7MMP1year.
  • The prize is in my possession and will be posted week commencing 11th July.
  • I will choose one winner at random using excel rand function and will contact you on Sunday 10th July.
  • If I receive no reply I will move to the next winner in the list.


7-7-16 Flowers for make money at home Standon Calling

How to Make Money from Home – My Top Tips

How to Make Money from Home

Yesterday I talked about how I save saved £7,500 in the past 6 months. This £7,500 saving did include 2 money making schemes I have used which I shall go into a bit more detail in this post. It is completely possible to make money and a good living from a varied list of different tasks that can be done from the comfort of your own home or a bit of visiting/driving out and about.

The core of my blog Mrs Mummypenny is all about saving money and getting the best VALUE for your money. But did you know there are many other niche personal finance bloggers out there who specialise in other areas. There are Pensions & Investment Experts like Money to the Masses, Frugal/Debt experts like Skint Dad or Women’s Financial Empowerment like Money Nuggets. There are also Make Money experts like Emma From Aldi to Harrods. Emma Drew the founder, has been super helpful with blog advice and making money advice and has given me some interesting information for this post.

Now Emma can make money from home and has literally tried it all. I urge you to check out her website and read posts like Smelly shoes on EBay;-). Her website has been live for a few years so her income has taken some time to build and she has worked super hard to get it the level its at now with A LOT of traffic and A LOT of income. A big break came in April when she appeared in Mail online and the PR from that has been incredible. She is also extremely transparent about what she earns from where and whom. For May she has earned

  • £2,600 from Affiliate income (links and referrals on her website and social media)
  • £1,000 from Matched Betting (Risk free, tax free manipulation of free bets)
  • £579 from sponsored posts. Brands paying to write a review of products or services.
  • £105 from Mystery Shopping assignments
  • £100 from EBay Selling
  • £55 from online surveys

So in May that’s £4,439 from a combination of website income, matched betting and other stuff. Does this inspire you? She loves to splurge her earning on Disney holidays. Why not??!! She does Disney, we do Vegas!

Making Money – Mystery Shopping

I do a bit of this. So far this year I have mystery shopped a bank, and lots of supermarkets. This has not only earned me around £100 in cash but has also got me free Yorkshire puddings, protein muscle drinks (23 of them!) and smoothies. I use Ragdoll for the bank assignments, these pay VERY well, around £50 for the visit and 1 hour of your time. Use this form to register and be sure to use my name Lynn James as the referrer. As I will get a nice bonus for recommending you. Also there is RedWigWam for the supermarket assignments, use this link to sign up and also include my name as the referral. Mystery Shopping like this is quite fun!

Making Money – EBay and Facebook Selling

I have experimented with this a lot over the years. EBay tends to go in spurts of activity until I get bored or annoyed with all the questions/returns and issues!! I got so annoyed with EBay 2 years ago that I set up Knebworth Items for Sale, a selling group for my village on Facebook. It’s now got 2,500 members and so many people love the community spirit of buying, selling, free delivery without the fees. Of course these is abuse so there is a group of 3 us who admin the group. We are forever deleting chancers, dodgy folk and businesses touting their wares.

I have made a fair chunk of money on EBay too. I use it for the things that don’t sell on Knebworth Items for Sale. So good label clothes, random items with a particular market. The fees do really annoy me though, 10% to EBay and then another 3ish% to PayPal, plus postage. See my post about effective selling on EBay for more detail. Or find your local Facebook selling group and join it.

Making Money – Surveys and Apps

I have tried these but always get bored (there is a trend here!), it takes time to sit there filling in the surveys. Emma does fairly well and uses her downtime in the evening to do the surveys. Not one for me, but if you are interested have a read of Emma’s post on surveys.

There are also lots of apps to download on your phone that will make you cash. Apps like Bounts (if you sign up enter my referral code of james47013 please)  will monitor the steps you take and give you points that can be exchanged for vouchers. Or read Emmas post for tons if Iphone money saving apps.

Making Money – Matched Betting

I have given this a go. I was very sceptical when I first heard about it and have read many blogs about it online, mostly positive but some negative. It really does feel too good to be true, but it isn’t. When I met Emma from Aldi to Harrods back in February I heard about her matched betting gains, a few other bloggers mentioned how easy it was and that you just needed some time to learn and then go for it. So after some consideration I did.

I started in March and by mid-April when we went on holiday I had made £2000. Yes, you heard right, £2000 in around 42 days. This took an afternoon of learning in early March. A did the trial from Profit Accumulator where you can make a £45 profit for free. And went for it. You need around £500 in liquid cash to get going.

