Money Saving ideas for Freezer Food – Guest post from Reduced Grub

Freezer Food

Last week there was a huge conversation on my Facebook page about bananas. Yes nearly 4000 people saw the thread of loads of readers giving their favourite ways of dealing with brown bananas. And many of the solution involved freezing them. I totally did not know you could freeze bananas!

My blogger friend Kelly from the fab website Reduced Grub is quite the expert on frugal cooking, and yellow sticker reduced price bargain food shopping and has most kindly written this post about all the wonderful food items you can freeze but maybe never knew you could.

Have a read then go checkout her website for loads of fabulous recipe ideas and save yourself some cash.

Introduction to Kelly

I really think that I should go on Britain’s got talent, as I have one serious talent. The freezer is approached, the door is opened and I have the challenge of catching everything that falls out! Super speed is required as it can come from any direction, and often several things at once. I have adapted my skill to catching things with my toes and teeth, and I am currently getting quotes in about having some Circus themed music wired up, so that every time the door is opened, I get that infamous tune, that would tie in nicely with my acrobatic ability. I have also been accident free for 4 weeks and counting, I am sure that you can all relate to the feeling of a pack of frozen sausages landing on your toes, that is hardcore pain.

Anyway, I am sure that you can all understand what I am wobbling on about and even though it is a minefield when you open the door, the freezer can be a God send if you are trying to be frugal and save some serious cash.

Cut Priced Freezer Food

The world of cut price shopping is so easy to follow that even I manage to do it, and I have saved a fortune in the process. I am a bit advocate for Reduced priced food, as every supermarket and even small high street shop will offer it and a lot of people with their nose in the air, often won’t touch anything wearing a reduced sticker, which is fab, as there is more for like-minded people like me and my family eat like Kings for pennies.

What people don’t know is that reduced priced food means nothing! It is just a way for shops to move food quickly so that they can replenish the shelves with the newer produce. High-end supermarket do this and you get some great quality food for pennies and this is where the freezer comes in!

My freezer currently contains everything from Milk, to Tuna steaks to Curry leaves, and this is how I roll!

I will often buy reduced priced fresh meat or fish and pop it in the freezer and pair this up with fresh produce. Sometimes I will see some great fruit or veg offers and pop those into the freezer for when I can use them. My weekly shopping bill is around £35 by working in this manner and it really does work.

Are you Unsure about What you Can/Cannot Freeze?

Many of you are a bit unsure of what you can and cannot freeze, so I have put a little list together for you and I hope that it gives you a good Idea.

  • Milk, I always open and use a bit before I freeze this, as the expansion of the liquid can push the top off. When this is almost defrosted, this makes the best milkshakes as it is sooooo cold and the kids love it.
  • Bread, you can pick up a loaf of bread for around 10p and this is fab for sticking in the freezer and using for toast. Avoid French sticks etc. as they tend to go a bit crumbly, but tortillas and flat bread freeze well.
  • Butter is a great item to freeze, with the average price over a pound, if you ever see any reduced, get them and freeze them.
  • Cheese, after Christmas I had a cheese mountain left over, so I grated it all up, put it into several bags and froze them. You can use the cheese straight from frozen and this is great for adding into sauces, toppings or pizza.
  • Birthday cakes cost a ****** fortune and with three kids in my house, two adults plus grandparents, you’re not going to get much change out of £100 pa. I always buy my cakes reduced, usually for around £2 and I freeze them. Get them out of the freezer the day before you want to use them and put in the fridge to defrost. We have been doing this for years, and you have a think of the money that we have saved.
  • Fruit and vegetables are great to freeze, I have bought lots of veg reduced after the Christmas holidays and I have blanched it all. Just pop it into boiling water for about two minutes, drain and then submerge in iced water to stop the cooking process. Bag up and then freeze. Fruit is great to freeze and then use in Jams, cake fillings, smoothies or ice cream.
  • Pasta is something that can be frozen and a lot of people will often say it can’t. That is actually 50 shades of wrong, part cook your pasta, drain and put it in cold water to stop the cooking. You can put it with a sauce and then freeze, ready for you to do a quick pasta bake, or even freeze it on its own, defrost it then needed and then boil it until soft enough.
  • Pastry is also good to freeze, so if you see any fab price ready stuff or have a load of dough left over, chuck in in the freezer.