The simplest way to describe it is using the betting companies who give you tons of free bets by matching bets on an exchange. So I might receive a £20 free bet from Bet 365, I bet on West Ham to win. I match this with the opposite result (West ham to lose or draw) on an exchange site like Betfair. So whatever the result you either win the profit from the free bet or the exchange.

There is some basic maths behind it but Profit Accumulator does everything for you. They have a calculator, tutorial videos, they even give you a list of all the matched betting offers of the day. The best thing to do is to give the trial a go, watch a few videos and see if it’s for you. This will earn you £45 for nothing so why not.

Making Money – Selling for Utility Warehouse/Phoenix Cards etc

So how many mums or dads at home have been approached by these companies? I am talking about brands like Forever Living, Utility Warehouse or Phoenix cards. I have been approached by all of these because I either know people who sell them or I am targeted because of my website.

I have looked into the model with interest. I am always keen to understand the product and the commercial model behind it. Utility warehouse is the one where several people have contacted me and I have had seen the presentation and have been sent the potential earnings.

Utility warehouse will combine all your energy, mobile and broadband costs into one package, and because 80% of the country currently pay too much for their energy (please please please guys check out Uswitch and do a comparison, I can bet you are paying too much!!) they can save you money. HOWEVER, peeps if you did a tiny bit of research and shopped around you could do exactly the same and actually pay less than what UW quote. I pay a lot less than the UW quote. Come on we all want to pay less for our boring direct debit essential bills!

The agent will then earn commission for signing you up and their boss will earn commission for every customer their recruits sign up. So if you are at the top of the tree, you have a lot of commissions coming in every month. So that’s the trick to UW, basically recruit a team who do all the selling for you and you take a cut of the commission as the person at the top. Around 5 people so far have tried to recruit me to work for them and sell it.

Sounding good? It is if you run and motivate a team, if you are brilliant and selling, if you don’t mind going through everyone in your network and pestering them to change their energy. This is hard-core selling. If you can do these things go for it. Email me and I can refer you to a rep, as I have a couple who live down the road! Yes, they have tried to recruit me and I have said no.

So there you have it. Pick and choose from that what you feel comfortable with and go for it. There is lots of money to be earned when you are at home on maternity leave, or if you are a stay at home mum or if you are on long term sick. Go for it.

1 year celebration posts and competition

This is post 6/7 in my week of blog posts to celebrate my 1 year of leaving EE and launching Mrs Mummypenny.

This also marks day 6 of my giveaway. Prize 6 in the bundle is a full set of Aldi School Uniform for boys. Including age 4-5 polo shirt in blue and trousers, plus size 11 black school shoes. Perfect for your little man starting reception in September. To see the uniform check out Josh in the new Aldi school uniform advert.

T’s and C’s

  • The competition is run by Mrs Mummypenny Ltd.
  • It closes on Sunday 10th July at 9pm.
  • To be entered into the competition leave a comment on this post, or on my Facebook page, or tweet with the #day6MMP1year or on Instagram using the same #day6MMP1year.
  • The prize is in my possession and will be posted week commencing 11th July.
  • I will choose one winner at random using excel rand function and will contact you on Sunday 10th July.
  • If I receive no reply I will move to the next winner in the list.

This post is laced with affiliate links so anything you see highlighted is a link to a website that may earn me commission if you sign up. Not the links to websites of my friends, I am just helping them out;-) SO you make money and I make money WIN WIN.

How I saved £7,500 in 6 months. I am a money saver!

I am a Money Saver

I am a unique personal finance blogger. With an interesting attitude to money. I am currently reading ‘Its only money and it grows on trees‘ to help me explore this attitude, so a post with more detail is coming soon. Its a great book!! I am a money saver and I know how to save money on everything we buy and I will negotiate, be cheeky, will shop around all to save a few extra pounds. I then use this saving to splurge on things like a holiday to Las Vegas or a really nice meal out with the hubby. I believe in saving to then splurge:-)

Here are my big savings this year, after 6 months we have saved £10,000. Take a look maybe there are some tactics you can follow and yourself the same amount?

Switching Food Shopping from Tesco to Aldi

Back in January I was selected to join the Aldi wine club. I got to taste 2 wines every few weeks and tweet a review. This prompted me to explore the shopping at Aldi and become a money saver. I have been shopping at Tesco for maybe my entire life. This was a big shift for me.

I was spending £120 per week at Tesco with a bit of top up at Co-op. I now spend £80 per week at Aldi with little tops if needed.