Storage is also key to a good relationship with your freezer, the fuller your freezer then the more economical to run, that comment there will wipe the smirk of your other half’s face when they moan about your shopping. Always cool foods completely before you freeze them and cover food well to prevent freezer burn.

I hope that you have found this information a tad useful, I am just off to try and close my freezer door, which is another head scratching scenario that makes me crave for a Gin and Tonic, especially when I see that I have left something out, that really needed to go back in!

buzzoole code

The Christmas Debt Hangover Effect – A Tool to Avoid this Next Year

The Christmas Debt Hangover Effect

Scary facts time, the average family spent more than £800 on Christmas. Nearly a quarter, 23%, of us felt under pressure to spend more than we could afford (according to research from National Debtline).

How was it for you? Did you spend more than you had planned? Did you end up with Christmas debt spending more than you could afford to?

How was Christmas for us?

Most of our spending went onto a cash back credit card that gets paid in full every month to avoid any interest charges. I had been trying to spread the cost of Christmas over a few months. Our November spending was paid at the beginning of January, not the best of timings and the bill came in at £600 higher than normal. Our December spending is paid at the beginning of February and that is £400 higher than normal. This extra £1000 has hurt and the extra money has come out of now much depleted savings.

This spending was even with us agreeing to not not do gifts with some family members and friends that we have always exchanged gifts with in the past. I spent too much on the children again:-(

Next Christmas

For next Christmas I am going to try something different, I am going to give a Christmas Savings card a try. You often hear about savings clubs but I have always been quite cynical due to the worry about where my money would be held and what if the company went bust (I think I remember that happening a few years ago!).

The Asda Christmas Savings Card is a bit different, firstly Asda is extremely unlikely to go bust! You can save up to £144 over the year on each card. At the end of every shop you can add a regular amount onto the card or maybe round up your shopping to £100 and put the difference onto the card. Adding on small amounts to the card every time you shop will be less noticeable to the weekly budget.

18-1-16 Christmas Savings

How Does it Work?

Pick up a savings card in store, they look like this one. The one I am going to start saving on. Once you reach the limit of £144 on a card just pick up a new one and start saving on that one. As soon you start saving on a card ensure that you register it here clicking here. That way your balances are protected should you lose the card.


Once you have saved set amounts on the cards you will be eligible for a bonus in November just in time for the gift and food shopping.

  • Savings between £49 and £96 means a bonus of £1
  • Savings between £97 and £143 means a bonus of £3
  • Savings of £144 means a bonus of £6

This approach to Christmas and is a great way of saving up a chunk of money to cover the cost of Christmas treats and gifts. How lovely would it be to not have an extra credit card bill after Christmas? Or to not have to take out a short-term loan to pay for something after the event has happened?

If you saved £10 per week from now until November, you would have a total of £450 which would be eligible for 3 lots of £6 bonuses so an extra £18. That’s £468 to cover Christmas spending. If you could stretch to £20 per week that is Christmas pretty much covered with £936 on card!!

All the money saved on the cards will need to be spent in Asda. Here is a handy FAQ section from the Asda website if you have any other specific questions.

This is a collaborative post.


16-8-16 alexandre meerkat compare the market

Compare The Market Simple and Convenient Insurance Tool

Compare The Market Simples Convenient Insurance Tool

You may remember back in August of last year I had the privilege of spending an evening with a group of brilliant bloggers and the team from Compare the Market. The had built an exciting new insurance product where you can handily store all your insurance documents online. Whenever you have a question about anything in your policy you can ask the widget for help.

This is incredible new technology that was so impressive to understand, learn about and test/give feedback on.