£50 saving for 20 weeks = £1000

Las Vegas Holiday

April Holiday to Las Vegas booked through Expedia via TopCashBack. If we had booked this through a high street travel agent it would have been a lot more.

We paid £2200 rather than the £3200 quoted at said high street travel agent. Plus I got an additional 5.25%  £115 cash back via TopCashBack.

Total Holiday Saving = £1,115

Car/Travel/House Insurance Renewal

All our annual insurances renew in March and April. The renewal quotes came in at £400 for the car insurance, £200 for the house insurance and £60 for the annual travel insurance. I compared the markets for each type of insurance using the TopCashBack comparison engine which not only gave me the cheapest insurance but also a chunk of cashback too. I checked a few of the recommendations out and end up getting the car insurance for £200 after £60 cash back and saved an additional £40 on house insurance and £10 on travel insurance.

Total Insurance saving = £250

Matched Betting

This is something that I have not mentioned before and it’s not strictly money saving, more a money making scheme. I looked into it following my first UK money bloggers meet up back in February where I first heard about it. Matched betting is making a profit out of the huge volume of free bets the betting companies offer to entice you into their sparkly world of gambling. I did for 2 months leading up to our Las Vegas holiday and made a tax free/risk free profit of £2,000. If you are interested in learning more the best place to go is Profit Accumulator a specialist matched betting site that can explain way better than me how it works and will offer you a FREE trial which will show you the ropes and make you a £40ish profit.

Total Matched Betting Profit = £2,000

Giving Budget Make-Up a go

I love finding a budget beauty buy in Poundland or Aldi. I have been trying quite a few Aldi Lacura items. I love their eye liner, mascara and age defying 3 minute mask. A snip compared the normal Bobbi Brown make up I buy. I now buy a bit of both. I did a great You tube video with Claire Wacey comparing value brands to expensive.

Make Up Savings = £150

Currency for Holidays

I have discovered a great currency comparison site who consistently offer me the best rates of currency. Even compared to places like the post office or super markets you get a better deal here. We saved around £100 with our dollars purchase for April holiday

Currency Exchange Saving = £100

Life Coaching

Back in January I commenced a series of life coaching sessions with my hypnotherapy friend Heather. She had recently trained in life coaching and needed a couple of case study guinea pigs to practise on before launching it as a service. I was the guinea pig so was VERY lucky to receive a series of life coaching sessions from Jan to March worth £1000. I have written a post which will be published at some point in July to tell you about this process and my views/learnings. If you regularly follow me on my website you will notice a distinct improvement in my business since Q1;-)

Life Coaching Saving = £1000

Family Rail Card

I got one of these in January as we do a lot of driving to football in Cambridge with the boys. This gave us the option to get the train. Nice in the warmer months. Plus any trips with the family into London cost a lot less with the rail card. I think over the 6 months we have saved maybe £100 in rail fares. At a cost of £30 I love this savings card.

Rail Card Saving = £100

Products and Services Received as part of my Mrs Mummypenny work

As you will notice from my blog I regularly receive exciting products and goodies to try out for Mrs Mummypenny. And thanks to Aldi it is normally things that I would have been buying anyway. Such as fathers day pressies, cooking items, camping gear, school uniform or wine. Everything I receive here has to be disclosed as income to Mr Taxman.

Money saved through receipt of free products = £900

Prizes won

I love to enter a competition, I normally enter one a day. As you never know when you will eventually win. Hopefully the big prizes…New York holiday pretty please let me win:-) So far this year I have won a Moonpig stationery bundle and some Ritual cosmetics

Prize value = £80 

Mystery Shopping

Again more of money made rather than money saved but so far this year I have earned around £100 plus a few free products from a few Asda, Tesco, Co-op, bank mystery shopping gigs. If you are interested in this great money making idea I recommend Redwigwam and Ragdoll as companies to sign up to. If you do please use my name as the referral box, I will get a small amount of referral commission:-)

Mystery Sopping Income + Products = £150

Top Cash Back

I use TopCashBack for all online purchases and have received various bits of cash back for things like flower delivery, ugg boots, dominos pizza. Get an account and start saving, again if you use this link I will get a small referral fee. I have made £1500 in 3 1/2 years of having my account.

Cashback Received = £150

Mobile Phone, Broadband and Sky TV savings

I get a friends and family discount on my mobile for life as I worked at EE. This saves me £15 per month. I have a friends and family discount at Sky which saves us £35 per month. And I have had to make around 10 customer service complaints about BT, for which I have received refunds/credit of £150.

Mobile/BB/Sky savings = £450

Total Saving of £7,445

If you have any other great saving ideas please do leave a comment and share them. It will count towards the day 5 prize!!!

1 year celebration posts and competition

This is post 5/7 in my week of blog posts to celebrate my 1 year of leaving EE and launching Mrs Mummypenny.

This also marks day 5 of my giveaway. Prize 5 in the bundle is house rules canvas. A brilliant portrait canvas I picked up from Next showing the simplist of house rules like Love each other, Tidy up after yourself, No shouting;-)

T’s and C’s

  • The competition is run by Mrs Mummypenny Ltd.
  • It closes on Sunday 10th July at 9pm.
  • To be entered into the competition leave a comment on this post, or on my Facebook page, or tweet with the #day5MMP1year or on Instagram using the same #day5MMP1year.
  • The prize is in my possession and will be posted week commencing 11th July.
  • I will choose one winner at random using excel rand function and will contact you on Sunday 10th July.
  • If I receive no reply I will move to the next winner in the list.
4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips selfie at top of high roller

My Top Travel Saving Tips for Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas. I really love Las Vegas. I first went when I was 25, so that was 2002. I stayed in one of the cheapest hotels on the strip, the Luxor and spent 3 days wondering around in amazement at the wonder of the adult playground. We didn’t gamble or eat expensive meals we just wondered around the incredible hotels and walked up and down the strip. The problem was we didn’t get any advice we just winged it and didn’t really know what to do.

Since 2002 I have been back 8 times. I know, excessive maybe to some but not to us. I returned in 2005 with my now hubby. I have since stayed in MGM Signature, Vdara, Bellagio 3 times, Cosmopolitan and the Aria 2 times.

My Las Vegas Savings Tips

So I think I am qualified now as a bit of an expert! Whatever your budget or likes/dislikes I could recommend you an itinerary. For now, I am going to share with you my top tips on saving some cash.

Booking you Las Vegas Holiday

  1. Book your Las Vegas holiday at the right time of the year. It is located in the middle of the dessert and it get REALLY hot much of the year. I have been once in July and it was like opening an over door when we walked out of the airport! April or September are great times to go. Temperature should be about 25-30 degrees. Nice. I have always booked our Las Vegas holidays with Expedia. They consistently return the best prices on the direct flights and strip hotels when booked together. I would suggest £1100 to £1200 per person is about what you are looking to pay for 5 nights in March/April time.
  2. Pick a hotel mid strip to minimise the amount of money you need to spend on taxis. The hotels are really far apart. We once walked from the Bellagio all the way down to the Stratosphere. Its maybe 3 miles, it doesn’t look it but it’s a loooong walk! If you are on a budget go for Planet Hollywood or Tropicana. If you can afford a bit more go for Aria or Bellagio and if you want to spend lots, then go for Caesar’s palace or the Cosmopolitan. The Wynn/Encore and Venetian/Palazzo hotels are all really nice but just a bit of a distance down the strip.
  3. Both Virgin and BA run direct flights every day which leave London at around 11am and get to Vegas at around 2pm in the afternoon. Great timing. We have flown both but I have to admit I prefer Virgin. We like to book the upstairs economy seats. It’s nice and quiet and you seem to be a bit better looked after. Hubby who is 6 ft. 3 thinks Virgin has more room than BA too. I don’t get the Virgin air miles though. I have thousands of them and I can never seem to be able to do anything with them??
  4. For other pre-holiday savings tips such as travel insurance, luggage, foreign currency, airport parking hotel stay, check out this Mrs Mummypenny post on pre-holiday saving tips.