A few months on the new product has moved on many stages and is now much more user friendly. Upon logging in I can see that the first page you get to has changed in appearance and clarity (worryingly all my insurance policies are all up for renewal in the next two months!). Every policy is listed clearly with renewal dates and how much my policy cost last time it was renewed.

When I click into each policy it I can immediately see all the key information, including policy number, contact number of policy company. Also, what it includes and what it doesn’t include. There is also a handy clickable button to get a quote from Compare The Market. It’s great to see that much of the feedback we gave as a group of blogger was taken into consideration and was changed.

Possibly the most complex bit of the process was loading your insurance documents into the system that then analyses it for the all the key details. This process has now been documented into a video giving simples (!!) instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

Give it a go Yourself

So why not give it a go yourself, it’s really easy to sign up. Just follow this process

  1. Visit simples.uk.com
  2. Sign up for Simples with your Comparethemarket.com login
  3. Add a car, travel and/or home insurance policy
  4. Use the SMS chat widget to speak to and ask questions of your policy

If you get stuck at any time you can speak to the chat box who will answer your questions helpfully

Why do I like this Service?

I love anything that saves me time and effort and am not a fan of paperwork and my documents are often not where they should be. This way I know all key insurance documents are all stored with Compare the Market.

This is a collaborative post.

8 ways to save energy this winter

Save Energy and Money

I struggle with the cold, I really do. I am sat here working away in layers of clothes with a kitten curled up on my feet to keep them warm and the heating turned up higher than I should have it. Last week was so cold with the snow. I had the pleasure of going to football training on Friday night in 1 degree, that was chilly!

So what can you do to save energy costs? The average 3 bed house costs £1300 a year in energy bills (according to Everest, although we pay less with the monthly direct debit costing £70). There are some bigger, more permanent solutions you can put in place to make significant differences to your energy bills.

Things like upgrading your boiler, improving your double glazing, installing solar panels or wind turbines even will make a significant difference but have an outlay linked to them. See the below illustration for lots of ideas. These projects will all add actual value in both the short terms and long term, making your house more efficient with big annual savings

There are also smaller changes you can make that will also make a difference

  1. Ensure you use a timer for your energy so that you are not using energy at regular times when you are not in the house. I work from home so will often put the heating up and then turn it down a couple of degrees so its not on high all the time.
  2. Invest in some fluffy warm sofa blankets, lovely to snuggle into to keep warm.
  3. Wash your clothes at 30 degree rather than 40, most washing powders are just as effective at 30 as at 40 degrees.
  4. Use the heat from the oven to keep the house warm!! Open it up after the food has stopped cooking to let the heat take over the kitchen/dining room.
  5. Keep all the doors shut and blinds closed/curtains drawn to keep the heat in.
  6. Use a shower timer and only shower for 5 minutes maximum.
  7. Swap all your light bulbs over to LED to save an average £45 per year!!
  8. Insulate your loft with at least 270mm of insulation. This is really important as heat rises and is lot through the roof.

16-1-17 Energy Saving

Based on a work at http://www.everest.co.uk/everest-winter-savings/.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.everest.co.uk/contact/.

This is a collaborative post.

15-1-17 January-blues-yoga

3 Tips to Beat the January Blues – Exercise, Food, Holiday

3 Tips to Beat the January Blues

January is an interesting month and a really difficult month for people like me who suffer with SAD.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over and the start of a new year is upon us.  For many people the start of a new year brings a combination of optimism in the future and despair at the lack of accomplishments in the year just ended. This mixture of emotions along with the fact that British weather in January is not the most uplifting has given rise to what is commonly known as the “January Blues.”

Tens of thousands experience these January Blues, but there are some easy ways to battle them which will help to get your new year off to a great start.

  1. Exercise More

15-1-17 January-blues-yoga“I’ll exercise more” is one of the more common New Year’s resolutions. One of the reasons this resolution has such as large failure rate is a great deal to do with how we approach exercise.  Getting in shape does not mean that we have to spend hours in the gym or hire a personal trainer.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise around. It is suitable for everyone regardless of age or physical condition.  Yoga is definitely low impact, which means you will not be making a trip to hospital due to a yoga injury.  Regular practice has proven to increase flexibility, improve circulation, and even lower blood glucose levels in diabetics.  Yoga is a unique combination of physical and mental exercise, which also reduces stress.

Another appealing aspect of yoga is that your practice can take place anywhere. Yoga studios can be found almost everywhere with classes usually being available from early morning until late evening.  There are a number of excellent yoga apps available as well, such as 5 Minute Yoga and Down Dog.

  1. Diet

15-1-17 January-blues-foodThe number of resolutions made, and broken, each year that deal with food is amazing.  The last few years has given rise to the “foodie” phenomenon.  Admittedly, foodies can often be annoying with their constant references to obscure dishes and comments about the latest food fad.

However food is a requirement and not only nourishes the body but the mind as well. Studies show that a relaxing meal with family or friends, whether at home or at a restaurant reduces stress and promotes mental health.

Social media is filled with shares about the latest super foods that promote weight loss and promise to increase our vitality and longevity.  However, it is not necessary to search speciality food shops nor visit out of the way restaurants to try the new super foods to get the benefits of a well-balanced diet.

For example, both Indian and Chinese foods have a long history of being both healthy and popular. Apps like Hungry House and Open Table  make it easy to find nearby restaurants. Through the apps you can search menus, make reservations, or order takeaway and delivery. Both cuisines are also very easy to make at home.

Don’t let the fact that the NHS hosts the Change4Life app prevent you from checking it out. The app has lots of excellent recipes and cooking tips. Jamie Oliver’s app is arguably one of the best recipes and cooking apps you will find anywhere.

Trying new cuisines and dishes with family and friends is also a relaxing, fun, social experience.

  1. Take a Trip

15-1-17 January-blues-tripResearchers recently interviewed 1,000 people; about 750 of them stated that going on holiday made them feel better.  Occupational psychologist Carol Rothwell said that “”A holiday gives you the time and space to do the things that make you happy.” It is important to note that the planning of a holiday trip has also proven to be very beneficial.

There are number of excellent travel apps and websites that made holiday planning easy and interesting.

OwnersDirect and AirBnB have excellent deals for accommodation along with web pages that list things to do and interesting facts about the destinations.  For those that prefer hotel stays for their holidays Roomer and Cancelon offer great deals on unused reservations.

For airfare the best deals can usually be found using one of the top three comparison sites; SkyScanner, Travel Super Market and Kayak.  You should also consider using the Hopper app. The apps predicts whether the fare you found is likely to go up or down in price. It has proven to be fairly accurate in predicting when the fare is likely to change.


5 Frugal Things Post 12 – Making Extra Money for January

5 Frugal Things Post 12

Its been a few weeks since I last posted my regular 5 Frugal Things. Christmas happened, New Year happened and 5 Frugal Things didn’t happen! So I have a few things stored up from the past few weeks to make 5 Frugal things post 12 a good one.

A huge priority at the moment is to bring in as much cash as possible. I am really keen to get ahead of myself in terms of earning and build up as big a safety fund as possible. I feel a lot more comfortable mentally if I know that I have a stash of at least 3 months worth of cash, preferably 6 months then I feel better and happier. This is really important for this time of the year when I really struggle from a mental point of view.


11-1-17-zapper-book-haulI discovered this tool this week for scanning books, DVD’s, CD’s and, games, old mobiles and electronics and making some money from their value. I had a pile of book that was destined for the bin, but after scanning I found they were worth £7. Great news so I am now de-cluttering the house and realising the value in things that were not being used or ready to be thrown away. I wrote about it here.

20 Cogs

Another money making tool. This is a website that you sign up to and you work your way through 20 offers and make some money for each offer you sign up to. The things you sign up are questionnaire websites, trials for products (that you can cancel when the free trial period ends). I have completed 14 offers, just 6 more to go then I will be able to transfer the cash I have earned to my bank account. So far I am up to £140 so it will hopefully be more than £200 when I get through all the offers. If you are interested use this link to sign up yourself and earn £200 for yourself.