Savings when you are in Las Vegas & Activities

  1. Get a loyalty card. We like to stay in MGM group hotels so we always have an M-Life card. You just show it every time you spend money in any MGM group hotel, and there are loads, Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, MGM, Mirage, Monte Carlo, NYNY, Luxor, Excalibur, plus more. A hotel for every budget there. Anyways use the card for everything and then when you check out ask them to check your points for any discount. I got $50 off the hotel bill in April. Nice. Ask for it when you check in.
  2. Get planning before you go and try to book things you are certain you want to go to. Your hotel concierge will help you out before your holiday. Email them a list of restaurants and they will book up for you, and they are great at securing the best tables. One of our favourite restaurants (maybe in the world) is Cut at the Palazzo. To get a table there you need to book a few weeks in advance.
  3. Book theatre tickets and trips in advance too. We wanted to go to Britney Spears, I booked maybe 2 months before holiday with Ticketmaster and tickets were £90 each. If we had bought whilst on holiday at least double it. And I also would say don’t bother with Britney, she mimed the entire show. Bad form Britney b!tch. Check out my YouTube clip;-). Apparently Jennifer Lopez is much better!
  4. 4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips helicopterA helicopter trip to the Canyon is amazing and if you can spare the $$$ do it. We did a trip with Maverick to rim of canyon and walked the skywalk. It was amazing, possible my favourite bits of our holiday. Our pilot was lovely (and quite good looking, I sat next to him;-)). These helicopter trips are pricey…but I pre-booked using Live chat and I got a 10% discount as I was a previous customer. I am not sure I am but I said I was and they took 10% off, saving us $100.4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips grand canyon
  5. Taxi ride from the airport, tell the driver to take Tropicana avenue. If you don’t they take you on the highway and it costs $40. Tropicana way will cost you $15/$20.
  6. At check in slip the agent a $20 in your passport and ask if there are any upgrades available. It doesn’t always work but it has a couple of times. We have got fountain view rooms twice in Bellagio using this method. It just depends on their availability at that minute in time!!
  7. Make friends with the concierge. I am very lucky to have a great friend Mildred, who is concierge at Aria. We met 3 years ago when she worked at the Cosmopolitan. She organised everything for my buddies 40th birthday celebration, really made the holiday amazing. A great concierge is amazing. Mildred sorts out everything for us each time we go. So if you are staying at the Aria ask for Mama Mildred and say Mrs Mummypenny – Lynn sent you and you will be looked afterJ
  8. Mention that its your birthday at every restaurant when the booking is made. To be fair last time we went it 4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips birthday dessertwas my birthday…but we got 3 freebie desserts in restaurants. And in one in particular we were treated like celebrities, see my post here. And the dessert they gave us was one of the nicest cakes I have ever tasted. You’ll also get a nice table. Check out this view from the Picasso restaurant on our last nightJ
  9. Check out the freebie shows at many hotels, things like the Tropicana tropical gardens are amazing with real flamingos, the fountains at the Bellagio, a modern art tour of the Aria, the tropical gardens at the Bellagio. The lightshow downtown in Freemont street. There are tons of freebie shows.4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips flamingos 4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips modern art aria 4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips bellagio fountains
  10. Check out a proper show. They range hugely in price with the Cirque Du Soleil shows being pricey. My favourites have been Love at the Mirage and One at the Mandalay Bay. We loved Absinthe at Caesar’s which we saw in 2015. A brilliant dare devil variety show, a bit risky, hilarious and you are so close to the stage I could practically touch the roller-skates of the women being flung around and around in circles.
  11. There are always concert going on, especially with the new venue T-Mobile Arena. Do have a look at the listings which come out 6 months prior to the concert dates. We missed Guns N roses by 1 day, GUTTED. Again check prices with your friendly concierge and also check Ticketmaster.
  12. Check out the buffet, stuff yourself silly and you won’t need to eat again that day or possibly ever again!! Every hotel has them but I recommend the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan, and the Wynn buffet. The Bellagio buffet is good as well.
  13. Lastly gambling, if you are going to gamble stick to your limits and don’t let the casinos bombard you with4-7-16 las vegas top money saving tips cocktails in bellagio drink so you get drunk and lose control!! The nice hotels especially will ply you with free drinks, the waitress will be there every 15 minutes whilst you sit at the blackjack tables. Remember these casinos were not built on the profits from the hotel rooms & restaurants. It’s the $billions lost in gambling.

I hope you enjoyed my Las Vegas top tips. Please comment if you have other money saving tips, I would love to know.If you are going drop me an email on Lynn@mrsmummypenny.co.uk and I will be more than happy to help out with any info.

1 year celebration posts and competition

This is post 4/7 in my week of blog posts to celebrate my 1 year of leaving EE and launching Mrs Mummypenny.

This also marks day 4 of my giveaway. Prize 4 in the bundle is a cake! Baker Days will send you a fabulous cake that fits through your letter box. I am due to receive one tomorrow for hubbies birthday so I will post a picture on Instagram @mrsmummypennyuk to show you whats it like. How can a cake fit through the letter box? I am intrigued.

T’s and C’s

  • The competition is run by Mrs Mummypenny Ltd.
  • It closes on Sunday 10th July at 9pm.
  • To be entered into the competition leave a comment on this post, or on my Facebook page, or tweet with the #day4MMP1year or on Instagram using the same #day4MMP1year.
  • The prize will be posted to you by Baker Days on the date you specify with them. I will help you sort this out.
  • I will choose one winner at random using excel rand function and will contact you on Sunday 10th July.
  • If I receive no reply I will move to the next winner in the list.