Amazon Tickets

13-1-17 5-frugal-things-post-12-theatreLast week the 2 older boys and I went to the theatre to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Going to theatre at any time other than Children,s Week (August time) is expensive. Not since I discovered Amazon Tickets. We got 3 tickets to the matinee performance for £40 each. Believe me this is a great price for the theatre which normally costs maybe double this on a popular day. Okay we were high up, in the balcony section but fairly near the front of the section and in the middle. I highly recommend getting your theatre tickets from here to save some money.

Happiness Planner

13-1-17 5-frugal-things-post-12-happiness-plannerA new year requires a planner and I ordered my happiness planner slightly late, which arrived this week. Now planners are not the cheapest of products especially the happiness planners, so I did a quick internet search for voucher codes and hurrah found a 10% off code. This is brilliant planner which I love and they currently have a great sale on loads of planners so take a look a the website. I bought the 52 weeks planner for £30.

Using up beauty product’s

I am making a real effort this January to not buy any new beauty products and ensuring that all old products are used up before buying anything new. This included everything from shampoo to shower gel to conditioner to toothpaste. I tend to always buy new stuff so often have half used bottles. I think I can get to at least March without spending any money on new products. Its feels good to save as well as de-clutter.

Do you have any fantastic money making ideas for the new year that others could benefit from, why not leave a comment here and help others reading this post?

I’m joining in with the #5frugalthings blog linky. If you’d like to join, or just want to check out other thrifty suggestions, hop on over to visit Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family, Becky at Family Budgeting and Emma at Emma’s Savvy Savings


Decluttering my house and making money with Zapper

Make Extra Money with Zapper

I have a confession, I have an issue with clutter. Here are a few pictures to demonstrate. The corner of our living room is constantly full of toys. I tried to arrange neatly in boxes, but it just seems to multiply!

11-1-17-zapper-clutter-2 11-1-17-zapper-clutter

The month of January is my month to declutter as much as possible. Yesterday I spent a few hours with my friend Emma Drew, of www.Emmadrew.info fame who is quite the expert on making money and selling stuff. We went through the cupboard under the stairs full to the point of breaking with stuff, also a pile of clutter that I had collected upstairs. We separated the items into an EBay, Facebook, charity, dump pile.

So today I start going through the pile of stuff and I am starting with the easiest task of the books, imagine my joy when I found a fab app, Zapper where you simply scan in the barcode of an item, and they give you a value of the item. Keep scanning and scanning, watch the total increase, package up the items, send it off and get cash in return!! Yes please.


11-1-17-zapper-book-haulThere are a few apps you can use but I like Zapper for its simplicity to set up and the value of goods. Take this pile of cookery books set for the dump…worth £7!! I did check on another couple of apps and the value was nowhere near.

Computer Games

Next in line for things to scan is old computer games from the boys, the ones they don’t play anymore. I have a huge pile of them upstairs to go through.

CD’s & DVD’s

You can also scan old CD’s and DVD’s. Most people I know have shelves of DVD’s, do you really need the physical copy there now that we have most things available on Amazon Prime, Netflix or Sky?

Mobiles & Electronics

Also, available to send to Zapper is old mobiles and electronics. I wonder how many old phones, tablets, laptops, computer consoles there are in the bottom of draws or hidden under the stairs in the pile of clutter like I had. Have a look and check on this site to see what they are worth.

This really is perfect solution for January where we all need some extra cash to help with the Christmas bills. And we can all do with a bit of a declutter, can’t we?

I am really happy with my haul of stuff to send off to Zapper, it’s come to £30 and much less stuff cluttering up the house.

This was a collaborative post with Zapper.


Introducing Money Life Live – A day of financial resolutions

Financial Resolutions with Adam Piplica

Here is a guest post from Adam Piplica of the website Magical Penny. Adam is a fellow money blogger who I have had the pleasure to work with on a few campaigns and have met in person several times. He has the interesting story of starting off as a personal finance blogger and is now training to become a financial planner.

He is running a fantastic 1 day Money Life Live being held this Saturday 14th January in York. Are you interested? Then read on.

New Year, New You?

It’s the start of a new year and many are using the turning of the calendar to make new year resolutions and plans for 2017 and beyond. Planning and making resolutions are a bit like babies. They are fun to make but more of a handful and sometimes an annoyance to keep! (are you nodding your head right now, parents?)

When the excitement of a new year begins to wear off, you will need something more substantive to sustain you in your new quest. You will need a strong vision followed by an actionable, non-overwhelming plan.

It can be hard to keep all the various plates spinning in a busy household and sometimes finances and budgets can be knocked off track unexpectedly. However, if you have a strong vision of where you want to be in the future it can be easier to get back on track after setbacks.

Have you got a strong vision of your future?

What is your vision for the future?

Asking a child what they want to be when they grow up is a common question. Perhaps some adults ask it to get inspiration for their own lives! And quite right too, as it’s not just a question for children. Everyone can benefit from some introspection every now and then.  It can be all too easy to stop looking towards the blue sky of the future when we’re wading through the sometimes-muddy-waters of life. But if you take some time out to dream, you might be surprised with what you come up with and see how your life can change and develop in beneficial and meaningful ways.

It starts with having a clear vision for your future. Give yourself permission to dream this January, and write down some of your ideas and visions for the future. It’s much easier to get to where you want when you know what it looks like. Make it crystal clear but know that it doesn’t have to be 100% right first time.

Introducing Money Life LIVE

So who am I to tell you this? I’m Adam Piplica, a former market research executive who, after looking at lots of numbers every day, took some time to reflect on what numbers mattered the most, and decided to move into the career of financial planning – helping people find clarity in their own financial numbers and how they can translate to their life goals.

I’ve decided to host an event to educate and inspire you; to help you take some time to identify where you are at in life and what you might want for the future. Even if you are happy with your life right now, you might not know what you are missing out on in your financial infrastructure.

The event aims in 1 day to help you gain clarity on what matters in your life, and learn how to optimise your financial life, together with a community committed to creating a life they dreamed.

The speakers who have agreed to speak are fantastic and include professional financial planners will be covering other personal finance topics ranging from debt and savings, to investing and financial wellbeing, and also ways to earn more.

You’ll leave with some great ideas, and inspiration to put things into action, for the benefit of your entire family.

Money Life LIVE is a full-day life-changing event happening in central York on Saturday 14th January 2017. Can you come? For more information and tickets visit: MoneyLifeLIVE.com



Pocket Money – Should you give it to your children?

Pocket Money – The debate

Sometimes a debate gets going on my Facebook page which promotes a huge response with everyone keen to give their views and feedback. A few months back there was a discussion about pockets money so I wanted to share some of the discussion on here. Read on for some ideas or maybe to see if what you do is similar to others.

We currently do not give pocket money; our boys are 9,7 and 4. I started off the debate as I was not sure if pocket money was the right thing to do or not. I discovered there is a wide range of viewpoints out there amongst you readers.

Press findings about a gender gap in Pocket Money!

I had also read in the press that a gender gap was already appearing with boys getting more pocket money than girls and that £6 was the average amount of pocket money. I was interested to see if this was true.

Mrs Mummypenny Facebook Discussion

24 people commented to tell me what they did with pocket money and their family. Ages ranged from little ones 4,5,6 all the way up to teenagers. Most people gave money to their children. 4 out of the 24 didn’t give pocket money, mostly quoting that they couldn’t afford it.

Of the 20 who did give money it was mostly given in return for doing jobs in the house. Here are a few comments

Facebook Comments

AH says: – My older 2 boys which are 7&5 get 20p per job they do around the house and an extra £1 each day they are good they have those tins you need to open with a can opener so they don’t actually get their money it goes in a tin as they want to save up for something they really want my 7yr old wants an Xbox and my 5yr old wants a Wii u console so they have to earn it.

AS says: – My two eldest aged 14 and 15 have £10 pw, and two youngest £5 each per week, all have to save 25% of what they earn, and they love seeing the achievement of saving.

SH says: – No pocket money but earn money through jobs and achievements etc. usually increments of 20p boy 9, girl 5, boy 2. The two older will be using their money to buy their sweets at the cinema today. Works for us….

HL says: – I pay £20 a month into each of my boy’s bank accounts as pocket money. They are 4 and 6 years old. I will do the same for my 6-month-old daughter once I get an account set up for her. It means if they see something they want they can use that money rather than I pay for it.

KD: – I’m a Foster carer and have 2 boys both aged £15 and I HAVE to give them a minimum of £10 per week. On that basis, there is a chore chart, the rest of us have to go out and earn our money so they need to learn it’s the same for them. They take bin out / bring it in, load / unload dishwasher, lay/clear table and keep their rooms tidy. This is on a rota basis to give it a bit of variety!

Its seems that most under 10 are getting around £5 for their chores or pocket money with the teenagers earning more like £10.

It’s great seeing lots of financial responsibility for our children with it mostly being earned rather than given.

What Will I do?

I want to formalise what I do with the boys. It’s important to install a sense of responsibility and there being a consequence to their actions of helping with jobs. Maybe £5 per week in return for 5 jobs like keeping bedroom tidy, putting away clean clothes, emptying dishwasher, putting out recycling and cleaning football boots. There is a regular requirement for football things like boots, water bottles, shin pads etc. so this money can help go towards paying for them.

Financial education is so important to children. I have written my top tips for ideas on how to broach the subject with children here. I also featured in The Times with the same information.


Is Blogging for You? New Year New Challenge New You

New Year New Challenge New You

I spent many years in a career than I never really enjoyed, working for big companies that never really cared. Every January was always a trauma returning to work was the most awful feeling ever. January, February and March would be horrid months dreading the next day. Now I know that there is another way, putting in the hard blogging graft and getting Mrs Mummypenny running has worked and the income has replaced my previous career income. I am now my own boss, work the hours I want and call the shots. Can you do the same, has my story inspired you?

Is Blogging for You?

Have you ever thought about blogging? Do you wonder how all the many bloggers are making a living? How do you get up and running?

How do you start a blog, where do you learn?

There are hundreds of blogs posts out there that will give you advise on how to set up a blog. Each will give you a bit of the story and then you’ll need to search further for more information. There is after all only so much information you can include in a blog.

There are lots of courses available, but will mostly come at a cost. Each course will give you a bit of the information, then you will probably need to sign up to another course for more of the picture.

Emma (of Mums Savvy Savings and Emmand3) and I wanted to do something different. We wanted to share the knowledge it takes to build a blog and to make huge improvements to a blog in a one-stop efficient way. We knew that way was to write a book.

Take a look at some of the contents of our book to get a real taste of all the areas we have covered.

Why Should You Blog?

What to Expect in the First 6 to 12 Months of Blogging

What Equipment is Needed to Start Blogging?

Networking for Ultimate Success

How to Set Goals to Drive Success

How and When to Pitch to PR Agencies

How to Make Money from Your Blog

Collaborations and How They Can Benefit You

Longer Term Diversification and Making Even More Money

There really is everything in here that you need to 1) set up your blog 2) build up your blog to be recognised by brands and 3) make improvements to your blog to increase revenue and make it a viable business opportunity.

This is just half of the chapters, there is lots more information to help you with the blogging business, have I got you wanting  more information?

Ultimately it’s going to save you time and money by reading our book and having all the information available right in front of you in our 200 page book.

Why not check out the Amazon reviews to see what other people think or check out some reviews from other bloggers. It really is a great read that will improve your blog and give you security that you are doing everything just right.

The book is available from our website www.bloggingyouwaytoriches.com or from Amazon 

Available from Amazon here